Types of marijuana seeds that have been bred to produce only female cannabis plants, which produce buds. Feminized seeds are easier to grow than regular seeds and more common for first-time growers because they eliminate the process of having to sex out plants to remove males, which produce pollen and not buds. Because they have been heavily bred, feminized seeds are not suitable for commercial production, only homegrowing.

Regular vs. feminized marijuana seeds

Cannabis plants can be either male or female and only females produce buds. When a grower plants regular cannabis seeds they will be a mix of males and females, and the grower must raise the plants for a few weeks to determine their sex. Once identified, the males must be discarded because they will release pollen, causing the female plants to produce seeds. 

Sexing out plants is a time-consuming process, involving additional space, resources, and labor, and you will always lose some seeds from the amount you started out with because some will turn out to be males. 

Feminized seeds have been bred to only produce female marijuana plants, so every seed you plant will turn into a bud producer. Feminized seeds save time and space by eliminating the process of sexing out plants. 

Feminized cannabis seeds are popular with first-time homegrowers because they require less work and are less complicated to grow, and you will always get a bud-producing plant. However, because feminized seeds have been bred more, they are not suitable for commercial production.