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Lawsuit Takes a Big Swing at Prohibition, but Few Give It a Chance

Although the plaintiffs' claims appeal to common sense, there’s good reason to be skeptical they will succeed in court.

Massachusetts Cannabis Overhaul Could Prompt Legal Challenge

A top Senate Republican and some outside lawyers worry a key provision in the measure could be unconstitutional.

Sen. Positive Nelson Wants to Bring Medical Cannabis to the Virgin Islands

A senator in the US Virgin Islands is trying to bring medical marijuana to the islands.

The Cannabis Lawyer: An Interview with Jack Lloyd

Toronto cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd looks more like a roadie for the Grateful Dead than a trial lawyer—a fact that’s helped him earn the trust of his clients, as he follows his self-professed goal of helping to “legalize cannabis through the judicial branch of the government in Canada.”

Colorado Has Brought in a Cool Half-Billion in Cannabis Taxes

With legal, regulated markets in legal states continuing to grow, it can sometimes feel like sales records are broken every week.

Can the Philippines Legalize Medical Marijuana Despite Duterte’s Violent Drug Crackdown?

Amid Duterte's brutal drug war lies a comprehensive bill to legalize medical cannabis in the Philippines. Surprisingly, it has widespread support and could easily pass. Will it?

Video Footage Offers Glimpse of Australia’s Secret Medical Cannabis Crops

Cannabis cultivation in Australia is shrouded in secrecy—even when it's legal. Two recently released videos offer views into the budding industry.

Uruguay’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market to Open for Business

It’s taken four years, but tomorrow, July 19, Uruguay will finally launch its legal, adult-use cannabis market.

Massachusetts Cannabis Law Overhaul Calls for Up to 20% Sales Tax

Lawmakers also compromised on the dispute over local control of cannabis shops.

Keep Canada’s Medical and Adult-Use Systems Separate, Researchers Say

As Canada works towards next year’s launch of an adult-use cannabis market, there are still some key regulatory issues to hammer out.

5 Differences Between the United States’ and Canada’s Medical Cannabis Programs

Canada and the United States share many similarities, but there are subtle differences in each country's medical marijuana programs.

Michigan Group Has 100K Signatures for Legalization

A group in Michigan seeking to put adult-use cannabis legalization on the 2018 ballot is now 100,000 signatures closer to making the cut.

Drug Policy Alliance: Time to Decriminalize, NYC Racial Disparities Remain

The Drug Policy Alliance, a leading advocacy group, released a report Tuesday calling for an end to criminal penalties for drug use and possession.

Massachusetts Lawmakers Resume Talks on Cannabis Compromise Bill

House and Senate negotiators struck a cautious tone Monday as they resumed negotiations over legislation that would overhaul the state’s voter-approved law.

Puerto Rico Governor Signs Medicinal Marijuana Bill

Puerto Rico became the latest corner of US to adopt a medical marijuana law, with the territory’s governor on Sunday signing a bill that legalizes it.

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