Trina Calderón
Trina Calderón’s books include Wall Writers, Pump Me Up: DC Subcultures of the 1980’s, Risk: Old Habits Die Hard, and 9:30 Club - A Time and a Place. She co-executive produced BBC America's The Nerdist TV show and co-wrote the feature film Down for Life. Calderón lives in Los Angeles and specializes in writing about art, music, and food subculture, aiming to add a voice where mainstream media does not. She can be reached on Twitter and Instagram under @trinaluz.
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Do You Know These Stoner Superstitions About Cannabis Rules and Etiquette?

Here's a list of cannabis superstitions many enthusiasts have believed and continue to abide by lest they want to be cursed with bad luck (or, worse yet, bad bud).

‘Orange Sunshine’ Is Coming out of the Psychedelic Closet

The feature length documentary explores the origins of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a group dubbed the "Hippie Mafia" that started a psychedelic revolution in the US.

Wake and Bake in Los Angeles’ Members-Only Cannabis Café

Opened in fall 2016, the cannabis-friendly Wake and Bake Breakfast Club in Los Angeles has 140 members that come in to enjoy pour over coffee and pre-rolls.

Why Kyle Kushman Swears by Veganic Cannabis Grow Methods

Learn from Kyle Kushman about veganics, a growing technique using no animal by-products, and how it can be used when growing cannabis.

‘Breaking Good’: How One Nurse’s CBD Microdosing Experiment Turned Into a Saving Grace

In 2014, Shannon Barnett hit a wall with fatigue, rashes, and other symptoms that drained her quality of life. All of that changed after experimenting with tiny doses of ingestible and topical CBD oils.

O Captain! My Captain! Inside America’s Oldest Operating Head Shop

Located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Captain Ed's is the oldest operating head shop in America. We check in on 50 years of activism, glassware, and back room trysts.

Mainstream Marketing Focuses on Cannabis Industry to Capture ‘Stoner’ Audience

A creative marketing company has turned to the cannabis industry to promote various mainstream campaigns, using tactics like branding strains and running ads in dispensaries.

When Finding a 420-Friendly Mate, Are Canna-Dating Apps Better Than Mainstream?

What does it take to meet a suitable mate to smoke with? We tried both mainstream and cannabis-specific dating apps to see which have more appealing 420-friendly matches.

‘Alive for 36 and Gone for 36’: Remembering Bob Marley

Photographer, writer, and DJ Roger Steffens has written several books on Bob Marley’s life and music. In this interview, he talks about Bob, Jamaica, and the growth of reggae music.

BAS Research Aims to Perfect the Business of Medicinal Cannabis

With over four million dollars invested, BAS Research has gone to great lengths to welcome cannabis clients seeking testing, formulaic research, and high-grade oil for their products.

Jamaica Native Yaadcore Spins Spiritual Reggae Sounds

Reggae music is Jamaica’s national treasure and popular native DJ Yaadcore has emerged a brilliant devotee. He's a strong advocate for the roots resurgence in reggae music.

At ‘The Big Lebongski’ Bowling Tournament, These Pins Will Not Stand, Man

A nationwide bowling tournament inspired by the cult classic Coen brothers film combines bowling, buds, and impressive glass-blown trophies that double as bongs.