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This NFT crafting game lets you build your own digital weed empire

Presented ByCryptobudsPublished on October 25, 2021 · Last updated July 14, 2022
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Build your operation from the ground up & grow mythical strains in this NFT-based game made for stoners to love.

Cannabis heads, digital collectors, gamers: This one’s for you. Cryptobuds is coming soon to make all your dreams come true, and it’s keeping it weird.

Cryptobuds is a weed-themed crafting game that lets players purchase NFT component cards to create their own strains of magic bud and trade with other players on the WAX blockchain to expand their operation. If you’ve ever daydreamed about being able to toke and tend to your crop, Cryptobuds lets you sit back and live out all your grow-op fantasies from the comfort of your keyboard.

The Cryptobuds universe is made to be a stoner’s paradise: Rare component cards feature generative 8-bit artwork of unique seed, soil, water, and grow setup elements that players lovingly craft to grow their own virtual strains.

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Collecting component cards allows players to build unique strains from a Level 1 strain like “Lemon Jelly Thunder Bastard” to super-rare and twisted strains like Level 5, “Purple Sunrise Giggle Spinach.” With the producers touting 37 billion strain name combinations, the Cryptobuds world is wide for players to smoke loud and craft louder to grow their own digital empire.

Rare component cards feature generative 8-bit artwork of unique seed, soil, water, and grow setup elements that players lovingly craft to grow their own virtual strains.

With the release of the first generation of Cryptobuds component cards coming soon, early adopters have the chance to enter the game economy as Cryptobuds OGs. Join these budtending pioneers and you’re uniquely positioned with rare, first-release digital asset ownership, creating an exciting opportunity to drive value in this fast-growing NFT project.

Straight from the stoney recesses of the minds at NFT Genius, Cryptobuds is primed to take over the NFT gaming world, falling at the perfect intersection of digital collecting, NFT investment, crafting-game bliss, and stoner aesthetics. Read on to hear what’s in store for the virtual cannabis economy you didn’t know you needed.

NFT-based, you say?

Courtesy of Cryptobuds

If you’re new to NFTs, no sweat, we’ve got you. NFT stands for non-fungible token—”non-fungible” refers to something that’s unique by definition that can’t be replaced with something else. In the world of physical assets, you can think of things like an original piece of fine art or a one-of-a-kind baseball card. NFTs allow creators to apply the same type of value to digital assets by using blockchain technology to attach a unique ownership opportunity to the work.

Since every NFT is a unique token on the blockchain, when buyers purchase an asset like a piece of digital art or a trading card, they gain instant, verifiable ownership of the asset. NFTs then work like any other speculative asset: You can buy an NFT and then sell and trade your assets as the market value fluctuates.

Gaming in an NFT-based economy

Online gaming is where some of the most exciting applications of NFT ownership are happening now. By having players purchase NFT game components as the building blocks for entry, the game evolves from a simple crafting game to an opportunity to participate in a competitive economy. You’re not only buying component packs to optimize your combination of seed, soil, water, and grow setup resources to unlock the dankest strains, you’re also making decisions based on the investment potential of your assets in the Cryptobuds economy.

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Plus, if Cryptobuds sounds tailor-made to be your next obsession, the NFT-based design gives players the opportunity to buy in and back a game they’re happy to see in the world.

Courtesy of Cryptobuds

Welcome to Cryptobuds

Your favorite farming game format just got the full stoner treatment in a pretty epic way: Welcome to the world of Cryptobuds.

The initial stoner-Christmas-morning moment happens when you buy your first component pack of resource cards. And these digital collectibles do not disappoint: You can tell the creative team took their jobs seriously by smoking a ton of weed while making them, for market research.

Each card features one of the four elements necessary to grow a unique strain, making for an easy crafting formula: Seed + soil + water + grow setup = strain.

Each card features one of the four elements necessary to grow a unique strain, making for an easy crafting formula: Seed + soil + water + grow setup = strain. Each resource has a level designation that’s representative of its value in the game from a Level 1 card like “Seawater” to a Level 5 card like “Rocky Mountain Crystal Blue.” When you craft your component cards, the combination of resources used will determine the rarity of the strain produced.

The first-round component packs released—for those in the know—are called “Dealer Packs,” giving players the opportunity to start their hustle as Cryptobuds OGs. These packs include the ingredients to grow your first strain, and what a proud weed farmer you will be when you see it: The finished strain cards are a sight for stoned eyes.

With a hyper-nostalgic, 8-bit art style and a sense of humor formed from 2 a.m. bong rips, strain cards are sticky-icky collectibles with unique rarities influencing their value in the game economy. As you grow your collection of rare strains, your digital weed empire grows in value.

Courtesy of Cryptobuds

Get in loser, we’re going crafting

Courtesy of Cryptobuds

This fast-growing project is moving quickly, releasing more and more elements to fulfill the full vision of the Cryptobuds universe. Component packs will be the first step of the game experience to be released with the ability to craft resources launching in 2022.

And that’s just the beginning of the features planned for this digital stoner’s paradise: The creators are teasing partnerships that would allow for hyper-rare collaboration strain cards or even to be able to enter a real-life dispensary and pick up a specialty version of a strain generating in the game. With the ability for in-game land ownership and seed generation from new strains planned, it’s clear the creators are working in fertile soil to grow a dynamic, engaging, and ever-expanding game experience.

Ready to start your Cryptobuds adventure? Find the latest updates at cryptobuds.wtf and join the Cryptobuds Discord to connect with the community—the creators are on hand to help answer all your questions and get you set up to start building the digital grow-op of your wildest, weed-fueled dreams.

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