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In White House’s Quest to End Opioid Crisis, Where’s Cannabis?

Cannabis has been conspicuously absent from the White House’s discussion of the opioid crisis despite growing evidence it that the plant could help reduce overdoses.

Did Trump Just Fire Drug Czar Nominee Tom Marino?

The would-be drug czar is now the won't-be drug czar, according to a report in U.S. News.

Trump Considers Eliminating the Drug Czar Position

Trump's new budget director immediately takes aim at the National Office of Drug Control Policy. But what will this mean for cannabis?

Did Chris Christie Just Interview for a Job With Trump?

His Valentine's Day lunch at the White House may have been more than just lunch.

Trump and Sessions Seem Focused on Cartels, Not Cannabis

Rumors are flying about whether the Trump administration will crack down on cannabis, but what's the true story?

Washington DC’s Cannabis Scene Braces for the Trump Era

DC's cannabis scene remains submerged in a legally hazy underground as Obama exits and Trump enters. What happens next?

Trump Anxiety Cancels Florida Expo. Is It a Blip or a Harbinger?

Organizers blame federal uncertainty for a cancelled conference in Florida. Is it a one-off, or a sign of things to come?

Cannabis Strategy Under Trump: Here Are Four Ways to Play It

What is to be done? Here are four post-election strategies from an author, a law professor, a lobbyist, and a conservative editorial board.

Chill, America. Obama’s Rolling Stone Comments Mean Nothing.

The President told Jann Wenner that continuing to criminalize cannabis is not "the smarter way to deal with it." Pardon me if my eyes start to roll.

Here’s How Congress Can Protect Cannabis From the Trump Administration

It wouldn't be hard for the Trump administration to target legal cannabis. But Congress could help prevent it.

5 Things Trump’s AG Pick Has Said About Cannabis

Sen. Jeff Sessions has repeatedly lambasted cannabis legalization. Here are some of his many statements from his years in public office.

Trump Picks Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Stoking Fears of Cannabis Crackdown

The Alabama senator is no friend of cannabis—medical, adult-use, or otherwise. Will he turn the clock back to "Just Say No"?

Let’s Talk About Self-Care and Medicating in the Trump Era

How can cannabis and other modes of self-care get you through the sudden change in the United States' political landscape?

Six Reasons Why This Cannabis Voter is Going With Hillary

I'm a one-issue voter and that issue is medical cannabis. And #ImWithHer.

Candidates and Cannabis: Would Embracing Legalization Help Hillary?

Some see legalization as the key to opening the millennial vote. Sure, it's important—but it's not the only issue.

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