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Secret Garden OG

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What is Secret Garden OG?

Secret Garden OG is a Colorado Seed Inc. masterpiece. This OG strain is incredibly relaxing and dedicated to Kush fans everywhere. The blend of Lavender parentage against a Ghost OG Moonshine x Rug Burn OG foretells the weight this strain applies to muscles throughout the body. With a unique aroma that leans toward the therapeutic, Secret Garden OG offers a cozy sense of well-being that extends to mood elevation and pain relief.    

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Secret Garden OG Flavors

  • 1. Flowery
  • 2. Lavender
  • 3. Honey

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“ABSOLUTELY LOVE this strain. I picked up a Select Strains cartridge and it's the best post work vibe! Head and body.”

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“This strain is awesome. Completely pulls out that “Out of the box vibe”.”


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