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White Domina

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What is White Domina?

Just when you thought Kannabia Seed Company spliced Black Domina with every strain under the sun, they go and backcross it. This Black Domina x Black Domina strain exudes indica-dominant qualities from top to bottom, offering flavors of earth and spice with a pungent aroma smothered in latent herbal sweetness. The effects are deeply relaxing, cementing the consumer to their couch or bed with a weighted aura that is as soothing as it is carefree. Definitely consume White Domina at the end of the day or clear your schedule and stock your fridge, because you aren’t going anywhere after a few hits of this resinous beauty.  

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White Domina Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

White Domina Genetics and Grow Info

White Domina Flavors

  • 1. Pine

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“I'm a huge Black Domina fan, so it's no surprise I love White Domina. it's basically Black Domina, just more potent. Newer consumers expect a sedating sleepy high.”

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“the effects listed on here are accurate, stuff messed me up. tasted and smelt a lot like pine.”