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Paraguay Grants Historic Import Permit to CBD Hemp Oil RSHO as Medication for Epilepsy

Published on May 31, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

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Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) announced today that its flagship product Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) has been authorized by Paraguay’s government for import into the country as a prescription medication for refractory epilepsy.

“We are extremely proud of the wonderful news that RSHO has been approved for import by the government of Paraguay,” states Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D. and Chief Executive Officer of Medical Marijuana, Inc. “In the U.S., we enjoy the ability to easily access RSHO and many other CBD hemp oil products online. However, in other countries, we must respect their regulations and handling of cannabis-based products including hemp.”

Paraguay’s import permit makes it the fourth Latin American nation, after Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, to approve the company’s cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil for import with a doctor’s prescription.

Making History in Paraguay: The Story of Mathias Alejandro Gonzalez

Mathias Alejandro Gonzalez, Paraguayan epilepsy patient who will be treated with CBD hemp oil

15-year-old Mathias Alejandro Gonzalez of Paraguay suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures, which are difficult to treat with pharmaceuticals and lead to physical and cognitive disabilities. Gonzalez is now importing RSHO from the U.S.

This first shipment of RSHO into Paraguay will be used to treat 15-year-old Mathias Alejandro Gonzalez, who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and suffers from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), a rare type of epilepsy that causes him to have multiple types of seizures. Gonzalez’s tonic and atonic seizures have caused him both physical and cognitive deterioration.

Treatment for Gonzalez’s type of epilepsy is difficult because his seizures don’t respond well to standard medications. The medications his family have been able to procure are extremely cost-prohibitive, and must be ordered and shipped from Spain to Paraguay. The approval of RSHO import by the Paraguayan government will help Gonzalez and his family move away from expensive and ineffective pharmaceutical treatments for his condition.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.: Establishing the World’s First CBD Hemp Oil Supply Chain

Real Scientific Hemp Oil in Paraguay

“MJNA is a ‘company of firsts’,” says Titus. “It took many years to establish and streamline a standardized commercial system while developing the world’s first CBD hemp oil pipeline. We are extremely grateful to our investors who also saw and continue to see the vision of CBD hemp oil access in the U.S. and around the world. We couldn’t be more excited that South America is requesting our CBD hemp oil brand as the first for government-approved importation. It brings full-circle the efforts of creating [these] systems and infrastructure.”

In February of 2015, HempMeds® received official authorization to export Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ (RSHO-X™) to individuals in Mexico with government-issued import permits. Raul and Mayela Elizalde from the Por Grace Foundation, based in Mexico, helped explain their daughter Grace’s need for the cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil product in a case similar to that of Mathias Gonzalez’s family in Paraguay — and were instrumental in the process of securing the permit. Since 2014, the government of Brazil has also continued to issue import permits for RSHO, as well as waive import taxes and subsidize payments for the product under the federal government’s healthcare system.

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The Future of CBD Hemp Oil in Latin America and Beyond

Real Scientific Hemp Oil in an applicator tube

The fact that indications including epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and cancer have all been approved for treatment with RSHO in different Latin American nations marks a step in the right direction for Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s vision of “access for all” as the future for the company’s CBD hemp oil.

RSHO is derived from the mature stalk of the hemp plant and is considered a food nutrient delivering the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychotropic effects of THC. It contains no pesticides, herbicides, genetic modifications, or heavy metals. Before becoming a finished product, it goes through multiple quality tests by top cannabis industry and food laboratories.

Brazil Approves US Cannabis Product RSHO as Imported Medication to Treat Cancer

About Medical Marijuana, Inc.

The mission of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink: MJNA) is to be the premier hemp industry innovator, leveraging its team of professionals to source, evaluate, and purchase value-added companies and products while allowing them to keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. It strives to create awareness within the industry and develop environmentally-friendly, economically sustainable businesses while increasing shareholder value. For more information on Medical Marijuana, Inc. and the portfolio company brands that it promotes, please visit the company website.

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