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Presented ByCanvas 1839Published on August 8, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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This article is presented by Canvas 1839, bringing you thoughtfully-formulated hemp-derived CBD products for body and mind. 

In a world that can pressure you to constantly lean in, Canvas 1839 wants you to stand tall. Their company fosters a collective attitude of realness, acknowledging that it is perfectly okay to consider getting that kink out of your neck as a wellness win.

Using non-toxic ingredients to create their hemp CBD oil and cream, Canvas formulates their products for relief that supports whole-body health. It’s all with the firm belief that with better control over your body’s aches and pains, life overall becomes that much more manageable.

The Search for Wellness

Laura Komkov knows a thing or two about CBD. After battling autoimmune issues for years and working tirelessly to take control of her health, she knew there had to be natural options for her wellness that didn’t leave her feeling as poorly as pharmaceuticals did.

“After a while, what appeared unrelated all started to seem connected. It’s all one body, one system,” she says. “I spent years recovering from allergic reactions to drugs and finally, I started resisting pharmaceuticals because I was tired of all the allergies. It was time to feel better each day, not worse.”

Now, she’s one of the founders of Canvas 1839, a company bringing all-natural CBD products to life.

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A CBD Cream That Dreams Are Made Of

Though she could school anybody on her own experiences, Komkov and the rest of the team at Canvas knew they had to leave the science of their products to a trained professional. Enter Dr. Kyle Hammerick.

Hammerick’s background working with drug delivery technologies makes him the team’s authority on formulating CBD creams and other CBD products. As chief science officer, he didn’t just develop a product when he created Canvas’ Relief Cream, he paired the formulation with a tried and true delivery system.

“A lot of creams are an emollient with CBD added, but we created something that works differently on a cellular level. We’re not just bringing CBD to the surface; we’re delivering it through the surface. We know we’re actually transporting CBD beneath the skin at an effective rate and that’s what sets our cream apart,” he says.

To reach below the skin, Canvas harnesses the mighty power of the sunflower, in keeping with their commitment to using natural products with no parabens, chemicals, or fillers. The cream was intentionally designed as a hydrating lotion rather than a sticky gel, which makes all the difference when you’re trying to apply the cream and move on with your day.

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Perfecting CBD Delivery

Canvas 1839 CBD Relief Cream is meant to provide a quick solution to stiff muscles, but their team says that using it in tandem with the Canvas 1839 Relief Oil makes for a great one-two punch. Using both products can help customers be more preventative than reactive, and you can bet the creation of Canvas Relief Oil was just as intentional as the cream.

“The Canvas team conducted copious trials to find a CBD oil that didn’t taste too strong or earthy. Their testing eventually landed on a coconut oil base, which tastes clean and sweet,” Komkov says. “Having experienced digestive issues since age 12, I didn’t want to create a product that was difficult to digest.”

Dr. Hammerick knew just how to make it happen.

“Our oil is a systemic treatment absorbed through the transmucosal membranes under the tongue. Sunflower lecithin carries the hemp extract into the bloodstream, where it promotes internal wellness throughout the whole body,” Hammerick says.

Along with their proprietary formulations, the Canvas team has worked to create product options that work for busy lifestyles, such as their starter pack and travel size Relief Cream that you can take on the go.

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Impacting Lives with All-Natural CBD

Canvas 1839 encourages everyone to take their wellness one day at a time. It all starts with listening to your body and addressing what the real issues are.

“Some people haven’t heard about the science behind CBD and we’re here to change that,” says Komkov. “We always want to spread the word about how it can help you feel like you are living as your best self.”

Canvas 1839
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