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4/20 Cannabis Sales Break Records but Fall Short of Expectations

Official state sales data isn't yet available, but analysts are already projecting this year’s 4/20 was the biggest on record.

Vancouver’s 4/20 Celebration Is Over, But the Battle With the City Rages On

The Vancouver Park Board said the 4/20 event caused so much damage that Sunset Beach Park will have to be closed for about 10 weeks for repairs. The event's organizers say that's not true.

Happy 4/20 From The Avid Dabber

This week, the Avid Dabber wishes you a happy 420 and shares a reminder that while there is much in the cannabis world to celebrate there is still a lot of work to be done.

4/20: Live Coverage of the Biggest Day in Cannabis

We're posting live updates all day long on 4/20, bringing you the cream of the crop on cannabis's high holiday.

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Coconut Roasted Citrus Shrimp

Toasted, crunchy coconut and tender bites of shrimp make the ultimate cannabis-infused creation in this easy one-pan meal.

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Pork Belly Ramen

Pork belly is always a mouthwatering addition to any savory recipe. Try your hand at infused noodles with this delectable ingredient.

Recipe: Chicken Burrito Bowl With Infused Sriracha-Ranch

Recipe bowls are all the rage and have been gaining popularity in recent years. Check out this delectable and infused creation on a yummy classic.

Recipe: Infused Goat Cheese and Asparagus Frittata

Every brunch needs a main dish that will wow the crowd. Check out this cannabis-infused, fancy frittata for your next get-together.

Recipe: Fruity and Infused Breakfast Cereal Milkshake

Breakfast cereals are practically made for donuts, cakes, and now smoothies. Make this sweet creation with infused coconut oil and a touch of whipped cream.

Don’t Miss These Online 4/20 Deals on Cannabis Products

Ready to celebrate the biggest cannabis holiday of the year? Don’t miss some of the best online 4/20 deals on cannabis products and accessories.

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Mini-Pancakes

Fluffy, buttery, and doused in maple syrup—what can be better than this great American breakfast classic? Infusing the ingredients with cannabis, of course.

Create the Ultimate Cannabis-Infused 420 Feast

The 4/20 holiday calls for an all-day munchies fest. Go all out and turn your favorite dishes into delectable edibles with Laurie Wolf's mouthwatering infused recipes.

The Long, Strange History of 4/20, the Global Cannabis Holiday

San Rafael high school students, a treasure map, Deadheads, and cannabis activists created a holiday. Now where should we take it?

Inside the 420 Magic Bus Experience

Wondering what to do this 420? Check out the Magic Bus Experience for a unique event rolling into Los Angeles.

The Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 4/20: Alaska Cannabis Deals

Find some of the best 4/20 deals on cannabis products and accessories in Alaska dispensaries with the Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 4/20.

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