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In Thailand, Opinion on Cannabis Is Changing. How Far Will It Go?

Last year, Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize medical cannabis. Now advocates want the country to reclaim its place as a leading source of landrace strains.

Why Is Chicago’s Mayor Supporting Illegal Cannabis Sellers?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to ban cannabis stores, helping street sellers thrive and continue hawking illegal vape pens.

Chicago Mayor Wants to Keep Cannabis Out of City’s Core

When the adult use of marijuana becomes legal in Illinois, Chicago's mayor wants its sale banned in the central business district, near schools and in residential areas.

Arizona Backers Revise Legalization Measure After Legal Review

Just a few tweaks, nothing major, after the lawyers give the proposed initiative a good scrubbing.

Fed Study Shows Teen Use Declines, but Is the Data Any Good?

The annual SAMHSA survey finds adult cannabis consumption up, teen use down. But the study's methodology raises questions about the data.

Legal Cannabis Mellowed Outside Lands Megafestival

Inside the safest, most secure cannabis sales and consumption in Golden Gate Park history.

Outside Lands Nabs Historic Permit to Partake, Sell Cannabis

Do a legal $10 dab before Childish Gambino. This is America.

French Legalization Debate Ignores Race, Religion, Mass Incarceration

France’s brief experiment with CBD—not to mention the growing international trend toward reform—seems to have started a movement to legalize cannabis, which has been illegal since 1970.

Idahoans Flock to Cannabis Shop on Oregon–Idaho Border

Customers from Idaho, where cannabis remains illegal, waited in line for more than three hours to shop at Weedology, a new store near the Oregon–Idaho border.

Hate Attack Strikes Boston-Area Cannabis Store

Vandals defaced a storefront being converted into a cannabis store in the town of Lynn, painting racist and anti-Semitic language and symbols throughout the space.

Michigan’s Adult-Use Rules Put Cannabis Pioneers Out in the Cold

The state tilts the playing field away from small business owners, and big out-of-state companies are slow to hire local talent.

Minnesota Group’s Push to Legalize: ‘Taxation, Revenue, Entrepreneurship’

The group's funding is likely to come from the cannabis industry: businesses and others who are investing in production, marketing, and distribution in other states and in Canada.

Music Festivals, Legal Cannabis Sing a Hit Duet in 2019

Northern Nights officially sanctions cannabis sales and smoking. Outside Lands, Hempfest, and Thing Festival might as well.

Congressional Committee Discusses How to Legalize Cannabis

While lawmakers seemed to agree on the need to end cannabis prohibition, Wednesday’s hearing highlighted tensions between competing visions of what reform should look like.

Coalition Wants Social Justice Baked Into Cannabis Legalization

On the eve of tomorrow's a Congressional hearing on legalization, civil liberties and human rights groups call for justice reform.

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