Frosty Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Talk about some very very frosty buds, it could easily be mad in hash because of all the white trichomes, it's a very hardcore strain. Best for insomnia & anxiety!”

  • “Very heady high. I agree with one of the other reviews; this doesn't hit your body at all. I got pretty chatty, relaxed and focused. A good reading strain. Also, I didn't get much of a dry mouth.”

  • “Me and my best friend smoked about a gram and we just felt unexplainably happy and inspired. We got deep in our minds and talked about life I'm great detail. We reached a state of mentality I've never tapped before.”

  • “very dope strain. pure indica but not the strongest indica I've ever had.”

  • “This weed is a dark green color, and is very leafy, however, when broken up it is gluelike sticky with a wet in appearance crystals. This weed smells toooo skunky pungent and when smoked will launch you into a mellow head high great for studying or something in the winter. Enjoy! 4/5!”

  • “It literally looks like it was spotted in kief”

  • “It's a good mellow high very chill and calm”

  • “Very good Indica. Effective for before bed or meals, provides that very solid Indica trance. The crop I got certainly resembled a coffee-like taste like that one other user described. Also a definite candidate for pain disassociation/(suppression).”