Using cannabis to conquer 2023: 60 stoners share their New Year’s resolutions

Published on January 3, 2023 · Last updated January 12, 2023
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Over 60 weed lovers share their goals and aspirations for 2023.

2023 is here. Now, we are left alone to move forward with our goals as weed lovers, enthusiasts, and a collective cannabis community.

Undoubtedly, an innate part of the cannabis experience is the introspection this sacred plant can lead to.  A new year always brings an air of reflection that calls for us to look deeper within ourselves to grow and evolve. And while no cannabis journey is one and the same, living a happy, healthy life with cannabis can be achieved with the right intention, open-mindedness, and care.

Leafly took a moment to ask friends and community members to reflect on their 420 New Year’s resolutions in hopes of inspiring more to do the same. More than 60 cannabis enthusiasts shared their aspirations for 2023. In sharing them with you, we hope to inspire and support you in everything you do this year.

The top five themes for 2023 New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. Intentional consumption (50%)
  2. Career/professional (21%)
  3. Advocacy (15%)
  4. Growing and cooking (11%)
  5. Friends and family (5%)

Intentional consumption

Being mindful of your cannabis consumption habits can become increasingly difficult as our access & options grow. From deciding your consumption routine to the actual selection of strains or products, can become increasingly difficult as our access & options grow.

Ultimately, we all must ask ourselves: “What does an intentional, sustainable cannabis routine look like for me?” For many, the old adage “too much of anything is no good” is one to transparently embrace in order to re-evaluate what, how, and when we consume. Alternatively, partaking in more cannabis might be exactly what the doctor prescribes.

Curious about ways to be intentional with cannabis? Read 6 types of cannabis tolerance breaks.

“In 2023, I look forward to incorporating weed into developing better eating habits. My relationships with food and cannabis go hand in hand, and I want to have more intimate relationships with both. Around the holidays, I think it’s pretty common to overindulge. I give myself the freedom to satisfy all my cravings through the holiday season and then reset at the top of the year.

Planning my approach to my health regimen gives me an idea of where cannabis fits into the equation. Keeping an infused food diary in the new year, learning more about food matrixes and pairings to get the full nutritional value, and of course, to rest my lungs from smoking.”

DeJanae Evins, Founder @ Green Goddess Glow

“Resolve to only smoke weed grown by people you’d want to smoke weed with. If you wouldn’t break bread with the farmer, why would you give them your dough?”

Greg Welch, makes things happen with weed

Career goals

Working within the cannabis industry is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an industry being built right in front of our eyes. More than this, cannabis can be a chance to finally work within a field that provides a level of fulfillment, passion, connection, and purpose.

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Thriving in this industry’s fast-paced start-up environment is an accomplishment. Even the biggest cannabis corporations face their own trials and tribulations and are not a safe haven for employment.

The truth is: the cannabis industry is not recession-proof. Still, the opportunity remains for trailblazers looking to make an impact and those looking for a fresh start.

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“To support, advocate for, and uplift social equity/diversely owned/small businesses and entrepreneurs in the regulated market, particularly those in the Northeast where legalization is still fairly new and room for growth is massive. Would also love to work on federal policy initiatives that would protect small and social equity businesses once interstate commerce begins.”

Fatima Afia, Associate Attorney @ Hiller, PC

“Become a licensed cultivator in New York!”

Jeremiah Swain, CEO/Founder @ 8th Wonder Cannabis Co.


Without advocacy, there is no cannabis justice movement or legal industry. The spirit of legacy growers, advocates, and those who contributed to the normalization of cannabis deserves to be preserved so future generations can understand our collective history.

Truthfully, we should all aim to commit to at least one 420 resolution that serves Black and brown communities impacted by the War on Drugs. What can you do in 2023 to help not just cannabis capitalism but the people of the past, present, and future cannabis community?

“To be mindful of and grateful for our privilege – we are enjoying this plant without fear of retribution while so many others are still in prison for the same thing. Let’s be thankful for what we have and fight for those who don’t.”

Rachelle Gordon, cannabis & psychedelics writer  

“I want to be realistic, so my resolve is saving at least 5,000 lives next year through Bud for Blood.”

Kristen Yoder, Founder @ Bud for Blood

Friends, family, cooking, and growing

The simple pleasures of having cannabis in our lives cannot be understated, and sharing these pleasures with those we love is healing from the negative stereotypes of old.

Our friends and family learn from the experiences that we within the cannabis community are brave enough to expose them to. The cannabis conversation is now at the forefront, and it’s always better for those we love to hear it from someone they care about. The nurturing of a plant from seed is an act of love that can evolve anyone’s relationship with the plant.

Even infusing cannabis into our foods and lifestyle can be the light that inspires those closest to us.

“In 2023, I would like to smoke and eat gummies with my family and then record their stories as Vietnamese refugees and American immigrants. I hope that this will help heal trauma and help us all bond. I also hope sharing their experiences will help other conservative families embrace weed and break down the stigma as I have seen it happen within my family.”

