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Dave Schmader is Leafly's senior editor focusing on all things Canadian. He's the author of the book Weed: The User's Guide.
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Cannabis Impairment in the Workplace: Easy to Discuss, Difficult to Detect

Questions abound, but conclusive answers about how best to determine real-time cannabis impairment remain elusive.

Two Canadians Arrested for Cannabis in China, Leaving a Bushel of Questions

On July 14, two Canadian employees with the Cirque de Soleil-styled equestrian extravaganza Cavalia were arrested and imprisoned in Beijing, after allegedly being found to have consumed marijuana.

5 Tips for High People Attending Food Festivals

From the Bite of Seattle to the Taste of Chicago to the Maine Lobster Fest, outdoor food festivals are a beloved American tradition. They are also heaven on earth for high people.

Phil Fontaine: Fostering First-Nation Reconciliation Through Cannabis

Phil Fontaine's aims range from establishing medical-marijuana grow-ops on Indigenous land to prepping Indigenous citizens for a variety of cannabis-industry jobs.

Confirmed: Canadian Cannabis Patients Love Their (Imperiled) Dispensaries

According to a new study by the University of British Columbia, Canada's imperiled dispensaries are beloved fixtures in the lives of medical marijuana patients, many of whom prefer procuring their medicine from such unlicensed dispensaries rather than taking the legal mail-order route.

Toronto’s Dispensary-Targeting “Project Lincoln” Continues

Following last week’s coordinated raids of seven dispensaries and six residences in Toronto and six undisclosed locations in the Vancouver and Denman Island areas, this week brought the continuation of the operation known as “Project Lincoln,” with Toronto police re-raiding a Canna Clinic dispensary that was part of last week’s raids.

Four Takeaways From Canada’s ‘Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines’

Last week a coalition of Canadian health agencies released their “Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines.” Here’s a quartet of pertinent takeaways.

Toronto Police Raid Seven City Dispensaries

Exactly one week after Toronto Mayor John Tory announced impending crackdowns on the city’s illegal-yet-plentiful cannabis dispensaries, Toronto police made good on the promise, executing a series of dispensary raids across the city yesterday morning.

Canadian Finance Ministers Hash Out Cannabis Taxes

For a second day in Ottawa, Canadian finance ministers from the federal, provincial, and territorial levels are gathering to strategize a coordinated approach to cannabis taxation.

Ontario Dogs to Remain CBD-Free

Health Canada has confirmed that Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations do not apply to veterinarians or their animal patients.

Toronto Mayor Announces Impending Raids on Dispensaries

Toronto Mayor John Tory calls for a fresh batch of raids on the city’s illegal-yet-plentiful cannabis dispensaries

B.C. Kills Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana Producers

In a triumph for sanity and compassion, British Columbia has declared mandatory minimum prison sentences for cannabis producers to be unconstitutional.

Jesse Ventura Wants Cannabis Legalized in His Lifetime

The ex-wrestler and Minnesota governor unloads on the government's war on "a magnificent plant" in his new book, "Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto."