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4 Types of People You See at Cannabis Dispensaries

May 25, 2018
(Richard Vogel/AP)
The dispensary scene is relatively new for all of us, and every visit is an excellent people-watching opportunity. All types of folks from all walks of life enjoy the beloved cannabis. As a long-time enthusiast, I could make a bingo card of the stereotypes you’ll see on any given dispensary visit. Below are the four I see most often. And in case you didn’t know, every one of us is or will eventually be every one of these.

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The Overjoyed First Timer

Wide-eyed, bewildered, and utterly amazed by the fact that they’re essentially inside a 7-Eleven for cannabis. Remember your first time? It was just like that. The OFT can’t believe it’s real life, and who can judge? I still can’t believe it. Maybe they want to talk to a budtender, but don’t want to ask any “stupid” questions (no such thing as a stupid question!). The OFT is easily recognizable. Why? Because we’ve all been there. This sighting inspires a big grin on the face of all the other OGs.


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The Indecisive Stoner

Sometimes we are the Indecisive Stoner. And sometimes it happens when we’re at the pot shop. Maybe today we need to know the THC content of every strain, and the potency of every shatter before we inevitably buy the cheapest pre-roll and a pack of gummies. When I’m in IS mode, I want to sniff every jar, ask the budtender his/her favorite strain, ultimately causing the length of my dispensary run to go from under 12 minutes to upwards of 30. They’re like “Dog, you should’ve peeped the menu on Leafly first and arrived here like a reasonable human being.” Next time, my man. Next time.

The On-The-Go Smoker

Headphones, backpack, Old Skool Vans. Sometimes we’re just stopping in to buy a pre-roll no matter which strain, effects, or brand. We’re on the way somewhere, and the walk and music would be a lot more enjoyable if we have a smoke along the way. When we’re in OTG mode, we are totally not feeling our Indecisive Stoner brethren. If you’ve not yet hit this level of dispensary visitor, look at my author photo and imagine me inside your local dispensary rocking a denim backpack, all-black Vans, and avoiding all conversation and eye contact because, hi, I’m Dante, and I have earned the On-The-Go Smoker badge.


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The Senior Citizen in Disbelief

Every time I’m shopping for bud, there’s at least one customer old enough to be my grandparent, and they’re usually asking the budtenders the most questions. It’s the best. They may also be the ones who are taking pictures of whatever they legally can.  These are the true dispensary tourists. Not the out-of-towners, but the seniors. Get that herb medicine, gramps. Let the CBD touch your soul and free you of any pain. You deserve it more than anyone. Maybe try a 1:1 THC to CBD. Trust. Love, Dante.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • Jon Spallone

    Sorry I don’t agree with the idea of trying to pigeonhole our community. It saddens me when we’re fighting for awareness and proper education and an article like this just adds fuel to the fire of those that see us as nothing but “potheads” or “stoners”. Truly disappointed in Leafly for allowing such a norrowed eye view to be published.

    • LordNom

      …and that’s YOUR opinion!

    • Lighten up and have a bowl dude.

    • Highway 69

      Try looking at the article as tongue-in-cheek, and you won’t be offended. You might even smile!

      Flower to the people!

      • Genesis 11:9

        Except our erstwhile author doesn’t really know what “tongue-in-cheek” means. Spallone has an excellent point and one that shouldn’t have been summarily dismissed with a wave of your snarky world view.

  • Jack

    I don’t have grandkids so don’t call me “gramps” okay?

    • Fun Please

      Offensive millennial

    • CBrains

      Senior citizens started the whole counter-culture movement that opened the door to reefer madness, in a time when fear of getting busted was ever-present. I’m guessing this was long before you were born. Lucky for you, we persevered, so the young’uns of today could roam the streets with their pre-rolls. Respect!

  • Shaun Seljestad

    So what about the Cannabis Connoisseur who is looking for thst specific strain or brand? I myself do like was questions and look online, do my homework on what strains I might like. 2410

    • Fun Please

      That’s what I thought I was. Shoved into the gramps category by a whippersnapper

  • Fun Please

    Hey Dante, I’m gramps at 54, and I’d whup you if you said that to my face, you snowflake

  • FlunkedAgain

    Yeah, the Old People who attended Woodstock are such noobs. /S
    We remember when Maui Wowie actually came from Maui.

  • Heather Meier

    I’m sorry I cant find a discus board but I was wondering if its legal to smoke pot on your own property? And if so can you smoke it where your neighbor could smell it? One more question I cough when I smoke too pot too is that a problem? I live in Washington state