7 Things ‘Disjointed’ Gets Right About Dispensary Life

Presented ByNetflixPublished on January 12, 2018 · Last updated November 22, 2022
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With adult legalization live in California, more Americans than ever have the opportunity to give legal, tested, regulated cannabis products a try. But millions of people have still never stepped foot inside a legal dispensary, and they lack an understanding of what these spaces really look like, how they’re managed, and what sort of products they stock.

For the uninitiated, their first taste of a dispensary may come from pieces of pop culture like Disjointed. Created by sitcom guru Chuck Lorre and starring Academy Award winner Kathy Bates, the Netflix series shines a humorous spotlight on the management of a California medical dispensary.

With a new batch of Disjointed episodes dropping this week, we’re sharing the new trailer, along with a look at seven things the show gets right (or almost right) about cannabis dispensaries.

Cash On-hand

In California and elsewhere, banking is still a challenge for medical and recreational dispensaries. Ruth’s habit of stashing bundles of bills in secret safes and ceiling tiles is played up for laughs…but honestly, not by much.

The Daily Special? Blue Dream

Blue Dream on Disjointed

Product on display at Ruth’s Alternative Caring. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Yup, this checks out. Blue Dream remains among the most popular strains available, especially in California, which is where this crowd-pleaser originated.

Legal Battles

The recent repeal of the Cole Memo isn’t the end of the world for medical and recreational cannabis in the United States. But the latest move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions has some cannabis advocates and dispensary owners getting ready for legal challenges. Unlike the court scenes in Disjointed, there’s nothing funny about it.

Olivia’s Shitballs

Boxes of edibles on the set of Disjointed

Olivia’s Shitballs are a trademark of Disjointed. (Courtesy of Netflix)

The show’s trademark edibles are pretty gnarly-looking. With that in mind, we have seen less appetizing edible options on dispensary shelves—albeit with slightly better marketing (though many edible manufacturers can’t seem to be able to resist a groan-inducing pun in their product branding).

On-site Consumption

Okay, this one’s still mostly wishful thinking, but there’s reason to be hopeful that the enlightened attitude toward on-site cannabis consumption on display in Disjointed is coming to real-world dispensaries soon.

California is letting municipalities be the final word on taking taste tests at dispensaries, which could open the door for farmers in the Golden State to show off their wares right where they’re grown—a model that’s proven wildly successful for the state’s vaunted wine industry. Farther north, Alaska is accepting public comment on whether to allow the practice statewide.

Security Staff

Expect any legal dispensary you visit to have a security guard on-hand (but don’t expect that guard to be as good-humored as Carter, who mans the door at Ruth’s Alternative Caring). Have your identification and a smile at the ready as soon as you enter.

Accessories Abound

Pipes and vaporizers on Disjointed

Like most dispensaries, Ruth’s Alternative Caring also stocks vaporizers and pipes. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Cannabis products are the headline item at medical and recreational dispensaries, but many will also have the gear you need to partake in stock, from rolling papers and grinders to pipes and high-end vaporizers. When it comes to the latter, Ruth’s team seems to have pretty good taste—we’re big fans of the Pax 3 that you can see on set.

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