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White Sangria Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “White sangria is a great strain for daytime giving you extrs energy and creativity, manwhile reducing my cronic back pain.”

  • “Very clear headed, uplifting, focused type of effects. Medicating with concentrate from trichome vault extracts. I feel like I can go on with my day and not have to grab some caffeine to stay alert. I never felt drowsy and I never felt cloudy which is perfect for daytime use. I never felt the stoned sedated effects so skip the pre bedtime puff. Very low anxiety with this one and I'm very sensitive to the anxiety effe...”

  • “This was delicious! taste and smooth. It has a high CBN % and a high THC % It relieved my pain and got me a great high! I was still able to function. It is so bright and pretty. The bud itself is sticky and very hairy and covered in crystals. It's lighter than a lime. Beautiful. Tasty. Amazing”

  • “So good. It's so smooth, in pax2, that it's almost like a cold, crisp breath of fresh air on a day, with just a hint of something, maybe citrus, in the air. I have chronic pain from a car crash a few months ago, and this really helps. Today I worked, went ice skating, and I'm currently having my own dance party with my ear buds...huh huh, totally new meaning now my recliner, tweaking my Pandora stations. I'm...”

  • “White sangria is a great hybird taste amazaing it looks complety white from the trichomes and the terps are great i recommend for during the day and great for pain relif”

  • “I have loved cannabis since my 12 year old broke my pelvis. for terrible migraines and back pain, this strain gave me the most total pain relief in over a decade! Im in love!”

  • “I love this strain! It tastes good, provides clean white smoke, and looks great. above all, however, is the high. It's definitely a day-time pick me up.”

  • “One of my all-time favorite strains, but only when it leans strong on the indica side. When it ends up as a hybrid, it tends to have lots of resin and makes me cough extra hard. But for some reason when its a pure indica its perfect. Just depends on the grower, as with any plant!”