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Pokie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Bought in Trinidad, CO this month. Wanted something that would help me relax, but would not loose physical productivity. It was on sale for something silly like ~ 100 a half. I have tried smaller amounts 3x. Did not care for it out of a pipe, love it out of a bong. Smells, looks, tastes like that stuff from high school 25 years ago. I like it, it's like a more awake version of afghani, could totally smoke this and ...”

  • “This weed is one of my favorites. As an indica it has such a clear high. It relaxed me to a perfect state. The harvest must have been perfectly timed, no negative effects what so ever. My artistic ability and relativity was enhanced greatly while enjoying the sensation which Pokie provided me. The bud itself is beautiful, I got a single 2 gram nug. The dark purples, bright greens, and oranges really made this marij...”

  • “this strain is just a headache and diziness no hype whatsoever”

  • “Wow where to start. This strain is by far the most strange I've had in a while. It is supposedly an indica but it makes me feel like I've taken 2 adderalls and a bowl. Not for those looking for anxiety relief. Won't get this strain again. Uncomfortably energetic. Starts off very dizzy.”

  • “The nugs are nice tight, and dense. The color is beautiful, I'm a sucker for purple on weed, tokes and burns well. Shouts out to the farm for having straight 🔥🔥🔥”

  • “To begin: the flower was dense, dark green and purple, and loaded with crystals and lil burnt orange hairs. I ended up landing on this strain because I was looking for a versitile indica and this smelled amazing. Very fruity and yummy! Almost like a really fruity hard candy. I had this strain recommended to me before, but I ended up picking something else so I figured I'd finally try it. I packed a bowl in my bubbler...”

  • “As a shatter, this strain really creeps up on you. My advise is to take it slow when dabbing. One can become easily fooled into thinking they need to take another dab but, my advise would be to just wait about 10 minutes. Especially if you already took a decent size dab. I find myself getting higher than I need to be with this strain which is fun but a bit debilitating when I have some adulting that needs to get done...”

  • “Got a fresh batch of pokie from the farm and it is great night time medicine. Nice fluffy frosty nugs with beautiful green orange and purple hues. Smells like kush and candy. strong couch lock relaxing effects. I would definitely recommend this strain for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and muscle pain. We vaped it, watched cartoons and laughed like there wasn't a problem in the world followed by a great nig...”