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Pennsylvania Should Totally Legalize it, State Auditor Concludes

Pennsylvania marijuana legalization efforts got a boost from the state auditor, who concluded the state could make $581 million per year in taxes on cannabis.

The Roll-Up #43: Oklahoma! The True-Crime Musical

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana, and now the regulators are arresting each other. Hoo boy.

Oklahoma Officials Defied Will of the People, AG Says

Voters approved full medical cannabis access, not smoking bans and THC limits, the state's Attorney General finds.

Legalization vs Mexico’s Powerful Cartels: Who’d Win?

More than 9.5 million Pennsylvania adults should not be subject to arrest for personal amounts of pot, the state’s Auditor General Eugene DePasquale concluded this…

New Jersey’s Medical Cannabis Program to Double to 12 Dispensaries

The state of nine million might get a whole 12 dispensaries. Sad!

Oklahoma Health Department’s Top Attorney Resigns, Faces Felony Charges

The top attorney at the Oklahoma State Department of Health has resigned days after her advice on marijuana rules was ignored by the agency's board.

The Hazy Boundaries of Canada’s Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

The Cannabis Act's prohibitions on endorsements and testimonials only get triggered when representations “promote” cannabis. But what are the nuances of the law? Two Canadian cannabis lawyers weigh in.

Mexico Takes Small Steps Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization

While Canada and the US move forward on full legalization, why is Mexico lagging?

The Roll-Up #42: Bugs, Bulldozers, and CBD Porn

This week: Red States wrangle with legal marijuana, CBD meets XXX in a new adult feature, and cannabis aphids get their moment in the spotlight.

New York State Health Officials Conclude ‘Legalize It’

The New York State Health Department's 2018 Marijuana Legalization Assessment Report will go down in history.

Why Vicente Fox Thinks Like a Capitalist, Acts Like a Radical

Mexico's ex-president pushes cannabis legalization as a moral cause that makes business sense—and could quell the narco-violence.

New York Emergency Rule OKs Medical Marijuana as Opioid Alternative

The New York State Health Commissioner allows doctors to recommend medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids, effective immediately.

NORML Blasts Police for Chasing Cannabis Suspect With Bulldozer

State police went grossly overboard in their pursuit of a marijuana suspect whose body was found under a bulldozer that authorities used to search for him, the group said Thursday.

Oklahoma’s New Medical Marijuana Rules Kneecap Voter-Approved Law

The new rules ban the sale of smokable cannabis, limit the potency of products such as concentrates, and require a pharmacist at every dispensary.

US Attorney in Massachusetts Will Let Legal Market Proceed

US Attorney Andrew Lelling said that while he can't immunize the state-legal industry, his office's enforcement priorities lie elsewhere.

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