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How to Not Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking: 5 Items to Have On-Hand

March 31, 2017
I’ve never been the type of person to broadcast my high in public, either due to the fact that I look high or because I smell strongly of cannabis. That’s not because I’m ashamed of it, I just don’t want to deal with the silent judgments of strangers I encounter in the wild. It’s my biggest pet peeve in the world.

To protect myself from having to deal with awkward stares whenever I venture out, I make sure to keep a few key items on deck that’ll allow me to flourish in disguise and move amongst the non-stoned like a red eye- and odor-free ninja. And since I love you, I’m going to share that list below. A wise man once said, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” (That wise man was me. Just now. You’re welcome.)

Eye Drops and Contact Lens Solution

eye drops for after smoking cannabisOff-top the most important thing to keep on deck are eye drops. I don’t know about you, but my eyes get so damn red when I’m high. All it takes is one hit of the good stuff and my eyes instantly flame up like fingertips in Hot Cheeto dust. It bothers the hell of out me, so I keep a bottle of eye drops in my car, in my backpack, and also around the house.

As for which brand to reach for, my suggestion is Clear Eyes. They’re the cheapest, come in reasonably-priced small and large-size bottles for the budget-friendly shoppers, and will keep your eyes on Code White for at least three hours. For the rich people with abundant disposable income, I suggest Rohto. MAKE SURE TO GET THE GREEN BOX. I don’t know why, but those are the only ones that work for me. I once smoked before dinner with parents, used a bottle of the silver Rohto, then got to the restaurant and my eyes were still on Cyclops. You don’t want to be in that situation.


Why Smoking Cannabis Causes Red, Bloodshot Eyes

In addition to eye drops, if you wear contacts, make sure to keep solution on you as well. Just because your eyes aren’t red doesn’t mean they aren’t dry as hell. Even with “moisturizing” eye drops, your lenses might still slide into an ultra-dehydrated state. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve used eye drops and my contacts still dried up into glass spheres of death. Rule of thumb: If your mouth is dry, so are your eyes. Protect yourself, my friends.

Hand Sanitizer and Lotion

how to not smell like weed after smoking: hand lotionI smoke blunts so my fingers always smell like cannabis and hard work. It’s a part of the game that I’ve learned to accept. Sometimes in life you have to take the good with the bad, and if my fingers have to stink for me to float above the clouds, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

But that doesn’t mean I have to let it linger. Neither do you. Always keep some hand sanitizer on deck because your fingers are definitely green from pulling apart the nugs and your fingers definitely smell like your last session. The hand sanitizer is the first phase of the On-The-Go cleaning kit. Throw a little bit on your palms, toss a little bit on your fingertips and rub it all around until you’re no longer DJ Green Thumbs.


What’s the difference between joints, blunts, and spliffs?

The only problem is hand sanitizer dries your hands out tremendously and you’ll be left with the ashiest mitts possible. Yes, even you, white people. That’s when lotion comes into play. Your mitts are dry and you don’t want to run the risk of starting a fire with your bare hands. You aren’t a boy scout. You aren’t Havok or El Diablo. You don’t need to be out here placing lives at risk because you didn’t lather up, so make sure to keep lotion on hand. (As always, pun intended.)

Wet Wipes/Facial Cleansing Pads

how to not smell like weed after smoking: wet wipesYou ever been so high that you had to splash some cold water in your face to wake up? If not, it’s time to get a better strain and take yourself to infinity and beyond. If so, then bring it in, let’s hug it out; we’re family. Sometimes I get so high that the only way I can bring myself back to life is to head to the bathroom and slap myself with a fistful of puddle.

But what do you do when you don’t have a fistful of H2O on hand? You don’t fret, that’s what. Because you’ve got wet wipes or facial cleansing pads handy. These two items are more than sufficient for the aforementioned purpose. For the facial pads, I suggest Clearasil pads. Not because they’re special, but mainly because at first glance “Clearasil” looks like “Clarissa,” which reminds me of Clarissa Explains It All, the most un-talked about great show of my childhood.


Reading Goosebumps High: A Spooky Trip Down Memory Lane

For wet wipes, I suggest barbecue for dinner. Not only will you get a delicious meal, but you can ask for as many wet wipes as you need without question or judgment. Load the fuck up. You paid for the food, you get the wet wipes. That’s a little something I like to call killing two birds with one debit card swipe.

Cologne/Body Spray

how to not smell like weed after smoking: cologneOne of my biggest pet peeves is when people reek of cannabis. I know that sounds a little get-off-my-lawnish, but that’s how I feel. When people hotbox their cars, then walk around in public pretending they have no clue why everyone is staring at them, it annoys the shit out of me. Mostly because it’s inconsiderate of others. You can’t just go around throwing canna-smells into strangers’ faces without their permission.

