Ryan Basen
A writer living in Washington, DC, Ryan Basen covered medical cannabis, sports medicine and health policy for MedPage Today. He has also written for the Charlotte Observer, Washington Post and New York Times.
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‘Cellular Agriculture’ Could Be the Future of Cannabis

Cellular agriculture uses genetic modification to craft products with specific cannabinoids. It could be tailored to treat medical conditions and serve legal markets with reliable ingredients.

Study Finds Epilepsy Patients Feel Better After Daily CBD Regimen

Patients consumed CBD daily, dosed to their weight. More reported feeling better at the end of one year.

How Zendo Training Taught Me To Calm Freaked-Out Festival Fans

When festival-goers fall into a bad trip, volunteers with the Zendo Project are there to protect them from harm. I sat in on a training session.

NIDA Study Finds Underage Cannabis Use Alters Brain Connectivity

Consumers who began after age 21 exhibited the same connectivity as non-consumers.

Ex-Surgeon General, SAMHSA Director Call for Federal Legalization

A newly formed group of physicians believe “organized medicine” should be open to federally legalizing and regulating cannabis.

THCA Shows Promise for Huntington’s Disease, Study Finds

In animal studies, researchers found the THC precursor reduced inflammation and served as a neuroprotectant.