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Vermont Panel to Propose 26% Tax Rate on Cannabis Sales

A Vermont panel plans to propose a 26% tax rate on cannabis sales once the state opens a legal, regulated market.

Utah Cannabis Backers Could Sue Over Plan to Revise Ballot Measure

A letter sent by the Epilepsy Association of Utah and legalization advocates accuses the church of trying to interfere with the voter-approved measure.

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Nov. 9-15

Cannabis news from around the web.

Ontario Announces Regulations for Incoming Cannabis Stores

Cannabis stores across the province are set to open April 1.

Judge Rules in Favor of California Cannabis Home Growers

Fontana, CA. homegrowers don't need a background check, home inspections, or high fees.

How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt

How Does Law Enforcement Know if Your Cannabis Is Legal?

Who Pays? Regulating Cannabis in Canada Estimated to Cost $546 Million

Who's footing the bill for enforcing Canada’s Cannabis Act?

McConnell: Farm Bill Would Legalize Hemp in US

The Senate majority leader gave his "guarantee" that the congressional farm bill will include a provision to legalize hemp.

‘The Town That Banned Everything’ Permits Its First Cannabis Store

Will other reluctant municipalities follow suit?

Without Compassion, Cannabis Doesn’t Work: California’s Fight for Patients in Need

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont panel plans to propose a 26 percent tax rate on marijuana sales. The Subcommittee on Taxation and Regulation will…

Thai Lawmakers Back Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Legalizing what used to be regarded strictly as a dangerous drug would make Thailand a trailblazer in Asia.

Former Soldier Sings the Praises of Cannabis and Helps Veterans Help Themselves

The former soldier found relief through medical cannabis.

Wabanaki Cannabis Strain a Surprise to Namesake First Nations

The product was named without consultation from Wabanaki people.

New York City Cannabis Arrests Nosedive 97%

New York Police Department policy reforms took effect hard in September.

Cannabis Legalization Introduced in Mexico Senate

A week after Mexico’s Supreme Court struck down prohibition, a senator has submitted a bill to legalize cannabis and allow its commercial sale.

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