10 Signs You’re a Southern Cannabis Smoker

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Presented BySmoke CartelPublished on July 13, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This article is sponsored by Smoke Cartel, an online retailer and head shop made up of a close-knit team of glass lovers dedicated to making sure you get the best possible smoking gear.

Here at Smoke Cartel in Savannah, we know that smoking is a fundamental part of every cannabis lover’s day. Like all pastimes, our smoking rituals and experiences are shaped by our companions, culture, and environment.

So, which of these cannabis rituals are unique to the South? We compiled a list of signs that indicate you may be a proud Southern Smoker. Y’all take a shaded seat, grab your pipe and sweet tea, and listen up now.

1. There’s a glass of sweet tea nearby.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Sweet Tea and Cannabis

What’s worse than debilitating cottonmouth during a sesh? Nothing! While many smokers will combat it with water or soda, Southerners opt for a different drink: sweet tea. Here at Smoke Cartel, we prefer home-brewed sweet tea, but we understand smoking after a long day is meant to be a relaxing experience. If you don’t have some home-brewed sweet tea on hand, grab some Lipton or Turkey Hill from the fridge — and don’t forget the ice!

Recipe: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Tea

2. Air is circulating.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Smoke Cartel Glass and Air Circulating

Whether it’s through a ceiling fan, cracked window, or air vent, a breeze is a must for Southern Smokers. The sun and humidity often send the heat index 20 degrees above the actual temperature. Still air makes it much easier to feel the relentless heat, and the only heat smokers should be paying attention to is the fire in their bowl. Southerners are used to the conditions of a regulated environment, so if you find yourself looking for the coolest place to smoke, you’re likely a Southern Smoker!

3. You offer your guests greens.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Offer Your Guests Greens

Dixie is known for its warm and welcoming hospitality, and nothing says Southern hospitality like offering your smoking buddy the first hit on a freshly packed bowl. The gesture is respectful and indicates you care about the quality of their smoking experience over your own. Southerners are never stingy, and you can always hit greens later when you pack one up for yourself!

4. Peaches are involved.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Peaches

You’re definitely a Southern Smoker if peaches are frequently involved in your routine, whether you’re sporting a Smoke Cartel Mood Mat or a Smoke Cartel Peach Logo Stash Jar. Adopted as Georgia’s official state fruit, they’re a local staple and have a rightful place in your smoking rituals. Ever enjoy a juicy peach after a juicy peach-flavored J? Yeah, us too, and it’s freaking amazing.

5. You use an ice pinch.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Ice Pinch Bong

Here in the South, we’re always trying to find ways to stay cool in the brutal heat. You’re definitely a Southern Smoker if you utilize your ice pinch during every sesh! Ice pinches make even the biggest rips feel velvety smooth, and nothing cools a Southern Smoker down like a chilled toke (except sweet tea, of course).

6. You smoke indoors for the majority of the year.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Indoor Cannabis

Ever pack your goods up for a back-to-the-roots outdoor sesh, only to turn around again as soon as you’re out the door? Us too. If you’re a Southern Smoker this is likely a recurring experience – sometimes the heat and humidity are just too intense for a relaxing sesh, forcing us to enjoy 4:20 in the comfort of our temperature-regulated abodes.

7. You love to get high and catch the Southern sunset.

10 Signs You're a Southern Cannabis Smoker – Southern Sunset and Dab Rig

Even though the climate may dictate the location of our seshes around 4:20 p.m., Southern Smokers also know to head out late during the summer and catch the golden-hued Southern sunsets. It lets us enjoy Mother Nature when the sun is subdued and less oppressive, glowing through the moss and kudzu.

8. You never smoke in public.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – don't smoke cannabis in public

While the South is a profoundly beautiful part of the country, social change generally moves at a slower rate down here. This means that smoking is generally less accepted in the South than it is up north and (obviously) out west. In order to stay out of trouble, Southern Smokers know to keep cannabis on the DL outside the house.

9. You know chicken and waffles are the best cure for the munchies.

10 Signs You're a Southern Smoker – Chicken and Waffles Munchies

Juicy, crispy fried chicken resting on a fluffy pillow of golden waffles, all drizzled in sweet maple syrup ­– is there anything better when you’re craving a snack after a sesh? If you’re a Southern Smoker, you know Southern food and the munchies were a match made in heaven. Maybe that’s why they call it soul food.

The Science of Munchies: Why Does Cannabis Stimulate Your Appetite?

10. Asheville is your glass mecca.

Asheville is your glass mecca

Asheville is like the Eugene of the East Coast, and has captured the hearts and minds of smokers across the South. If you find yourself drooling over work by Deranged Lion, Mia Shea, HaHa Glass, or any of the other awesome NC artists, you’re not alone! Southern Smokers have been flocking to Asheville in droves due to its rich glass scene, and you know you’re a Southern Smoker if you’ve been there or are planning on making the pilgrimage. If you can’t make it any time soon, stop by your local head shop instead and ask to see their Asheville collection — they’d surely love to show off some phenomenal regional art!

How many of these rituals do you identify with? Share your Southern Smoker experiences in the comments!

If you own a dispensary, headshop, or smoke shop, and are interested in purchasing wholesale glass pipes, bongs, accessories, and more, check out Glassheads Distribution.

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