Jay Lassiter
Jay has been covering New Jersey politics since 2005, when he founded a political journalism site and became the first credentialed statehouse blogger in America. He currently reports on politics for Leafly and the New York Observer.
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Massachusetts Celebrates Legalization, Day One

A bitter cold snap cancelled the public rally, but advocates celebrated at a private party with dabs, edibles, and legal waivers.

Strolling Boston At Midnight, At Legalization’s First Hour

Massachusetts officially ushered in adult-use cannabis legalization at 12:01am this morning. Leafly's Jay Lassiter was there. Few others joined him. It was very cold.

Cannabis Farms On the New Jersey Turnpike? Maybe Sooner Than You Think.

Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to block all progress on legalization. But he's gone in 13 months. So a delegation of New Jersey politicos visited Colorado to see regulated cannabis in action. Leafly's Jay Lassiter tagged along.

Six Reasons Why This Cannabis Voter is Going With Hillary

I'm a one-issue voter and that issue is medical cannabis. And #ImWithHer.

Will NJ Gov. Chris Christie Approve Cannabis for PTSD? He Might Not Have To

Christie's record on cannabis is so abysmal that the bill's prospects are still up in the air.

DEA Scheduling Decision Will Kill the ‘Not Enough Research’ Excuse

The DEA’s announcement that it will remove a major roadblock to cannabis research could spur broader scientific study of a drug already being used to treat conditions in 25 states.

Philly Cannabis Activist N.A. Poe is Winning the DNC

N.A. Poe — iconoclast, comedian, media artist, and cannabis activist — has been seemingly everywhere during this week’s Democratic National Convention.

Cannabis Advocates Kick Off Democratic Convention in Philly’s Main Line Clubhouse

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention’s opening, America’s cannabis caucus held a fundraiser that put the party on notice: The era of legalization and legitimacy has arrived.

Loss of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Boost for Cannabis Legalization

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's cannabis antipathy is evidenced in word, deed, and voting record. And that could cost her at the polls.

Prepping for the Post-Christie Era: New Jersey Leaders Play the Long Game on Legalization

With Governor Chris Christie's approval ratings lower than ever, can his future successor finally bring cannabis reform to New Jersey and revitalize Atlantic City?

‘NJWeedman’ is No Joke. He’s New Jersey’s Cannabis Pioneer.

As a longtime medical marijuana advocate and cannabis chronicler, I can tell you he’s no stranger to those of us here in the Garden State. Allow me to fill you in.

Celebration Sunday in Pennsylvania: With Stroke of a Pen, Governor Creates 24th MMJ State

With the new law, drug reform activists feel they won a battle but not the war. Much work remains.

Pennsylvania MMJ: Meet the Devil in the Details

What will — and won’t — be allowed in Pennsylvania, the nation’s newest medical marijuana state.

Taking the Bat to New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program

Gov. Chris Christie remains hostile to New Jersey's medical cannabis program, regardless of how the state's health department tries to spin it.