Hindu Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Find this a good strain. Good pain relief and strong feeling of arousal. Also found strain to have a mellow flavor, unlike its mother strains. I find this strain is good for: Pain relief, anxiety, Intimacy issues I found the following bad effects of this strain to be: Dry mouth and eyes. Overall I find the strain's positive effects to outweigh the negative effects. Mild taste and smell (as marijuana goes) ...”

  • “One of my top 10. this strain can cut through an OG Kush high and send you up another 2 notches without added paranoia which is a testament to its strength and quality. it lacks a little in the taste department but thats it. 4.5 which rounds to 5 stars”

  • “hybrid of well, you guessed it: hindu and skunk. this makes a great hybrid with some of the best of both worlds. really great for a couch potato who needs to get some exercise. perfect for a nice wake 'n bake or a dog walk. Or both!”

  • “The smell when cut-up is a musky ammonia dankness. Nice moderate citrus taste, with notes of lemon candy and menthol. Effects are relaxing, and mildly trippy, with tingly sensations between the legs during vape session, before settling into a nice body high.”

  • “This weed when broken up has a very sweet skunk scent but when smoked become pretty earthy/dirt tasting. The high is an amazing one with sativa like effects on your body but indica like effects on your mind. An odd one, but i can dig it. 3.5/5”

  • “Great great strain loved it, honestly had a sweet type of smell to it maybe that was just my grinder but it also tasted pretty nice too”

  • “Piney smell with a smilar taste to accompany it. Really chill body high with some sativa influence to help you space.”

  • “Smooth delightful and potent. This would be great for anything cannibis related including headache relief, creative thought, relaxation, appetite augmentation. A really great all around variety. I would make this my choice most of the time.”