That’s exactly why you should keep some real cologne or body spray on deck at all times. It’ll minimize your aroma while also minimizing unwanted attention. I very rarely smell like smoke, but when I do, a couple sprays of that Polo Red and I’m good money. If I don’t have cologne, it’s whatever body spray I have in my gym bag. Usually it’s Axe, but I suggest you go with Old Spice because it’s stronger and fights odor for longer.


What’s That Smell? It’s ‘Cannabis Flower’ Perfume, Dahling

Note: If you hotboxed your car then neither cologne nor body spray can help you. You reek of cannabis now, you’ll reek of cannabis later, and this will remain your truth for the entirety of the day until you shower and change clothes. Please crack a window or tilt the sunroof next time. I’m not saying that out of judgment, I just want you to live your best life. Because I respect you as an individual.


how to not smell like weed after smoking: chewing gumLet’s be honest, if you smoked then your breath stinks. I don’t care what flavors you tasted on the inhale, I promise the exhale was not as pleasant. There are very few things in this world that are worse than having a conversation with a bad-breath individual. One of those things is being that individual with bad breath. Even the coolest human can’t pull off stinky tonsils, and that’s why you should have some kind of breath-freshening device on hand.


Does Smoking or Consuming Cannabis Cause Bad Breath?

This item is almost as important as eyedrops. In fact, they’re 1A and 1B; they go hand in hand. Whether it’s gum, mints, mouthwash, or my preferred Listerine strips, just make sure you keep these ready to rock at all times. Hell, even if you didn’t smoke, chances are you need fresher breath. I mean, you brushed your teeth at 7:00 a.m. and it’s almost 3 o’clock now. Think about it.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • dylanfandan

    Helpful hints, thanks. I recommend whole coffee beans for the breath. More effective than mouthwash for canna-breath and taste better too.

    • FloydienSlipped

      I haven’t met a strain that could defeat max strength peppermint Altoids lol

    • Scooter Bell

      Excellent tip dylanfandan! Chocolate covered coffee beans too!

  • Rick Bowman

    this is one of the reasons why I don’t smoke, the other is the fact that 40% of the thc gets destroyed when lit. I make tea, and use half the amount

    • klw

      I think you’re full of it. Tea???? Never ever heard of anyone making tea. That’s heated too so how’s that work??? And by the way, I have been smoking for 45+ yrs.

      • sam

        i make tea all the time and its amazing!!! I get more lit than with a joint. Times have changed, your clearly old school and dont know all the wonders there are now. go on youtube and watch bong appetite they make unreal food with cannibas and get super high. smoking is no longer the only way – mind you its a favorite!

    • abie cee

      THCa (which does not make you high) becomes THC when heated (or lit) and smoked. THC does not dissolve in water, raw cannabis in water tastes awful and doesn’t make you high unless it is decarboxylated prior to ingestion. I know ’cause I’ve been doing it for years. Put 1-2 grams (or more) of dried powdered flower tops (lightly moistened with corn, canola or safflower oil to prevent burning and to dissolve the resin) in a small cup or plate, put it in the oven at 175 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. Remove from oven and transfer in a glass with just enough cold water to help for swallowing it. Hold your breath (it tastes awful) and gulp it without tasting it. If you hate the taste (like I do), rinse with a mouthwash. Within 1 hour, the high will begin to kick in. Enjoy!

  • TOProfessional

    Did they pay this guy to write this?

  • Simone Martin

    Thanks for the spot of humor. Essential Oil spray – diffusers or spray – also does trick. Swishing mouth with pure coconut oil also takes care of breath.

  • Sheldon Ehlers

    anyone else feel like these guys from leafly are the guys who just started smoking in school and they are trying to tell the known stoners of the school how to get high or how to deal with being high?

    • Met Fraser

      idk about you, but I’m relatively new to regular cannabis use, and I appreciate these kinds of articles that explain simple, easily overlooked things. I knew eyedrops were important, but it explains why I kept finding empty Rohto boxes when I worked in a drugstore, and I hadn’t realized about the sanitizer + lotion.

      • sondra oppedisano

        stupid question because I’m curious…what is Rohto?

        • Met Fraser

          not stupid at all! it’s a brand of eye drops carried by drugstores like Walgreens or CVS. It has some sort of irritant, I think methyl salicylate or something else minty, that is supposed to make your eyes feel wide awake or whatever. I’m totally not interested in minty eyes (I use Systane gel drops because they don’t immediately wash out and are actually soothing), but some people are really into it. Unfortunately, Rohto is pretty pricey, so it’s commonly stolen.

