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In Congress, a Changed House Finally Looks at Cannabis Banking

The US House is finally taking up a key issue: banking and other financial services for the new industry.

Cuomo Still Optimistic New York Can Legalize Cannabis by April 1

The optimistic comments came after Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie questioned whether lawmakers would have enough time to resolve thorny questions surrounding legalization.

Mother Jones Admits it ‘Overstated’ Cannabis Mental Health Risks

Despite the early media attention for his book 'Tell Your Children,' some outlets are increasingly skeptical of author Alex Berenson's conclusions.

Minnesota Proposal Would Legalize Cannabis Sales in 2022

Two lawmakers have proposed legislation that would legalize adult-use cannabis, hoping to start what they acknowledge will be a long and contentious discussion.

Maine’s Cannabis Legalization Timeline Goes up in Smoke

State officials said Friday that Maine rescinded a winning bid from BOTEC, a Los Angeles consultant, to help craft the rules about key issues.

In Indonesia, One Group Fights to Reform Zero-Tolerance Cannabis Laws

Indonesia has some of the strictest laws against cannabis in the world. With an ideal climate for cultivation and a well-known medicinal variety called Aceh, why is cannabis so taboo there?

Massachusetts Sees $24M in Legal Cannabis Sales in First 2 months

Cannabis retailers in Massachusetts have racked up nearly $24 million in sales since the first stores opened two months ago.

Bloomberg Calls Legalization ‘Stupidest Thing Ever Done’

The former New York mayor tied cannabis to the opioid overdose epidemic, just like former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Jan. 21-27

The hybrid Golden Ticket is trending. Plus, new Broad City on TV, Kid Koala’s new album, the Manny Pacquiao fight, and much more. Quick, Hit This!

US Virgin Islands Legalize Medical Marijuana

The US Virgin Islands this week became the latest US territory to greenlight medical cannabis.

Emotions Run High in Minnesota Debate on Cannabis Legalization

Emotions ran high as debate kicked off at the state Capitol this week on whether Minnesota should legalize cannabis for adult-use.

Wisconsin Governor Now Supports Cannabis Legalization

Gov. Tony Evers, who campaigned in support of legalizing medical marijuana, went a step further this week and said he now supports full legalization.

3 Months Since Legalization: A Snapshot of Canada’s Legal Cannabis Market

It’s been a quarter of a year since Canada made its historic move to legalize cannabis.

Ohio’s First Medical Marijuana Sales Finally Kick Off

The launch, initially slated for last September, has been a long time coming for Ohio patients and caretakers. Here’s what you need to know.

Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019?

In 2019 Texans will find out whether lawmakers are ready to build a viable medical cannabis program or whether old-fashioned politics will limit access to effective medicine.

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