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Hawaiian Delight Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The taste was pleasant and the first few hits are harsh, but overall this weed was pretty good. Delivers a very strong body stone if you smoke enough, be careful though its not for beginners.”

  • “Cross of Afghan/Skunk/Hawaiian THC level is high. Incredible Afghani Hash smell!!”

  • “From someone who smokes a lot everyday, this one didn't fail to deliver my medical needs. Uplifted, heady, productive high overall with a good flavor. Hits you fast and is strong and long lasting. A new fav, only downside is cotton mouth, but that's nothing chai tea can't fix. Something that is a positive and negative is it doesn't give me the munchies like most other strains would.”

  • “Smells great!! Does wonders for pain and does not give a paranoid feeling!!”

  • “Really nice, relaxing high. Makes you feel like you're floating about 3 ft above the ground or like I was in a hammock overlooking the beach in Hawaii. Would be good to use while golfing, on a picnic, barbecuing, boating or just to chill.”

  • “Probably my favorite strain so far. With my tolerance being so high, it seems like this hit me harder and a lot faster.”