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Derrick Bergman's Bio Image

Derrick Bergman

Derrick Bergman is a Dutch journalist, photographer, and activist who has been covering cannabis culture since 1994. He is a founder and the current chairman of the VOC, the union for the abolition of cannabis prohibition. Since 2010, he's served as the coordinator of Cannabis Liberation Day, the biggest cannabis and hemp event in the Netherlands. He is a father to three sons and has been growing his own cannabis for more than two decades.

Articles contributed to Leafly

Dutch Police Raided Nearly 6,000 Cannabis Grows Last Year, Still Can’t Keep Up

Despite multiple raids a day by an extremely active anti-cannabis police task force, authorities can barely make a dent in illegal production.

Derrick Bergman - August 10, 2016

Rules Loosened on Utrecht Cannabis Coffeeshops, Part of Growing Push for Dutch Reform

Forty years of cannabis policy in the Netherlands has led to an almost unworkable situation for coffeeshops. In Utrecht, it's getting better.

Derrick Bergman - July 16, 2016

Are Tourists Allowed in Dutch Coffeeshops? The Strange Tale of the ‘Weed Pass’

When it comes to selling cannabis to foreigners, the pendulum of public acceptance in the Netherlands keeps on swinging.

Derrick Bergman - July 6, 2016

In Denmark, Raid on Christiania’s Cannabis Market Spurs Push for Reform

It certainly wasn't the first raid on the autonomous Copenhagen neighborhood, where cannabis is openly bought and sold. But this time, the action was met with strong condemnation by others in Danish law enforcement.

Derrick Bergman - June 30, 2016

Holland’s Former Prime Minister Was the Guest of Honor at the Country’s Biggest Cannabis Event

Forty years ago, Dries van Agt introduced the country’s famous policy of cannabis tolerance.

Derrick Bergman - June 24, 2016

Which Country Leads Europe in Cannabis Consumption?

Do countries with more restrictive policies have lower rates of use? You might be surprised.

Derrick Bergman - June 7, 2016

Why Belgians Urge You to ‘Pull Your Plant’

Sparked by one man's novel idea, Belgium's Cannabis Social Club movement is small but strong-willed. Can it survive the latest government scrutiny?

Derrick Bergman - June 3, 2016

‘We’re Gonna Poke Everyone With Pitchforks’: Dutch ‘Medical Social Club’ Pushes Limits

The shops give patients access to cannabis oil, a product that's still hard to find despite the Netherlands' famously tolerant stance on cannabis use.

Derrick Bergman - June 1, 2016

Will This Report Open the Door to Legal Cannabis Growing in the Netherlands?

The study could spur a review of the Dutch "backdoor paradox," under which coffeeshops are allowed to sell cannabis even while wholesale and cultivation remain illegal.

Derrick Bergman - May 31, 2016

At a High-End Amsterdam Restaurant, Gourmet Food and Vapes Sit Side-by-Side

Recently I paid a visit to The Green House Kitchen, where every table contains a top range vaporizer and you're free to vape cannabis and other herbs while you eat.

Derrick Bergman - May 16, 2016