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These recommendations on the best dry herb vaporizers are made by Leafly’s Product Picks team after extensive research, thorough testing, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Updated for 2024.

Choosing to invest in a dry herb vaporizer is a rite of passage for all true cannabis connoisseurs. These big-ticket items are proven to have significant wellness and long-term economic advantages over traditional cannabis consumption methods, making them the top choice for those who make cannabis an integral part of their lives.

We aren’t blowing smoke here either; vaporizers have been proven to be better for your lungs than smoking, and you’ll get more use out of your weed as well, saving you money in the long run. So if you love cannabis, saving money, or your own two lungs, you deserve the quality experience that a dry herb vaporizer provides.

A quick look at the best dry herb vaporizers


Best everyday: Arizer Solo III

Best design: Grenco Pen Elite II

Best pocket-sized: PAX MINI

Most durable: STORZ & BICKEL MIGHTY+

Best value: Arizer XQ2

Best portable: Grenco G Pen Dash+

Editor’s choice: PAX PLUS

Cannabis flower vaporization technology has made leaps and bounds in the last few decades.

Far from the days of modified heat guns, contemporary weed vaporizers are digitized, can connect to the internet, and take a Swiss Army Knife design approach—that is, most dry herb vapes nowadays also include a concentrate mod, and many have special heating cycles to better express oils.

But in trying to do everything, some devices lose sight of weed vaporization’s central goal: to heat weed to a sweet spot that doesn’t scorch terpenes, keeping the experience flavorful, satisfying, and effective.

We here at Leafly Product Picks have assembled a list of our personal favorite dry herb vapes for a variety of situations and price ranges. Even though some dry herb vaporizers can be a significant investment, there’s no reason to balk; we promise that every inclusion on this list is worth your hard-earned dollars, cents, and attention. In fact, we bet that somewhere on this list is the dry herb vape that’ll put your old bong out to pasture.

Here are our picks for the best of the best dry herb vaporizers.

Top 8 dry herb vaporizers: Reviews and recommended products


Dual inhalation methods
Patented combination conduction and convection heating method
Heats to 180°C in 40 seconds

The true OGs of dry herb vaporizers, STORZ & BICKEL have been doing it better than the competition since the very beginning. STORZ & BICKEL originated this whole field when they launched the very first commercially available dry herb vaporizer back in the year 2000. They’ve been innovating and leading the market ever since.

Driven by the pursuit of technical and mechanical excellence, S&B’s vapes are engineered to last a lifetime. STORZ & BICKEL manufactures all of their products in their factory in Tuttlingen, Germany, a hub of medical device production with a reputation for representing the best of German engineering.

best dry herb vaporizer


Recommended product

The one that started it all, with some clever upgrades courtesy of the big brains in the back room of STORZ & BICKEL. The VOLCANO HYBRID is everything that made the VOLCANO CLASSIC so great it got the whole dry herb vape train rolling along, but with an added inhalation method to add a little bit of flexibility to your session. The HYBRID comes equipped with a hookah-style flexible tube for inhaling in addition to the balloon method sported by the CLASSIC.

The VOLCANO HYBRID packs a double helix heat exchanger under the hood, an incredibly powerful combo conduction and convection element that can get your VOLCANO ready to erupt in as little as forty seconds. STORZ & BICKEL’s commitment to convenience has also led them to equip HYBRID with full Bluetooth functionality, so you can control the VOLCANO right from your phone.

“The VOLCANO HYBRID improves upon the iconic original with added features, flexibility, and accessibility. Plus, it looks killer on a coffee table.”

Our writers found that the variability exhibited by the VOLCANO was truly extraordinary, and highly deserving of a spot on this list. The VOLCANO HYBRID is an incredible aid to a small gathering of friends for game day or movie night. Passing around either the bag or the tube, according to your preference, is one of our favorite ways to share our love of weed with our friends. If that sounds like something you’d like to try, then pick up your very own VOLCANO HYBRID today.

Best everyday: Arizer Solo III

User-friendly interface with a variety of modes and presets
Lightning-fast heat up time
Glass tube delivery system

Once you purchase an Arizer vaporizer, you take the first step on the path to cannabis serenity. The Arizer Way, as the team behind some of the best vaporizers to be found puts it, focuses on quality, reliability, and the tireless quest for excellence in their field.

