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A quarter-pound might be eight to 12 big colas like this. (Photo courtesy of @weedstagram416_)

A QP is a quarter pound, normally of cannabis bud, but it can also be a quarter pound of shake. There are four QPs in a pound and four ounces in the QP. 

“I went to the dispensary on 420 to buy a QP, but they had a one-ounce limit.”

“I’ll probably harvest a measly QP, but better than nothing.”

How much is a QP?

There are 16 ounces in a pound, which means a quarter pound (QP) contains four ounces. Generally, when people are talking about quarter pounds they are talking about bud, but it could also refer to shake.

If you work for a business making cannabis products you may be using recipes for batches large enough where things will be in QP increments. Most legal markets restrict purchase and possession to one ounce, but QPs are a common low-level wholesale amount in the illicit market.