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Find your shape. Find your color. Find your cannabis.

Leafly flowers use shapes and colors to represent feelings, effects, and aromas.

Find your shape

Shapes represent THC and CBD. Both THC and CBD have therapeutic effects and can work together.

THC is what gets you high. It’s shown as diamonds.

Longer=more THC
Wide diamond Narrow diamond

CBD doesn’t get you high. It’s shown as circles.

Bigger=more CBD

Find your color

Each color in a flower represents a terpene.

Terpenes are natural oils that gives a strain its aroma. Terpenes work with THC and CBD to influence how you will feel.

Linalool (LINN-uh-lool)


Also found in lavender and believed to promote relaxation.

Myrcene (MUR-seen)


Most common terpene.

Pinene (PIE-neen)


Also found in rosemary and many other herbs.

Humulene (HYOO-myu-leen)


May provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Caryophyllene (carry-OFF-ul-leen)


May have anti-inflammatory effects.

Limonene (LIM-o-neen)


Believed to provide anxiety and stress relief.

Ocimene (OH-sih-meen)


Commonly used in perfumes.

Terpinolene (ter-PIN-ul-leen)


Also occurs in apples, lilacs, and nutmeg.

Feelings and effects

We love lab data, but what people say matters too. Over a million customer reviews inform the energy score and feelings for thousands of strains.

Shapes and colors together



This is a THC-heavy strain with caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene.




A CBD-heavy strain with myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.




This is a balanced strain with myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.