Arizer first entered the scene sixteen years ago and has been producing vaporizers that rank in the upper echelons of consumer satisfaction ever since. We love Arizer for its futuristic design sense, innovative engineering, and reliability over many, many sessions. Take it from us: after just a few puffs on an Arizer product, you too will find yourself a convert to the Arizer way.

best dry herb vaporizers

Solo III

Recommended product

The newest entry on the list, the Solo III is Arizer’s latest portable dry herb vape, and may we be the first to report; hot damn. The Solo III is a genuine quantum leap in vaporizer technology, a marked improvement over the Solo II Max that preceded it. Arizer’s newest creation has a stunning three hours of battery life, an industry-leading figure, and can still be used while recharging. And thank god for that, because every single moment you spend without the Solo III is a moment you’ll regret.

The Solo III is kitted out with brand-new ceramic heating technology that gets up to temp in as little as five seconds. Yeah, you heard us right, five seconds, a lightning-fast heat-up time that can only come from the masters of the bleeding edge, Arizer. They’ve also reinvented the glass tube delivery system present in previous entries in the Solo line, making them larger and sturdier for as huge hits as you can manage.

“The latest and greatest portable from Arizer, the Solo III gave us longer, stronger sessions than ever before.”

Our writers were especially impressed with the brand-new user interface, a technophobe-friendly, intuitive system that allows consumers to quickly and easily cycle between a variety of modes, presets, and customization options. The Solo III puts more control into your hands than any other portable vaporizer on this list, a breath of fresh air for the consumer who knows exactly what they want out of their experience. Believe us, there’s nothing else like it.

Best design: Grenco Pen Elite II

• Patented clean air intake
• Zirconium mouthpiece
• Convenient carrying case included

Grenco has been pushing the frontier of dry herb vaporizers for years now, wracking up awards and prestige while climbing to the top of the business. From their base in the West Hollywood hills, Grenco has been hard at work designing some of the absolute coolest vapes around.

Vaping with one of Grenco’s dry herb vapes from their G Pen line made us feel like stepping out of a music video. The G Pen line’s sleek, modern design sense has that ineffable chill factor, those immaculate vibes that make every selfie-addict sit up in their chairs. Grenco is a stylish way to reach both aesthetic and mental bliss.

best dry herb vaporizers

G Pen Elite II

Recommended product

From the moment we gripped the G Pen Elite II, we knew it was going to be something special. A true feat of intelligent engineering and ergonomic design, the G Pen Elite II produces an astonishing amount of vapor for its small size; even our most seasoned stoners were momentarily taken aback by both the quantity and quality of the vapor. It’s all thanks to Grenco’s patented clean air intake feature, a system designed to produce vapor with pure flavor that also enhances the lifespan of the product by segregating the airflow away from electrical components.

The Elite II was clearly designed with the consumer’s comfort in mind, and you can see that ethos play out in every element of the design. The zirconium mouthpiece helps dissipate the heat of the vapor during the draw, ensuring that the consumer won’t singe their mouth or throat, even on the maximum temperature settings. The Elite II also features a large, full-color screen that allows for minute adjustments in temperature, while retaining an intuitive user interface.

“Using the Elite II feels like ordering the top shelf. The weight in your hand, the flavor from the pull, all have one thing to say ‘Baby, you’ve arrived.’”

Grenco has always been about the alchemy of style and substance, and in our writer’s opinion, they’ve reached the apex of the industry in the G Pen Elite II. We just love how it looks, how it feels in our hand, how it inflates our ego to show it off. Using the Elite II is simply a joy in a variety of situations, and both novices and expert cannabis consumers should seriously consider upgrading to Grenco’s elite tier.

Best pocket-sized: PAX MINI

Extremely small size
Single button interface
Available in several colors

As anyone with an Insta account can tell you, form is just as important as function when it comes to your personal devices, and PAX has form in spades. Diamonds, hearts, and clubs too, if that’s your preference. They’ve got enough face plates and accessories to satisfy the most hopeless of fashionistas and hype-beasts alike.

This focus on design and customizability follows from a deeper ethos animating PAX; your dry herb vape is an everyday sort of companion and deserves the same sort of care you give to your phone, earbuds, or whatever else you carry with you on the daily. That means reliability, intuitive utility, and flair are all signature PAX values. But underneath all that is a simple truth; PAX vapes make help you look cool when you’re getting high. Our writers give that concept two big thumbs up.

best dry herb vaporizers


Recommended product

The smallest vaporizer on this list, the PAX MINI packs an impressive punch for its tiny size. With a foolproof, single-button design, you won’t need to futz around with temperature settings or options that you may not need. The PAX MINI is the clear choice for the consumer whose paramount concerns are customizability, simplicity, and reliability.

The single button on the PAX MINI may seem like it limits the amount of functionality, but you’d be mistaken. A series of sensors monitor your draw in real-time, heating the bud to the ideal temperature automatically. This feature, combined with the larger-than-expected chamber capacity, convinced our writers that the PAX MINI can hold up to an experienced cannabis vaper as well as a newbie.

