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Now You Can Get High in the Deepest Place on Earth: The Mariana Trench!

Cannabis legalization arrived in the Northern Mariana Islands Friday.

The Roll-Up #52: Do Lobsters Get High?

Ben reports from Boston, Coke courts a cannabis company, weed bales wash up in Florida, and Maine lobsters get baked.

Election 2018: A Complete Guide to Cannabis on the Ballot

Michigan & North Dakota will vote on adult-use legalization. Missouri & Utah consider medical. We've got info, analysis, and poll data.

FAQ: Utah Proposition 2 Would Legalize Medical Marijuana

Utah voters could legalize for patients in one of America's most conservative states. Here's what the law would do.

New York Cops Still Making Cannabis Arrests, Despite Mayor’s Policy

State law says THC oil isn't marijuana—so cops are arresting people for it.

Michigan Judge Halts Closure of 98 Dispensaries

A judge stopped the immediate closure of 98 dispensaries around the state, and set a new Dec. 15 application deadline.

The Roll-Up #51: Viva Las Vegas (a Very Special Episode)

Bruce & Ben roam Sin City. What they find: giant buds, El Chapo’s tunnel, a hit-and-run, a governor-to-be, and Hunter S. Thompson’s Chevy Caprice.

Michigan Meltdown: State Orders 98 Dispensaries to Liquidate in Two Days

A shocking order and a retroactive deadline are expected to kill nearly a hundred dispensaries and throw hundreds of employees out of work.

Here’s How Texas Could Finally Legalize Cannabis

Though some lawmakers have been showing signs that they’re ready to move forward on the issue, the state faces unique challenges that could continue to hold it back.

Legalization Is Stopping Dirty Cannabis From Hitting California Shelves

About 20 percent of California recreational cannabis is failing lab tests as consumer safety rules kick in.

Congress Will Pass Legalization Bills Next Year, Lawmakers Say

Congress members Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and David Joyce (R-OH) agree on one thing: Cannabis will move next year.

Brooklyn DA’s Plan Could Erase Thousands of Cannabis Convictions

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said on Friday that his office will allow nearly 20,000 low-level cannabis convictions to be wiped away.

The Roll-Up #50: The Problem With Dan Bilzerian’s Party

When a sexist Insta-bro launches a cannabis line, are we obliged to cover it? Hot: SF canna-lounges. Not: old white incumbents.

How Cynthia Nixon Changed the New York Cannabis Game

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is favored in next week's primary. But the #CynthiaEffect has already broken New York's legalization logjam.

How Was Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel on Cannabis? Not Bad. But Not Great.

On his watch, marijuana arrests nosedived from 21,000 to 129.

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