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Gavin Newsom to Trump: ‘Dealers Don’t Card Kids’

The war on drugs has failed, Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom told President Trump. "We can't continue to keep doing what we've done and expect a different result."

Industry, Lawmakers React Swiftly to Spicer’s Cannabis Comments

Some are skeptical. Others say the industry isn't going down without a fight.

Washington State Officials Vow to Fight Any Federal Crackdown

Officials in Washington state pledged to fight any federal crackdown on the nascent industry after White House Spokesperson Sean Spicer's comments this week.

Nevada to Proceed With July Cannabis Sales Despite White House Warning

Nevada still plans to launch recreational marijuana sales in July despite warnings this week of a federal crackdown by the Trump administration.

Alaska AG Says Feds Couldn’t Overturn State’s Cannabis Law

The Alaska attorney general's office said a change in how the federal government enforces its own marijuana laws would not affect state cannabis laws.

Is GOP Leadership Out of Touch With Voters on Cannabis?

As the White House threatens a crackdown, a new poll shows Republican and Democratic voters agree: Don't tread on state cannabis laws.

White House Plans ‘Greater Enforcement’ Against Legal Cannabis

Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested Thursday that the Trump administration will crack down in adult-use states.

Trump Considers Eliminating the Drug Czar Position

Trump's new budget director immediately takes aim at the National Office of Drug Control Policy. But what will this mean for cannabis?

Australia Loosens Cannabis Import Rules to Speed Patient Access

Changes will allow overseas suppliers to import cannabis into Australia in bulk, store a surplus, and ship directly to patients as doctors prescribe.

GW Pharma Responds: ‘Not Creating a Monopoly’

The pharmaceutical developer says it's pioneering markets, not elbowing out competitors.

State of the Leaf: South Africa Approves MMJ Production

A congressional bill could shield state-legal marijuana businesses, Australia eases import rules, and Colorado gets a cannabis drive-through.

Houston is Getting a New Cannabis Decriminalization Policy

A new push to focus law enforcement resources on more dangerous crimes could pave the way for decriminalizing cannabis in Texas.

Texas Has a Medical Cannabis ‘Prescription’ Problem

The state will start taking license applications later this week. But the program may be doomed by a single word.

Colorado’s First Drive-Through Cannabis Shop Will Open Next Month

The western Colorado town of Parachute is getting a drive-through cannabis shop, believed to be the first in the state. It's in an old car wash.

Dutch Lawmakers Extend Tolerance Policy to Cannabis Cultivation

Buying small amounts of cannabis at coffeeshops has long been tolerated, but cultivating and selling to the coffeeshops themselves has remained illegal.

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