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Dasvidaniya, Drug Czar: Trump to Axe White House Drug Policy Office

May 5, 2017
The Trump administration is planning to eliminate the Office of National Drug Control Policy by zeroing-out funding for the office, NPR and CBS News reported late Friday afternoon.

According to a draft document from the White House budget office, the administration plans to cut the office’s funding by 94%. That would all but eliminate the office, which was created in 1989 by President George H.W. Bush. The ONDCP director has traditionally been known as the White House Drug Czar.

CBS News White House correspondent Jacqueline Alemany tweeted this photo of the draft budget:


The office had a 2017 budget of $388 million. The administration’s 2018 request clocks in at $24 million, and would entirely eliminate funding for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas and Drug-Free Communities Support Program. The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program currently receives $254 million in federal funding.

“The FY 2018 Budget supports an effort to streamline ONDCP’s organization and to shift focus from duplicative and burdensome administrative tasks,” reads the White House budget office’s justification for the cuts.

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino withdrew from consideration as the next director of the ONDCP, and many speculated that Marino did not pass the White House’s background check.

Today’s news puts Marino’s withdrawal in an entirely new light. The Pennsylvania Congressman may simply have balked at running an office with no actual office.


Did Trump Just Fire Drug Czar Nominee Tom Marino?

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  • Ksenia Ustrimova

    Could you at least spellcheck a word ‘do svidaniya’?

    • lovingc

      Google it Dasvidaniya is correct.

      • Ksenia Ustrimova

        So basically you’re telling a native Russian speaker how to transcribe ‘do svidaniya.’ Kinda fun!

        • lovingc

          Well google that spelling see what comes up.

          • randolini

            Absolutely, because Google would would know more about Russian, than a native Russian. snark

          • Stevosaurus_Rex

            Well, google knows more about English than 90% of Americans, so it’s feasible 😉

          • Colie Marie

            You’re both right if you look at Russian to English conjugation, it’s до свидания (looks a lot like the way it’s being spelled by our native Russian in English except it’s in Russian) or dasvidaniya in English, since we don’t read Russian.

          • Donald McDaniel


            Except, ALL the American “transliterations” leave out the “SPACE” between “do” and “svidaniya”, effectively making ONE word out of TWO. I am sure this is disrespectful to our native Russian speakers.

            Donald L McDaniel

          • HappySmoke Hancho

            why don’t y’all go to Moscow and we’ll say dasvidaniya to you! Bon Voyage!

          • randolini

            With the main stream media controlling what Americans are allowed to know and republicans hard a work dumbing down Americans with the continued destruction of our public school system, people in other countries probably know more about English than most Americans. But hey, we lead the world in incarceration of non-violent criminals and spending on war to kill brown people who are no threat to us. So we good.

  • lovingc

    This has been wasted money from day one. Trump doing it is strange. One never knows with the orangutan he is flighty.

  • Grow Your Own

    “Eliminate the Office of National Drug Control Policy by zeroing-out funding”
    I Second the Motion!
    Then Lower Cannabis to schedule 3 on the Prohibited Substances List to be Taxed and Controlled right alongside Alcohol & Tobacco sold on Store Shelves Nationwide in America. Stop the Prohibition of Cannabis. Just “Legalize it & I will help you Advertise it”. The time has come as its use it accepted in more than 50% of the United States.

    • Ed Hunt

      De-scheduled entirely. It’s INFINITELY healthier than alcohol is; in fact it is a nutritional supplement for every living mammal’s ECS (which regulates nearly every other organ and body system in your body.) Cancer affected less than 5% of our population until roughly 30 years of deficiency to our endocannabinoid system; this is also why certain types of cancer show complete death of tumor growth and many others into remission. Why else would the same government keeping it illegal OWNS THE PATENT ON CANNABIS AS AN ANTIOXIDANT THAT DESTROYS TUMOR GROWTH ALREADY FOR YEARS!

      • Larry342516

        Agreed, and these FDA drugs being approved are doing more harm than good. Terrible side effects including hurting your heart and other organs in your body.. FDA drugs are killing people because of a $100,000 paid pharmaceutical fee paid to FDA to expedite their products. This should be stopped by Trump I hope soon.

        • Ed Hunt

          Now I’m waiting to see when they decide that; like when TV went digital and converter boxes were free then a year later they were$50; Narcan shouldn’t be free anymore. That’ll be the new step of population control probably by 2020. They should just start to have consequences after the 2nd time but keep it free.

      • HappySmoke Hancho

        And there you have it, the true reason behind cannabis prohibition… A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT! Government of the people, by the people of the people??? It’s beyond hypocrisy, its unreasonable treatment like this that causes revolutions! Did U know the Federal government supplies 300 joints a month to a gentleman named Irwin Rosenthal…for the last 30 years??!! True, check it out!

    • Billy Wolf

      Hear! Hear!

  • RapeyYogurt
    • Thomas Campbell-Adams

      He still put Sessions in the state department, so don’t assume he’s going to be on our side. This could just be a cutting the budget for cutting the budget’s sake.

      • RapeyYogurt

        I think at this point, Sessions knows that going against 90% of the public, as well as the majority of Trump’s base is a bad move. He’s got his personal opinion on the matter (which I don’t agree with), but he’s a Trump loyalist & not a cuck. I highly doubt he’ll sell Trump down the river like that. We want him to go after Hillary, Podesta, Antifa, & other pedos/terrorists… not continue the drug war.

      • RapeyYogurt

        Apparently there’s something wrong with my original reply. It’s too long to type again. Hopefully, it shows up eventually. Probably because I said Sessions is not a “c-u-c-k”, he won’t sell Trump out like that.

        • Thomas Campbell-Adams

          I guess the comment system saw that word and decided that was a red flag for a terrible comment. Clever, definitely would have been a suggestion of mine as well.

          Anyway, Sessions is against pot legalization. That’s why I warned that having him as the Attorney General isn’t a sign that the Trump administration is going to go easy on pot. I’m not going to waste time posting articles showing this, as you can do your own research. But be wary of this administration in regards to pot legalization, they’ve been quiet on it but their actions have not been and those actions all points to enforcing the federal laws on it.

          • RapeyYogurt

            This is Trump’s main advisor… do you think they’ll let Sessions go after that crap? Lock up Killary, Lock up the Antifa scumbags, & we’re good.
            P.S. – I hope everyone on the Left gets cancer!

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            whats scarry is he is locking up the media too, not allowing them in. Hitler did that early on also. Hitler also fired all the people around him and hired HIS wall street execs. hmmm

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            I agree, not so fast. This could help the illegals smuggle heroin in easier too. (that way a spot opens up for them to get free college tuition, while they already target colleges) I read that Atty Gen. want to take legalization away from states that have legalized it. Hickenlooper from Co. is fighting Mr Sessions on that front due to the economy it’s brought to the state of Colorado. Trum will fuck it up, like everything else, he’s a narcissistic LIAR!

  • Henry

    All Drugs should be legalized.

    • Paul Sorensen

      Absolutely! Drugs don’t make people criminals. Draconian laws and politics do that .

      • Etidorhpa

        your insane. I’d have President Trump deport you to Philippians if I could.

        • HappySmoke Hancho

          interesting. Philippians is a book in the Bible…maybe you should learn to spell

    • Etidorhpa

      Your nuts. Go back to your amphetamine , heroin psychosis.

  • mick_lowe

    “many speculated that Marino did not pass the White House’s background check”, what?!!! Flynn passed, everyone passed. Marino must be some type of pervert – a pedophile and murderer not to be able to pass.