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Pro-Cannabis Candidates Clean Up In California Primary Election 2018

Winning pols knew which way the vapor was blowing.

Florida Judge Lifts Stay on Smokable Medical Marijuana

Floridians allowed to use medical marijuana are one step closer to being able to smoke it.

Michigan Legislature Punts Legalization Measure to November Ballot

A last-minute play to legalize cannabis falls short in Lansing, so state residents will vote on adult use this fall.

Marijuana ‘Tasting Rooms’ Bill Dies With Colorado Gov.’s Veto

Colorado continues to lag behind California in allowing adults to gather and consume cannabis in designated public spaces, similar to taverns and wine tasting rooms.

What to Watch for in California’s Primary on Tuesday

California's June 5 primary acts as a microcosm of US cannabis politics, with advocates on the left and right. Here are the highlights.

Map: Where to Find Ohio’s 56 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Ohio has licensed 56 locations that can sell medical marijuana once it becomes legal this fall. The state's 2016 medical marijuana law says the program must begin Sept. 8.

The Roll-Up #36: Is Dank Beer Even Legal?

This week: Dave's skeptical about infused beer, Ben ranks California's candidates, and Bruce gets spanked for a Jeff Sessions column.

On (Legal) Main Street USA, Old Fears Slow Cannabis Progress

For businesses that have spent time and money to obtain state cannabis licenses, local bans and moratoria can render them useless.

Massachusetts Regulators Can Begin Issuing Cannabis Licenses

The first shops could open their doors in Massachusetts on July 1, though how many and where they might be located remains to be determined.

This Startup Incubator Helps Drug War Survivors Build Cannabis Companies

Changing inequity: Oakland's Hood Incubator pairs legal retail newcomers with experienced cannabis operators.

Canadian Senate Amends Cannabis Act to Limit THC, Allow Provincial Bans on Homegrow

The Standing Committee also rejected a number of amendments, including a proposed nationwide ban on home cultivation.

Michigan GOP Leaders Face Off Over Cannabis Legalization Initiative

The Legislature could adopt the citizen-initiated legalization bill—which would enable lawmakers to later amend it—or do nothing and let it go on the ballot.

World’s First Cannabis Bank Advances in California

A bill to create a state-charted bank serving the cannabis industry passes a crucial vote in Sacramento.

Los Angeles Files Charges Against Dozens of Unlicensed Cannabis Businesses

City Attorney Mike Feuer said his office has filed 36 criminal cases against a total of 140 defendants associated with 32 cannabis shops and one delivery service.

Top New York Lawmaker: Expunge Convictions if Cannabis Goes Legal

"If we're going to get to the point that it's going to be legal, why should people still have trouble getting jobs and have a record for something that is legal?"

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