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Ohio’s First Medical Marijuana Sales Finally Kick Off

January 15, 2019
Ohio’s first medical marijuana sales are set to kick off at 9 a.m. Wednesday, nearly two and a half years after the state’s legalization measure became law and roughly four months after the system was slated to open.
In other words, this has been a long time coming for Ohio patients and caretakers. Here’s what you need to know.


Some Things to Know About Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program

Dispensaries Open Wednesday

Four dispensaries across the state have said they’re planning to open at 9 a.m. Wednesday. They are:

  • CY+ in Wintersville
  • The Forest Sandusky in Sandusky
  • Ohio Valley Natural Relief in Wintersville
  • The Botanist in Canton

Dozens more dispensaries are set to open in the coming weeks. Leafly has put together a map of all 56 dispensaries granted provisional licenses by the state last year.


Map: Where to Find Ohio’s 56 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

What Should I Bring?

Dispensaries are open to Ohioans with doctor recommendations for medical cannabis as well as registered caretakers.

Be sure to bring a valid government-issued ID along with your Ohio medical marijuana registry card. While some dispensaries may have ATMs on site, it’s a good idea to bring cash.

What Can I Buy?

Most standard medical marijuana products are expected to be available, including cannabis flower, oils, topicals, tinctures, edibles, and patches. Keep in mind that smoking cannabis remains prohibited, so if you pick up flower, be sure to have access to dry-herb vaporizer. Under Ohio’s medical marijuana law, patients can purchase up to a 90-day supply of cannabis.

Keep in mind that the initial rollout may be slower than expected—perhaps no surprise to Ohio patients at this point. The State Medical Board of Ohio has said to expect limited amounts and types of cannabis products at first, warning there may be product shortages at the program’s launch.


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  • Terry McInnes

    So I have to pay the state $50 and a doctor $300 a year to have the right to buy weed from a dispensary? I cannot smoke it. Cannot have more than they allow me. They wont even tell you what a 3 month supply is. Cant grow my own. They will print it on my license im a patient of medical MJ. Subjecting me to searches and interrogation. My card I had before was a seperate license only needing to be shown in case of a search! Bet your ass you will be searched everytime you get pulled over. The law is new still and cops are stupid about it still. Be prepared to be lied to. They will powerplay you! The whole medical MJ industry is a big fucking cash cow! You have to transport your medicine in a lock box that is bolted to your car in the trunk. Then you pay high taxes on weed at a dispensary that reports to the federal government. You must comply periodically with a hollistic doctor who isnt seen as a certified physician by the government. Meanwhile weed is still illegal on the federal level! So guess what? Youre a fucking idiot if you buy into their B.S. the dispensaries are paying dirt prices to growers in other states where its legal just to turn around and sell it higher than you can find it on the black market. They pay off companies who test their weed to give false potency readings. All the while they are pulling every dirty trick in the book to profit 2 times over on shitty weed. The good buds arent seen in the jars. Mostly popcorn buds. Ohio made private caregivers impossible. Only who they say can grow can grow. Monopoly? Yes. I dont know but it sounds like entrapment to me. Make a medicine people need only accessible to those who can afford to pay a fee to buy shitty weed with high taxes. Not let them grow their own and regulate how or what they can consume. All the people who buy the hype are going to regret it later. I watched it all go down in Colorado from start to present. People moved there and paid a lot of money to become legal caregivers and sell to both patients and dispensaries. Five years later. After they profited largely from the medical side. They made it recreational. The dispensaries started charging by the year just to let a person sell to their dispensary at round about $2500 a pound. All those growers and tourists who moved or visited there are finding it was all short lived and now is declining. Lots of brand new buildings raising rent around them soon to be empty. Their cash cow is on its last leg. People packed up shop and headed back home. I predict the same everywhere they make it legal in the states. Still dumbass people are lining up camping out front of the first dispensaries to open in ohio right this moment! Like black friday they just have no clue. Fox news reported the dispensaries stating the allowable quality levels and availability will be limited on the opening day. Ohio legalized medical MJ 2 years ago and is just now opening dispensaries! I say the black market is still the way to go. None of my hooks weed has killed me yet in 20 years of using. Cartels usually grow dirt weed full of seeds. Brick pack Mexican lol. Ill be damned if I jump through hoops just for it to become recreational. Making all the money I spent a loss. I dont have to pay for a license to be able to buy my pharmaceuticals. They made weed medically legal but put it in a seperate category as pharms. No insurance will cover any of the cost. Most people here are unaware of the B.S. they will face to keep that dumb license. Its only a matter of time before they start drug testing MJ patients on the regular. Further destroying our freedoms and privacy.