          • klw

            I use Clear Eyes if and when I need it. Just like anything else or at least most things common sense is all you need, and ok maybe a friend in the know.

    • klw

      Ya kinda, this is one of the worst examples I can remember here. The best one is the on going debate on which is better, weed from the 70’s&80’s or now. Today’s kids don’t know the difference, how can they those days are gone.

  • Charles Josselyn

    I’m with Sheldon. I live in Elder Housing (Federal) and my landlord uses a hand held device that can detect smoking without having to enter an apartment. And all residents have been FORCED to sign lease addendums prohibiting cannabis in any form. Younger people have no idea the shit older Americans have to endure. And to think, I live next door to a Methadone Clinic! In order to ameliorate chronic pain I’m forced to risk eviction and prosecution. Don’t feel bad for me. I feel bad for you . YOU’RE Next!

    • Ima Straight

      I’m sorry for your pain and the fact that outside pricks seem to feel entitled to direct your medical care and options. Methadone is profitable for Big Pharma and they buy the whores (ooops “congressmen”) that make the laws.
      I hope you can access some edibles, topicals or whatever helps you, because you should be able to keep that private, where it belongs. Since you have access to the internet, you should be able to find recipes for making your own is you must.
      To be fair, pot smoke (ALL smoke) really stinks and can cause allergies in your neighbors down the hall, so that isn’t your right either.
      Pain patients have rights; many petty, vindictive bureaucrats forget that.

      • klw

        Bathroom fan on high and a little Febreeze or Ozium.

  • Highway 69

    Don’t burn your cannabis!
    With convection vaporizers, there is no need to worry about these annoyances/concerns, because you don’t combust the flower, and aren’t going to have the lingering “smoke” related after effects.

    If you stop smoking and start vaporizing, the only thing you will need is the Visine.

    • klw

      Don’t care much for the vaping, burn the flower.

    • Jagacin

      Not everyone has the money to invest in a vaporizer lol.

      • Highway 69

        Good point.

    • Scooter Bell

      Vaping is great, I have an Ascent. My shirt/hair/face still smells of marijuana after vaping. Less than a joint, just not completely free of the smell. Funny, my friends don’t seem to care… :]

  • Mike Costello

    “That’s not because I’m ashamed of it, I just don’t want to deal with the silent judgments of strangers I encounter in the wild.”

    WHY? Who gives a crap what other people think? Seems to me that you really are ashamed – of something. Many years ago I stopped caring what strangers (or anybody, for that matter) thought about me. It is a liberating feeling that reverberates through one’s whole life. Dante, drop the uptight BS and live life freely! Why do you care what strangers think? Offer them a hit next time instead of scurrying away in shame.

    • Scooter Bell

      I’ll be your friend then! :] Get together for a bong party with Dante to show him how! :]

  • Mike Costello

    “That’s not because I’m ashamed of it, I just don’t want to deal with the silent judgments of strangers I encounter in the wild.”

    WHY? Who cares what other people think? Seems to me that you really are ashamed – of something. Many years ago I stopped caring what strangers (or anybody, for that matter) thought about me. It is a liberating feeling that reverberates through one’s whole life. Dante, drop the uptight BS and live life freely! Why do you care what strangers think? Offer them a hit next time instead of scurrying away in shame.

  • FloydienSlipped

    Best product of all: OZIUM! I’ve HOTBOXED hard and one spray of Ozium and walked into a mid nite mass and no one was the wiser. Smells like wondeful chemical they use to produce new car smell.

    • Renae

      But can you spray that on yourself or your clothes?

      • FloydienSlipped

        I find spraying a good shot on the backseat floorboard after a good hotbox sesh and turning on AC does the trick, or spraying a cloud and walking into it works too. (Personal exp: Cop didn’t smell anything after my searching my brothers car and he sprayed vents pointed to floor as the cop walked up too and AC ON HIGH. It’s also great for killing burnt popcorn and cooked fish funk PS Never spray any deodorizer directly on hair or clothes that alcohol kills a hairstyle screws up clothes ✌️

        • Renae

          Perfume or the like is a must for the hair!

          • JOSHUA PHELPS

            Another vote for Ozium! I know when I smell it in public a fellow stoner is near.

    • Mark P

      Ozium is highly toxic and you shouldn’t go into a room until 20 minutes after it’s sprayed.

  • DecrimVT

    How, exactly, does putting saline solution in one’s eyes get rid of pot smell? Or, how does splashing water on your face get rid of pot odor? Cologne and gum? Hand lotion? That sounds like you are going on a date with your left hand. I hope your writing career wasn’t what you paid to go to college for because the title doesn’t even go with the five dumbest suggestions ever. Leafly needs to get their shit together, I like this site less and less every painful “article” they post.

