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How to Eliminate Cannabis Odors in a Hurry

August 17, 2018
There I was, enjoying a whole buncha joints on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I’m with the homie. He’s rolling; I’m rolling. He’s smoking; I’m smoking.

Suddenly, a knock at the door.

A friendly knock? Oh no—a pounding, consistent knock that guarantees whoever’s on the other side of the door is not a friend. I panic, the homie panics, I tell him to hide everything (because that’s what it’s like when you live in an illegal state and are just at home getting high, minding your own business, not bothering a soul), and I open the door.

Who is it? The cops? Nope. It’s a dude from Craigslist who said he’d be by the house at noon to buy my refrigerator. I completely forgot he was coming by. What am I to do? I can’t tell him to come back later when I’m not ingesting illegal substances at World Record rates. So I let him—and his wife—in. The house reeks of cannabis. I mean, I was smoking all kinds of joints, moonrocks, and vapes.

Not only does this stranger know I smoke and have nugs on deck, he also thinks I sell.

They say nothing about the smell, he looks at the fridge, and decides he wants it. We agree that he’ll come back at 4 and pick it up. On the way out, he makes a comment about how, instead of moving heavy-ass furniture, he “wanted to be out by the pool, doing what these guys [the homie and I] are doing.” Then he turned to me and said, “I might have to buy something else from you.”

Not only does this stranger know I smoke and have nugs on deck, he also thinks I sell.

What’s my smell-killing solution for this conundrum? The same that yours should be if you ever find yourself in this crunch time position and need odors busted fast. Below, check out five products and steps to eliminate odors and keep your cannabis consumption a little more discreet.

Step 1: Ozium

Ozium’s the classic smoke eliminator that every cannabis enthusiast should use. It’s an air freshener with a vanilla and lemon-type scent that literally grabs smoke out of the air and punches it into another realm. While it won’t completely mask the scent, it’s a great base for all of the scents you’re about to throw into the atmosphere.

Price: $9.49

Step 2: Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner

You’re probably thinking that this is already a little extra, but the key to crunch-time-clean-out is a mix of overwhelming scents. Lysol APC has a strong bleachy-lemony aroma that throws another strong scent into the air (it’s also the perfect enabler to you wiping up lingering cannabis crumbs that reek).

Price: $3.99

Step 3: Nag Champa Incense

After your Ozium and Lysol wipe-down, it’s time to spark up some incense and flood the room with that strong Nag Champa smell. I’m a Nag Champa Lavender type of man, but any scent will work. The spices of the Nag Champa are so strong that they’ll provide a strong mask, not only for the cannabis smell, but also for the Ozium and Lysol scents that linger.

Price: $2

Sampler: $11.95—$30

Step 4: Black Ice Little Trees Car Freshener

This is the final key. It’s the finisher. Black Ice is one of the most overwhelming scents known to man (and woman). Like, if someone would’ve had Black Ice on their person in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, they’d have had absolutely no chance of getting close enough to catch Blue—because you can seriously smell it from like, 8 miles away.

Grab a pack and place them strategically around the area you need to render nug-smells, and with the help of all your aforementioned other scents, it’s guaranteed to be the knockout punch for any remaining cannabis odors.

Price: $5

24-pack: $14.95


And that, my friends, is how you get rid of the smell of cannabis in an emergency situation. Or, just don’t get high and forget you’re supposed to sell your household appliances.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • For storage, I use a dried out water bottle with some activated charcoal in a pouch inside the bottle. Roll up your buds in a plastic baggie and put it in the bottle, partially crush the bottle (not so much that you damage your beautiful nugs), then put the cap on. This creates a vacuum and the activated charcoal absorbs the odor. Never been caught. 😎

    • Randallpiz


  • keviin

    This is some funny stuff right here. Essentially stink out the stink out.

  • Maria Rizko Dunsmore-Scicluna

    The most potent stink eliminator is burning a 100% beeswax candle. It won’t mask smells but its negative ions get rid of smells, only scent left is honey.

  • Alan McLemore

    Nag Champa, yes. The cones work best. But use a vape, man, and there’s practically no smell left to begin with.

  • 360dunk

    …or just embrace the sweet stench. We struggled for decades to hide the odor so now that it’s legal in half the country, we deserve the guilt-free climate of today. Fill the air with lemon skunk and be happy you won’t be harassed by authorities.

  • Poodle

    Pop some popcorn in the microwave. Burn it if you have to. No more weed smell. Cooking bacon helps too.

    • Josh Clark


  • Mark Skinner

    If you really want to have NO SMELL of cannabis try getting a plastic bottle, punching some little holes in the bottom and stuff it with layers of cotton wool and carpet deodoriser (I guess any kind of air freshener would work, especially citrus or lavender). When you exhale your cannabis smoke, blow it through the plastic bottle….. No Smell !

    • Linette Parker

      What about the burning joint? How are you containing that smoke?! 🤔🤭

      • Josh Clark

        mini vacuum, havent you watched next friday? or was it friday after next? idr.

  • Michael L. Wallace Jr.

    Always try smoking new things in a pipe like peppermint, spearmint, poppy. Never smoke a joint unless your outside. Put just enough in a bowl to get high (Nothing more) & top it with something else to cover the smell. Those indoor joint smokers are gonna get narc on by bad neighbors eventually.

  • maloriella

    I agree that it seems ridiculous that grown adults have to be soo defensive…and paranoid that the wrong person is going to show up while we are enjoying our herbage.I am 61 yrs old and have been dealing with this bs since i was in my teens. Hence, I picked up a trick from my dad years ago, a foodie b4 foodies, He boiled celery leaves to rid the house of odors.Celery is a clean and lovely scent for about a buck and a half.! It works amazingly! to get rid of the scrumptious smell of cannabis(sad) while you are partaking in the anytime delight!