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North Dakota Will Vote on Cannabis Legalization in November

A measure that would legalize marijuana for adults and seal criminal records of certain cannabis crimes is set to appear on November's ballot.

With Testing Labs on the Way, Massachusetts Cannabis Is Coming Soon

Regulators could approve independent testing laboratories later this month, clearing what's been a key roadblock to opening the state's first retail cannabis stores.

The Roll-Up #46: The Coolest Guest We’ve Ever Had

Writer and indie DJ Hannah Levin talks with the crew about the Tucson scene, THC-wine potables, and reasons to bypass Wyoming.

Does Nevada Grow the Best Cannabis in the Nation?

If Nevada doesn't have the best cannabis in the country, it's up there

CBD Outrage: 36 Hours in Jail for CBD Oil Sold at Grocery Store

Wyoming cops arrested a 50-year-old woman, nursing her mother with cancer, and jailed her as a flight risk.

In Massachusetts, ‘Local Buy-In’ Leaves Equity Candidates Outside, Waiting

Equity license entrepreneurs wait while local towns plod through zoning decisions, losing precious time and market share.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Aug. 6-12

Outside Lands' Grass Lands, DJ Muggs' new LP, and Better Call Saul — comin’ in hot this week.

The Roll-Up #45: An Avalanche of Good Cannabis News

This week: grand gestures from New York officials, shockingly sensible moves in a former Soviet republic, and how fear-mongers are trying to skew “cannabis poisonings.”

Judge Dismisses Felony Charges in Detroit Cultivation Case

Amid legal confusion and assertions of racial prejudice, a judge dismissed charges against cannabis employees whose cultivation facility was raided in May.

Why Don’t More Doctors Prescribe Cannabis to Their Patients?

The medicinal cannabis movement is gaining momentum, but why are doctors so hesitant to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients?

In the Age of Legalization, This Photo Exhibit Celebrates the Cannabis Underground

Take a closer look at 'Stories from the Underground,' an Oakland photo exhibit celebrating a movement of outlaws and agitators who fought back against cannabis prohibition.

Cured Cannabis Flower Now on Sale in Pennsylvania

The Health Department says sales of dry leaf began Wednesday at 16 dispensaries, with 28 more expected to follow next week.

Minnesota OKs Medical Marijuana for Autism, Sleep Apnea

Minnesota residents with autism or obstructive sleep apnea can now qualify for the state's medical marijuana program.

Poison Control Chart: Cannabis vs. Alcohol

The panic over cannabis poisoning distracts from very real household threats, new data shows.

Supermajority of Americans Want Legalization, Harris Poll Finds

A 57 percent majority of Americans wants cannabis legalized for recreational use.

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