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New York Legalization Lives or Dies by Friday, Senator Says

It's got to pass within the budget, because legalization doesn't have the votes to pass in a standalone bill, says Sen. Diane Savino.

There’s a Mess of Legalization Bills in Congress. Here’s What Really Matters

The influx is a good sign for cannabis reform’s prospects in Congress, but it can also be confusing: Why can’t lawmakers work together on a single bill to address everything?

Support for US Cannabis Legalization Reaches New High, Poll Finds

Support for legalization is strongest among 18-to-34-year-olds, with nearly 75% favoring it, according to a widely respected survey of social trends.

Canada Wants to Tax Your Cannabis Based on THC Content

Budget 2019 also upholds excise taxes on medical cannabis

Unlimited Licenses? Pennsylvania Legalization Bill Charts a Bold New Plan

The bill envisions a robust social equity program, a pathway for small businesses to engage in the industry, and even an eco-conscious vape pen recycling program.

Police Sued Over Bulldozer Chase That Killed Cannabis Suspect

The chase developed as Greg Longenecker, 51, a short-order cook and avid vegetable gardener, tended 10 marijuana plants in a small clearing near Reading, Pennsylvania.

The Roll-Up #78: Let’s Not Bust the Cancer Patient, OK?

This week in cannabis news: Missouri cops roust a hospital patient, white weed privilege gets caught on display, and legalization inches closer in NY and NJ.

SXSW Cannabis Headliner Draws Crowds and Protest

Former US House Speaker John Boehner appeared on behalf of Acreage Cannabis, prompting a small backlash against "corporate cannabis."

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Mar. 8-14

Cannabis news from around the web.

New Mexico Bill to Create State-Run Dispensaries Appears Dead

The bill has stalled in the Senate Finance Committee, and it doesn't appear that the chair of the panel plans to give it a hearing.

This Is What White Weed Privilege Looks Like

This week's college cheating scandal is all about wealthy white people gaming the system. They do it with cannabis all the time too.

Here’s What Medical Cannabis Looks Like in Texas

The Lone Star State is so strict that only epilepsy patients can obtain CBD oil. But some companies are investing for the long haul.

New Mexico Could Sell Cannabis Through State-Owned Shops

New Mexico would become the first US state to set up its own government-run cannabis stores and subsidize medical cannabis for the poor under a bipartisan bill.

We Finally Know What’s in New Jersey’s Cannabis Legalization Bill

The agreement marks the first time leaders have laid out the details of the long-promised plan to legalize adult-use cannabis in the Garden State.

The Roll-Up Bonus Episode: Cannabis in Texas

With SXSW taking over Austin, Bruce and Ben explore cannabis culture in the Lone Star State, one of the nation's last prohibition strongholds.

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