Data Dive: Alaska’s Cannabis Industry Grows for 7th Consecutive Month

Ketchikan, Alaska: View of Creek Street and Dolly House, Ketchikan.

September was another record-setting month for Alaska’s adult-use cannabis industry, with the state Department of Revenue’s latest report last week showing that the state collected $723,757 in cannabis taxes from cultivators during that month.

Data Dive: Alaska Cannabis Sales Continue to Rise

The record-setting month is the seventh consecutive month to break state sales records. That’s good newsfor the Last Frontier’s cannabis market, which got off to a slow start during its first few months of operation. September also saw Alaska set records in amount of trim sold as well as the number of cannabis taxpayers.

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Despite summer tourism beginning to die down, cannabis sales have continued to show steady growth since the beginning of summer in May. Although the growth of average tax payments has slowed down a bit, there continues to be more operators paying cannabis taxes each month, showing continued growth in the industry.

With some of the tourist numbers beginning to go down since summer, flower sales have slowed in pace—a relationship visible in the graphs above. Sales of trim or other parts of the cannabis plant, however, are up.