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Years After Legalization, Maine Releases First Cannabis Industry Rules

Residents voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in 2016, but crafting the rules has been a long and sometimes contentious process.

Barney Frank Was Into Legalization, Gay Marriage Wicked Early

Reform happens slow, then fast, says the Congressman from Massachusetts who championed gay marriage and legal weed waaaay before it was cool.

Chronic Chronology: Great Moments in 4/20 History

Fire one up and hop on the bus for a detour-laden timeline of 4/20 throughout cannabis history.

6 Months Since Legalization: A Snapshot of Canada’s Legal Cannabis Sector

Stores, seedy sellers, recycling programs, and more.

The Spirit of 420, Post-Legalization: Civil Disobedience, or Celebration? 

What does the future of 420 look like now that cannabis is legal in Canada?

Wisconsinites Want Legal Cannabis, Not Higher Gas Taxes. Who Knew?

A new poll found 59% support for legalizing marijuana and 83% support for medical marijuana. Higher gas taxes? Not so much.

McConnell Offers Congressional Hemp Bill to Fix ‘Glitches’

“I'm prepared to do my job ... all the way into the end zone if it requires additional legislation,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a major hemp-producing state.

The STATES Act Is Back. Can It Win Over Congress?

One of the leading efforts to end cannabis prohibition at the federal level stepped back into the spotlight this week.

Legalization Bill Clears New Hampshire House, but Veto Expected

New Hampshire's House lawmakers passed a bill Thursday to legalize adult-use cannabis, but support appears to be waning and wouldn't be enough to override a promised veto.

Trump Administration Takes Aim at Legal Immigrants in Cannabis Industry

“Even if you have had a green card for 20 years, you had better not work in any aspect of this industry and you better not use marijuana,” one immigration attorney said.

Legalization Isn’t Enough: 10 Things Every New Cannabis Law Must Have

The "top 10 must-haves for any state cannabis legalization bill," according to Shaleen Title of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Enough Talk! Congress Takes Action on Key Cannabis Legislation

Congress made progress on two of the most prominent cannabis reform bills this week, setting up key votes that could greenlight cannabis banking and OK state-level legalization.

Cannabis Politics Isn’t Just Red States vs. Blue States Anymore

Legalization has traveled a route that looks, from a distance, like the red-and-blue maps that frame many a US political conversation. But look closer, and the trend isn't so clear.

Utah Supreme Court to Hear Medical Cannabis Challenge

People angry about sweeping changes made to a voter-approved medical cannabis law called on the state's highest court to rein in the Legislature's power to alter ballot measures.

Cannabis Collapse: New Jersey Lawmakers Call Off Legalization Vote

“We’ll be back at this," Senate President Steve Sweeney said at a news conference Monday after the vote was called off. "Anybody who thinks this is dead is wrong.”

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