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Ruling Topples Arizona Law Restricting Medical Marijuana on College Campuses

The decision vacates the conviction of a man whose ASU dorm room was searched after police found him with a medical marijuana ID card in his pocket.

Utah Medical Marijuana Advocates Push Back in Court

Medical marijuana legalization proponents want all of Utah's citizens, not just a single judge, to decide the issue.

Things Are Canna Crazy in New York City These Days

25 New Yorkers were just hospitalized because of cannabis prohibition. It's time to stop the madness.

Cannabis Entrepreneur Antuanette Gomez Launches Bid for Toronto City Council

After breathing new life into the Toronto chapter of Women Grow, Antuanette Gomez is shifting her focus to politics and, beginning next month, making a run for Toronto city council.

With State Senate Bid, Cannabis Pro Leaps Into Politics

The 2016 presidential election helped launch cannabis-industry veteran Jessa Lewis into politics. Now she's running for state Senate.

Kauai’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Approved to Begin Sales

Have a Heart, opening in partnership with a popular chain from Washington state, will open for business Monday.

Utah Prohibitionists File Hail-Mary Motion to Stop Medical Marijuana Vote

Their campaign to rescind petition signatures didn't work, so opponents took their case to court.

Estonian Town’s New Logo? A Cannabis Leaf

The Estonian village of Kanepi announced this week it will adopt the cannabis leaf as its new symbol following a landslide outcome in an online poll.

The Roll-Up #34: How Not to Steal a Cannabis Plant

This week: New York City's legalization moves, the Supreme Court's betting case, and an Englishman's decision to offer a healthy sativa a better home.

US Attorney Details Cannabis Enforcement in Light of Oregon’s Oversupply

US Attorney Billy J. Williams is the first federal prosecutor to detail his strategy for enforcing federal drug laws in a state where marijuana is legal.

New Excise Tax Puts Blackmarket Cannabis Producers on Notice

Under the Excise Tax Act, illicit cannabis producers could face huge fines or five-year prison terms—on top of the potential 14-year prison sentences they face under the Cannabis Act.

State Board Certifies Ohio Petition to Legalize Cannabis

Organizers are aiming to put the issue to voters next year.

Free Help for Californians Looking to Expunge Cannabis Convictions

Trying to get rid of a past California cannabis conviction? The Drug Policy Alliance is hosting a free event in San Bernardino this weekend to help get you started.

The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty Fights to Right Prohibition’s Wrongs

The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty is making sure the government can’t continue to deal in erratic hypocrisy, but must actually address the systemic and oppressive failings of prohibition.

Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Renewal OK’d by Congressional Committee

A powerful Congressional committee has voted to extend federal protections for medical marijuana patients and providers in legal-cannabis states.

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