Julie Tran, Co-Founder @ Elefante

“My stoner resolution is to get more acclimated with the plant by growing it. I want to learn how the quality of the soil, nutrients and love really bring out the best qualities in the cannabis flower. They say the best way to truly appreciate the plant is to grow it yourself, and while it may be a labor of love, the end result can be an incredible medicine and antidote to the natural stresses of life. I look forward to getting my hands dirty and truly learning everything I can about this medicinal plant from start to finish!”

Tauhid Chappell, Founder @ Color of Cannabis Conference

Scroll through more 420-themed New Year’s resolutions from the cannabis community, and stay inspired all 2023 long. Happy New Year!

“Trying not to smoke all day long…1 bong rip (not full bowl pack) before the gym in the morning, 1 at lunch, then post 5pm keep it a bit tighter. i want to be able to feel the difference in strain profiles and feel like i can’t because my cannabinoid receptors are just fried.”

Amy Hildebrand, Talent @ MAPS PBC

‘‘Weed at office parties instead of just alcohol. Maybe I’d like my coworkers, lol”

Anonymous stoner

“Buy BIPOC and women owned brands only.”

Cherron Perry-Thomas, Co-founder / CEO @  Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities (DACO)

“Have a product patent pending by December.”

Gahiji Lewis, Research biologist/cultivation analyst

“Keep it intentional, even if the intention is to see God.”

Roze Volca, stoner

“I would like to have a better understanding of what cultivars and terpene profiles work best with my body. To that end, my goal is to keep better track of what I consume and how it affects me at that moment. My hope is to have a solid journal of what I consume that I can refer back to & use to select new cultivars.”

Jessica F. Gonzalez, attorney, professor, advocate
What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do?

“More outreach and education to college students….aka the future workforce.”

Joseph McCrary, M.Ed, cannabis advocate

“I want to drink more cannabis than alcohol in 2023.”

Matt Nissenbaum, Head of DTC & Strategic Partnerships @ Grassdoor

“Grow my own plant in my house! I only know how to grow on a commercial scale.”

Adriana Ruiz Carlile, Co-Founder at Magic Hour Cannabis

“No more tobacco products. Green everything from bud to wraps.”

Josh Alb, Founder @ Cannademix
Close-up of a marijuana buds flower isolated on a light blue background. Cannabis can help manage chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy treatment. Medical and business concept.

“To educate myself in order to not be afraid of smoking again because of paranoia with certain strains.”

Tori Briggs, creative

“To take more frequent t breaks and to eat more edibles to preserve my lungs. I would like to get an e-rig and start trying out dabs more. Potentially try growing my own herb one time, too.”

Anonymous stoner

“Cooking a full course lucky foods meal and getting my friends HIGH AS HELL.”

Mary Pryor, Co-Founder @ Cannaclusive
There’s something about Mary Pryor

“Less inhaling, more ingesting.”

Deborah Boynton, cannabis consultant

“In 2023, I plan to consume cannabis more intentionally. As I grow and transform as a person, so does my relationship with our beloved plant. Consuming out of habit is no longer serving me, so it’s time to make changes.

Cannabis will ALWAYS be apart of my life though, I’m not making too many changes LOL.”

Shades of Syd, Content Creator

“I want to get cannabis companies featured in mainstream media more often to help end the stigma against cannabis and create a more informed public.

Additionally, I want to help more cannabis executives find their voice online via my LinkedIn strategizing services. I want cannabis to be louder in 2023, so more people can discover the amazing benefits of this plant.”

Alice Moon, cannabis publicist & LinkedIn strategist

“Sell more blunts.”

Gentleman Quinns, Colorado blunt brand

“In 2023, I’m going to smoke more landraces. This past year, I had the opportunity to try Nepalese, Congolese, and Vietnamese. I need to try more! What’s available in some markets is starting to look like a mono crop. I’d like to help the cannabis industry celebrate diverse genetics again.”

Caleb Chen, Founder @ The Highest Critic

“Take a tolerance break first week in.”

Liz Udell, Head of Social Media @ Friends of Friends

“My stoner New Year Resolution is to continue growing (like the plant) life is challenging, and I’m proud of me for just ending [2022] with my head up! So I would challenge myself to more growth for myself and my community because growth is the #1 indicator of life!!”

Roger Sterling, The Ganja Guru

“Sharing is caring and being stoned is better when you are amongst friends. So, my New Year’s resolution is to share my products and keep everyone stoned.”

Lorraine Rubalcava, Founder @ CBD Wellness Connection

“I will begin going to the gym after a morning smoke sesh! I want to incorporate my wake and bake routine into my workout routine. I believe it will help me be more in tune with my body. That mind-muscle connection!”

Sophia Julio, Senior recruiter @ Trulieve and content creator

“I would like to be more curious in my highs. Doing more full body scans. Use it for more than a habit for everything. Different highs for different times, my dood.”

Siera Shrout, human being

“2023 is the year I want to bring more conscious consumption back into my routine. Honoring the immense power, healing properties and work of both Mother Nature and everyone involved to bring safe cannabis to the masses.

Cannabis is both recreational and medicinal for me, depending on the situation and I want to be more aware of how and why I am showing up to a smoke session.”

