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Are Cannabis Taxes Too Low? Some Economists Think So

Massachusetts taxes cannabis at 17%. In Washington, it's 37%. What's the 'Goldilocks' rate?

Shopping List: Emerald Cup 2018 Picks for Beginners + Beyond

Here's the best products for all skill levels, selected from 250 vendor booths in five marketplaces.

California Cannabis Lab Director Caught Faking Pesticide Tests

State inspection revokes license of Sequoia Analytics.

Pro Tips for Shopping the Fall Outdoor Cannabis Harvest

Pick ripe, fresh, cannabis bargain buds by the bushel with this guide.

FAQ: What to Expect as East Coast’s First Pot Shops Finally Open

The long wait for recreational cannabis sales to begin in Massachusetts is almost over with the first stores set to open on Tuesday morning.

7 Signs Cannabis Legalization in California Is Hitting Its Stride

Nearly a year after recreational sales kicked off in California, it's the world's largest legal cannabis marketplace. But some sticking points remain.

Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis Sales Cleared for Launch

More than two years after Massachusetts voters legalized cannabis, the first two retail stores are set to open next week in Leicester and Northampton.

Vermont Panel to Propose 26% Tax Rate on Cannabis Sales

A Vermont panel plans to propose a 26% tax rate on cannabis sales once the state opens a legal, regulated market.

What’s the Difference? Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis in Canada

We compare price, quality, and accessibility of recreational and medical cannabis.

After Long Wait, East Coast’s First Legal Pot Shops Set to Open

An existing medical marijuana dispensary in Northampton — nestled in Massachusetts' scenic Pioneer Valley — plans to open its doors within days.

How to Grow Cannabis (Legally) at Home in Michigan

The new law says you have the right to grow. But there are limits, and you need to know them.

Cannabis Legalization Introduced in Mexico Senate

A week after Mexico’s Supreme Court struck down prohibition, a senator has submitted a bill to legalize cannabis and allow its commercial sale.

Michigan Just Legalized Cannabis. Here’s What Happens Next

You've got the FAQs, we've got answers: How much is legal, where can you consume, when will stores open?

Election 2018: Cannabis Legalization Coverage and Results

The Leafly News team is watching all the cannabis issues, and reporting up-to-the-minute results.

Seattle’s Leading Pot Shop Launches Random Product Testing

The project by retailer Uncle Ike's is an effort to curb the number of contaminated products that make it to consumers.

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