    • Met Fraser

      Conveniently, there’s an x on your tab that you can use to close the leafly tab and never have to deal with “painful article(s)”.

    • klw

      Are you some sort of Russian bot or what?? Pretty low comprehension huh, moron. It appears you didn’t even read the friggen article or you really are a moron. Pay attention or go elsewhere, I don’t have any use for this piece either but I at least know what he’s talking about and have not said anything this clueless……….ever!!!!!

      • FLW

        Do you mean flaming Russian-thug shill trollbot?

  • Equi Tube

    I did feel like I was 14 again, madly chomping Certs, splashing Old Spice and burning candles to hide it. Truth is, most people who don’t smoke, and have never smoked don’t know the smell of cannibis from strong cigarettes.

    I’m so glad it’s legal in my state. We walk down the street smoking it. It’s technically illegal to smoke in public, but I haven’t seen anyone cited for it yet.

    Just last night I was walking home near a retirement center and noticed the unmistakenly wonderful smell of great weed (we have no bad nor even mediocre weed here now, and it’s dirt cheap). An elderly gent was sitting on his power chair puffing away. True to fashion, he offered us a hit as we walked by.

    (You have to. I’ts a class B misdemeanor in WA state to Bogart weed ;-P

    • Renae

      So I should move to Seattle? LOL

      • FloydienSlipped

        Hell let’s move to Canada! Hightimes sez full legalization January 2018 google it

        • Tim

          July 1,2018. By the way the laws that are going to come with it are frickin nuts!!

      • Ima Straight

        No don’t move here. There’s a housing crisis. 11,000 homeless.

    • Scooter Bell

      I live in Centralia(South of Olympia), and life is very good on the green side! Nice guy – wouldn’t mind retiring that way!

      • Fun Please

        Sweet Greens

  • kristine08

    Vaping has no odor at all, either on your body or in your space.
    Flower is for home or out in the middle of nature where you can relax and enjoy.

    • Sam Connell

      it does have odor in the space but it dissipates quickly so you can be close but not too close to people lol.

  • April Dawne

    1) Getting “how to cover up your weed stank” lessons from what looks to be a 20-something is laughable. 2) To everyone wondering why he seems ashamed by the smell and such, his bio says he’s from Dallas. As a Texan, I can attest to how Texas-society makes you feel ashamed for smoking a plant as opposed to being fall-down drunk and smelling like booze. 3) For reals, did a 20-something really just try to school me? 4) I read this hoping there would be a new innovation for the “I just got high” smell issue.

    • FLW

      Not all of Jordan’s readers are on the verge of senior citizenship. If the shoe doesn’t fit you, don’t wear it.

      Also, society is full of PTSD, and victims don’t always prioritize for spit-shine cleanliness. A reminder to the wise is sometimes sufficient, especially as Legalization brings Cannabis back to people that haven’t had it for 30 years. Except for CBD oil, which I can confirm doesn’t make eyes red (or cause bad breath).

      When it’s legalized for Long Island, which I estimate will be sometime in the 2nd half of the 22nd Century, I will probably go for edibles. I don’t object to their dosages being calibrated, repeatable, dependable, predictable, and accurately adjustable. Instead of causing cancer, smoking Cannabis is anti-carcinogenic, but smoking is still a nostalgic notion, most suitable for a hiking trail.

      I recently shopped for lubricating eye drops, and I had trouble differentiating between plain lubrication and red-eye reducing formulas. I would do well to take pictures of all the varieties of drops, bringing the photos home, and googling for what the different active ingredients are intended. I appreciate Mr. Jordan, who also writes goodly, for suggesting Clear Eyes in particular to get the job done, just in case I might ever again ingest some THC.

    • Scooter Bell

      “3) For reals, did a 20-something really just try to school me?”
      Sorry grandma. As Shrek would say: really really. :]
      Anything you can learn that you might not have known before makes it real. Peace out and take a puff – advise from a grandpa. :]

  • TopBoy

    Ozium Air Sanitizer now available to Canadians at Lowest Price Guarantee.

  • Michael Bressette

    I have an issue with Fragrance, it makes me vomit because I am highly sensitive to it, telling folks to drench themselves with this shit is totally inappropriate, & shows lack of concern for people sensitive to chemical & fragrance. Especially in public places or in small places full of people, this just wrecks the mood. Secondly there is nothing wrong with the smell of weed, Marijuana users congregating understand this its others who dont use it thats the problem. So scratch that advice on fragrance it doesnt actually mask odour but increase it making it even far worse. The wipes are a good idea all over the body when in public essential oils are less likely to irritate fragrant sensitive folks like me. When I can only smell the fragrance & nothing else then that is the worst advice I can imagine. The rest of the advice here is ok just not that one.

