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Cannabis Legalization Is Shaking Up America’s Glass Market

Chinese outsourcing, vape pens, and electronic dabbing devices are upending the traditional glass market. How are America's glass artists surviving?

State Board Certifies Ohio Petition to Legalize Cannabis

Organizers are aiming to put the issue to voters next year.

Free Help for Californians Looking to Expunge Cannabis Convictions

Trying to get rid of a past California cannabis conviction? The Drug Policy Alliance is hosting a free event in San Bernardino this weekend to help get you started.

New Rhode Island Bill Would Legalize Cannabis for Adults

The proposal would create a system to tax and regulate marijuana in Rhode Island that mirrors the system in Massachusetts.

Here’s What Really Happens to Drug Dogs in Legal Cannabis States

No, cannabis legalization does not mean mass execution of K-9 units. We checked.

Kamala Harris Finally Endorses the Marijuana Justice Act

The announcement comes as the first significant move the senator has made in favor of cannabis reform despite more than a year of railing against prohibition.

Missouri MMJ Measures Take Another Step Toward November Ballot

Supporters of legalizing medical cannabis in Missouri have turned in signatures for two ballot initiatives that would let voters decide the issue.

California Assemblyman Shares Vape Pen With Melissa Etheridge

Rep. Reggie Jones-Sawyer says public officials need to start doing their part to destigmatize the drug, whether that means talking about personal use or—in this case—openly consuming.

When It Comes to Testing for Cannabis, More Employers Are Mellowing Out

Testing for cannabis—a fixture at large American employers for at least 30 years—excludes too many potential workers, experts say.

Maine Lawmakers Overturn LePage’s Veto of Cannabis Sales Bill

Gov. Paul LePage is running out of options to block state voters' and lawmakers' attempts to allow a regulated cannabis market in Maine.

Zimbabwe Legalizes Cannabis for Medical, Scientific Uses

The decision is a marked shift from the traditionally tough stance on marijuana in the largely conservative country where legalization advocates often were openly mocked.

Cynthia Nixon: Support for Legalizing Marijuana Is a Racial Issue

"We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity," said the actor and candidate New York governor.

Guest Opinion: Let Cannabis Provide Homeless Shelters and Services

Let’s provide incentives for entrepreneurs in cannabis to build homeless shelters themselves.

John Boehner Joins Cannabis Company’s Advisory Board

The announcement marks the former House Speaker, who once said he was "unalterably opposed to legalization" as the highest-ranking Republican to both embrace cannabis reform and join the industry.

Utah Governor Says He Will Oppose Medical Marijuana Initiative

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says he will work to oppose a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

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