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Heady glass

High-quality glass pipes prized for their artistry and the skill used to make them. Although they may seem more like art pieces than pipes, they don’t sacrifice function for form. 

“I usually save my heady glass pieces for special occasions.”

“I dropped a wad of cash on a new heady glass piece.”

Difference between heady glass and mass-produced glass

Buying heady glass is like buying an original piece of art. It is made by hand, sometimes by commission, and offers a completely unique aesthetic and experience. Like any piece of art, the price of heady glass varies. A piece from a new artist can go for a few hundred dollars, while a piece from a well-known glass artist can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pendants are pieces done in the style of a specific artist and are collectibles. 

Buying mass-produced glass is more function than form. Unlike heady glass, mass-produced glass is inexpensive, and you can find many pieces for under a hundred dollars. 

Pros and cons of heady glass

Heady glass looks great on the shelf and can enhance your smoking experience. If you’re willing to spend the money, you can commission a piece with the design or aesthetic you want and that function how you want, i.e., incorporates percolators or other features.

But buying a piece of heady glass can be a big investment. Some find it hard to justify spending so much money on a piece of delicate glass that can break. Others only use heady glass pieces on special occasions, but then you’re spending lots of money on a pipe that isn’t used often.