    • Scooter Bell

      “Secondly there is nothing wrong with the smell of weed, Marijuana users congregating understand this its others who dont use it thats the problem.”
      While I agree with you, there’s always going to be a situation where others( like your boss at a baseball game, or in laws at a picnic, etc.) don’t. Even if you don’t cover it completely up, I think it’s a good idea to tone it down somehow – Febreeze or Old Spice do work okay in moderation. Otherwise, peace! :]

  • Grass Chief

    Tremendous post. Very helpful and informative. Like the ideas shared here. It will help people after smoking and will help people not to smell like cannabis after smoking.

    • klw

      Really?? You serious??

  • Andrew Smith

    Pretty decent read. However, I love the smell of cannabis and when I hotbox in my cat I expect people to smell it.


      Burning cat?

      • Anne Boleyns Cat

        winning comment

  • peta

    Enjoying the article until I had to wonder why “white people” would be any different than other readers. Shame dante’.

    • Jagacin

      He was pointing out that hand sanitizer will dry out even white people’s skin. He was poking more fun at black people (who have more of a tendency of getting dry skin due to their darker complexion) then he was white people lol. Why people gotta get triggered over everything?

      • Fun Please

        No, he was being a racist against whites
        Does a white “poke fun” at a black person with some kind of “Buckwheat” comment, in reverse somehow?
        Ignorant rationalizing of racism

        • Lord JoJo

          Hey, it’s called a joke. Can you really be honest when you say you’ve never laughed at anything fucked up before? Or does it only matter when whitey’s the subject of the joke?

  • klw

    Wow, it seems you have WAY to much time on your hands. Sounds more like a chick getting herself ready to go somewhere, and who cares what others think?? You’re killing my buzz man. Or maybe start smoking some better weed so it lasts awhile longer. Wipes and hand lotion??? You need a hobby.

    • Jagacin

      His hobby is clearly weed. Not everyone likes to reek of weed my dude. Also, not everyone CAN reek of weed, as most of us live in states where it’s still illegal (including the state where the author is from, Texas -which is still very anti-cannabis right now). So the wipes and hand lotion is great advice for someone who just smoked a J, and is about to head off to work. Eye drops and cologne are also a must. I normally take showers after, but I’m not always by a shower when I smoke. So stuff like this helps rid the smell, so I can be both high and confident in not catching unwanted attention from an officer. He also clearly knows what good weed is, as he described what being on good weed is like. Someone who’s job is based around cannanbis obviously gets good weed. I’m from Michigan, so I also have an idea on what good weed is (as Michigan is the best weed state in the country not counting Colorado or the West Coast states). Think before you speak!

    • sam

      you seem like a very negative person and are killing MY buzz. who cares what everyone else is doing – if they dont want to smell they dont want to smell. I personally dont like smelling like it as I have very young children (if they choose to smoke when there older thats their choice but Im not about to influence that choice)

  • Scooter Bell

    Thanks Dante. After reading all the comments, you’ve got steel ones for posting this article! Tough crowd! :]

  • Marlene

    Please be aware that some people are highly allergic to cologne/perfume. It kills them, their throats swell shut.

  • Cora Love

    Loved the tone of this article! Was chuckling too!

  • David Stanley Roberts

    Excellent article. Very useful.

  • Mike Costello

    Are you really serious? You’re worried about others’ silent judgements? That is one of the most pathetic things I’ve never heard. Your life will never reach any kind of a peak if you keep giving a shit about what other people think about you. For shame.

  • Mike Costello

    Oops, just realized this article is ancient, and I already commented on it. But still, for shame, Dante. Don’t care what people think about you, you’ll be better off in the end.

  • Nic

    Just me but if my “stank” offends anyone then they can f-ING leave, they have legs for a reason n for those who dont im sorry, but you can roll out if you dont wanna roll one! Equality beaoch ! You fought for it u got it just sayin

  • Rick Parham

    Oh WOW, the one thing that every stoner must have nearby is Ozium, Duh!!! One spray and poof the smell is gone. Can’t believe they didn’t even mention it. Ole school works. A swish of hydrogen peroxide and rinse with water takes care of pot breath!!

  • WWxillx .

    This white dude is fully aware that for the past idk… couple decades? That you can easily buy hand sanitizer at any wally world that comes with aloe and/or cocoa butter and/or vitamin E.