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Why Is Leafly Removing Unlicensed Canadian Cannabis Businesses?

October 15, 2018
(Dan Newman/Unsplash)
When Canada’s nationwide recreational cannabis market goes live on Oct. 17, Leafly will no longer list unlicensed cannabis companies, including retail stores and delivery services. The Canadian government prohibits the advertising of unlicensed cannabis sales.

A key piece of Leafly’s mission is to help people find cannabis, so removing these businesses isn’t a move we take lightly. Many of Canada’s longtime growers and retailers are also longtime advocates of cannabis reform, and their leadership and bravery have helped pave the way to legalization.

As Canada moves to regulate the nation’s cannabis market, Leafly’s role is to help lead consumers to safe, reliable, lab-tested cannabis—products that conform with standards established by Canada’s national and provincial governments. Leafly lists only Canadian cannabis businesses that have obtained provincial licenses and First Nations / Indigenous Peoples businesses that have proper documentation. Removing unlicensed businesses allows us to better direct patients and consumers to businesses and products they can count on.

While Canada’s legalization process hasn’t been perfect, Leafly supports the country’s move toward a legal, regulated cannabis market. We also encourage regulators at all levels to speed the licensing process and reconsider barriers to entry to the legal market so that all Canadians can share in the benefits of legalization.

Wait, I Have a License!

We want to give consumers as many options as possible. If your cannabis business has recently obtained a license or you believe it’s been removed from Leafly in error, let us know! Drop us a line at, and we’ll work to get you up and running.

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  • soopy9

    Very disappointing decision.

  • None of your Biz

    Extremely sad on this decision. The supreme court said the government of Canada has no business telling people what prescription they have to take. They government of Canada wants everyone to refer madness believe that only they can hold the market safely.

    I trust rusty needles floating in any unflushed public toilet more that the crown and all its agents put together. Im not interested in round up ready weed produced by the lawless crown and their back room friends.

    So Please put THHC and their menu back up.

  • Kai Chu

    Very poor decision on Leafly’s part to take down unlicensed dispensaries as the Canadian government themselves admitted that they operate in a grey zone.

  • Eric Mcgill

    Glad to see all of the unlicensed untested products are not going to be advertised on Leafly anymore. I can not wait for the day we can all grow our own and that day has come. So live like you want to live and remember grow your own for best results sun and water everyday to keep the tax man away. It is good we can not buy edibles yet because it will give us a year to make our own and will never need to buy them when they become legal because we will still want to make our own.

  • BKristopher

    It’s ok…the not licensed business may be alive for longer so we have choice for longer time, as government stores are very limited in products variety.
    If you non smoker…what can government offer ?? ,,distillate or isolate’s not the same as full spectrum oil.
    Edible no problem can make myself if wanted.

  • Ashley Alfred

    This is good – I just ordered off just cannabis and got some shit outdoor with seeds in it. GOOD TO REGULATE!

  • Hootz

    lol the site will become like gasbuddy

  • Thomas Augustin

    Well said.. im in the same boat. wish i could grow. no space or time..

  • Pat Green

    are you guys daft? it’s against the law to advertise
    unlicensed retailers. you think leafy is going to take any chances at
    being fined or shutdown because it decides to break the law? think,
    people, think!

  • Stan Clarkson

    Glad to see Leafy is following proper protocols as per legal sellers of product.
    My issues are in overall price gouging. Seems the dream of fair and equitable sales to the public has gone crazy. Mass production and its pricing is not shown in your sales or others pricing as per what it could be.

  • Robert Senviczki

    well another good site gone crap. your traffic will shrink. no real smoker will buy gov crap at over priced shit quality. good luck leafly