An electronic dab rig. E-rigs electronically heat a nail for dabbing instead of relying on a torch, and have internal sensors to control temperature. E-rigs can be a complete unit, or be an attachment that is placed onto a separate dab rig. 

“This e-rig is great at dialing in an exact temperature.”

“I set my e-rig to 500 to make the terps come out.”

What is an e-rig?

E-rigs incorporate a battery or plug into a wall to heat a nail instead of a torch, as in traditional dabbing. Standalone units have a water chamber which is essentially a small bong that sits on top of the electronics. Some e-rigs are just an attachment placed on the nail or downstem and concentrates are added directly into it.

E-rigs usually employ proprietary technology so each brand has their own unique features, fittings, and glass pieces. 

Benefits of an e-rig

E-rigs give you the ability to control your dabbing temperature. This allows you to dial in the temperature for flavor, as terpenes degrade at certain temperatures. An e-rig also allows you to have a consistent dabbing temperature, so all dabs are at the same temperature and so you don’t have to heat and reheat the nail over and over. 

Convenience is another huge benefit of an e-rig—most are designed to be portable and come with a carrying case. You don’t have to worry about fuel, but you do need to make sure you have a full battery or be somewhere with an outlet.