Allison Pankow, marketing and brand consultant

“Grow to find my favorite mother rather than 200 different strains throughout the year. Gotta find THE ONE in 2023 🥰”

 Jason Ortiz, Executive Director @ Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

“To get my state legal. Having lived in California for nearly a decade and then returning to a prohibition state… it’s depressing and awful. I’m going to do what I can to push legalization forward in the Midwest.”

Bri Smith, Marketing & Customer Success Manager @ Good Feels
Close-up of a marijuana buds flower isolated on a light blue background. Cannabis can help manage chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy treatment. Medical and business concept.

“Trying to get as many of my stoner friends to join me in complimenting the plant with running/fitness!”

Spencer Hemmingway, Partnerships @ Bespoke Financial

“Spending more time advocating against negative conceptions of canna-consumers, as well spreading positivity and awareness of different types of consumers, hopefully reducing the notion of ‘you’re not a real consumer if [insert nonsense here.]’

Quite frankly, I’m tired of people having to justify themselves to each other for something as trivial as dosing or not being able to roll a consumable, for example.”

Matthew Jones, cannabis advocate

“Take an indefinite break from blunts.”

Justin Merritt,  FreeThePlant.FYI ambassador

“To bring my cannabis message to more mainstream arenas. Have the conversations that are more challenging with the non cannabis friendly humans ! Change more hearts, minds and lives with cannabis medicine!”

Nikki Lawley, cannabis advocate

“I would love to work with the VA to help veterans and start teaching their nurses about cannabis.”

Megan Mbengue, BSN, RN, CHPN, Founder @ Trusted Canna Nurse

“I want to advocate harder for better marijuana DUI laws.”

Lauren Vrabel, Cannabis Pharmacist @ Verano

“Big resolution: help more people with sustainable cannabis packaging and make sustainability mainstream.”

Lilli Keinaenen, Founder / Designer @ Changemaker Creative

“To try as many cannabis gadgets in 2023 as possible.”

Johnny Green, Content Director @ International CBC

“I’m excited to work with the new NJ operators and shape this market into something better. There is so much potential for the Garden State… Giving that power and influence to smaller operators who support medical patients and give back to their communities will get us in the right path.”

Spencer Belz, Operator @ Last Mile Cannabis Consulting, LLC

“I want to decrease my prescription meds, particularly ones for stomach issues and pain, and replace with marijuana. My state just made it legal so after the new year cannabis will be more accessible.”

Trisha Otis, cannabis patient

“Drink more cannabis than alcohol.”

Kalon Baird, CTO/Co-Founder, Green Rush Alliances LLC

“Strictly dry herb vape…. joints + blunts for special occasions only!”

Celeste Mittman, Sales @ Veriheal

“In 2023, I plan to focus on alternate consumption methods outside of smoking flower. I plan to do the work to find my specific dosage for tinctures as I play with my Ardent device and make some great ones of my own in addition to other edibles.”

Tatiyana Benjamin, CEO & Founder @ Living Irie

“Find a job that’s 420-friendly.”

Aspiring cannabis professional

“Find better plugs or just fully transition to dispensaries”

Maryland-based cannabis enthusiast

“Getting my land and license to grow so I can supply affordable potent products.”

Chaunce Dunbar, cultivator
Close-up of a marijuana buds flower isolated on a light green background. Cannabis can help manage chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy treatment. Medical and business concept.

“Get back to using cannabis as a part of my running habit; broaden my local cannabis network in New Orleans and bring the region a new and legal way to consume THC.”

Eric Becker

“To help more women and other minority professionals into cannabis leadership roles!”

Candice Miles, Director Of Recruiting; Cannabis, Health & Wellness Division @ JBC

“My stoner’s new year resolution is to be more intentional with my consumption. I want to be very specific about why I’m sparking up, and if I don’t have a constructive reason, then no sparking! This plan will motivate me to keep a healthy relationship around my consumption.”

Tammy Pettigrew, cannabis educator

“More weed, less parties.”

International cannabis enthusiast

“Work with more women in weed.”

Anonymous ganjapreneur

“Publishing my blog centering on being alone and cannabis. Being one’s own stoner friend!”

Nadia Sharnelle, cannabis enthusiast

“I want to get a job applying my chemistry degree in cannabis science #nerdingout”

Genesis Velazquez, Product Development chemist

“This year I really want to step up my homemade edibles game. I love my cannabutter recipe but want to see how I might enjoy different fatty sources like coconut oil rather than butter, different strains for different highs, trying new and unexpected recipes, and maybe even try increasing potency ;).”

Jahmila Edwards, Co-Founder @ Stash Queens, Inc.

“Perfect my cannabutter.”

Kelsey Beckford, creative entrepreneur

“One smoke-free month.”

Ezra Sokobin, Strategic Project Manager @ NTWRK

“Consumption with intention every time, and meditate more.”

DJ Howard, National Director of HBCU Outreach @ Minorities 4 Medical Marijiuana

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Nadir Pearson
Nadir is a dynamic cannabis leader and entrepreneur from the East Coast. He is the founder of SMART (Student Marijuana Alliance for Research & Transparency,) a national collegiate cannabis organization and a co-founder of Hybrid Co. Nadir also serves as a project lead for Cannaclusive.
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