“The PAX MINI is your newest everyday accessory. Match it to your phone case; they’ll both be in your hand an awful lot.”

The MINI’s diminutive size means that it can be your everyday companion, your little helper when you need a boost. Tough enough to hang with an outdoor lifestyle and pretty enough to charm a party, the MINI is an all-in-one maestro that can be customized to reflect your personality. Get yours today and start your PAX era.

Most durable: STORZ & BICKEL MIGHTY+

Durable, shock-resistant frame
Precise temperature control
Ceramic-coated filling chamber

We’ve been big fans of STORZ & BICKEL ever since we first set our bloodshot eyes on their lineup. And how could we not be? They’ve got a mission that aligns with all the things that get our writers out of bed in the afternoon. They push the boundaries, educate people, and help the world enjoy their cannabis a little bit more. Be still our trembling hearts, we might be in love.

best dry herb vaporizers


Recommended product

It takes a special sort of company to take a top-of-the-line, award-winning product like the MIGHTY and try to improve it, but S&B are just built different. The MIGHTY+ is a high water mark for the industry, setting new standards for convenience and power in a handheld by using a dual convection/conduction heating system. STORZ & BICKEL have improved the design over the classic MIGHTY, adding a ceramic coating filling chamber and an accelerated recharge capability two QOL improvements that make the MIGHTY+ a star.

S&B’s portable powerhouse has a simple, no-frills interface that allows you to choose a precise temperature between 356°F – 410°F (180°C-210°C), a wide variety that’ll allow you to choose your experience exactly how you like it. This simple interface allows the battery power to go to what’s important; incredibly smooth hits and major clouds.

“A jack-of-all-trades sort of vaporizer that can go anywhere and still hold up to the needs of connoisseurs. Our verdict: wunderbar.”

With a long battery life and a durable structure, the MIGHTY+ is a great companion for the rough-and-tumble outdoorsy types amongst you. It’s shock-resistant, waterproof, and as one of our writers can attest, highly dog-resistant as well. Stick it in your backpack and it’ll never let you down on the trail, beach, or lake. STORZ & BICKEL have made a truly MIGHTY companion that’ll hold up to the adventurous life you lead.

Best value: Arizer XQ2

Remote control personalization features
Easy-to-use LED display
Dual inhalation method

An icon of affordable quality, the XQ2 by Arizer is a desktop vaporizer that gives you an excellent vaporizer experience for a price that won’t break the bank. The XQ2 offers a bevy of personalization features that put it over the top of the competition and into our writer’s hearts. Arizer’s XQ2 offers both a whip and balloon attachment, as well as two different glass chambers for different experiences. The Cloud Chamber has a larger capacity for thicker vapor, and the Flavor Chamber, which sits further away from the heating element, for a lighter draw.

best dry herb vaporizers


Recommended product

Arizer has managed to pack the XQ2 with some top-of-the-line heating and airflow technology. The XQ2 uses an array of smart internal sensors to maintain a constant temperature regardless of changes in airflow, so you’ll get the full experience of the flower with every single draw. This desktop vaporizer also makes excellent use of a three-speed fan to assist on the draw and in filling the balloon quickly.

“The XQ2 is a tower of power that’s good looks hide a serious piece of hardware. For a desktop vape with everything you need for an affordable price, the XQ2 is #1.”

At Leafly Product Picks, there totally are points for style, and we love how the subtly glowing XQ2 looks on our desktops and vape spots. It reminded our writers of their favorite lava lamps of days gone by. The customizable LED display and remote control customization means that, whatever your vibe that night, the XQ2 can match it and get you where you want to go.

Best portable: Grenco G Pen Dash+

Magnetic mouthpiece with spiral airpath
Titanium heating chamber
Highly portable size

Don’t worry, gearheads, we haven’t forgotten about you; Grenco vapes are an awful lot more than a pretty piece of metal and plastic. There’s award-winning hardware in every G Pen that rolls off the line, and our writers were consistently impressed with both the reliability and ease of use that Grenco’s team of top-shelf engineers and designers have imbued in their products. Take one for a spin, and you’ll be glad you did.

best portable vapes

G Pen Dash+

Recommended product

Portable, affordable, and fashionable, the G Pen Dash+ from Grenco is the upgraded version of the world-famous G Pen Dash. The Dash+ improved upon the original with a full-color LED display, but what made our team of vape heads sit up and take notice was the brand-new hybrid heating element and 100% titanium filling chamber. This generational advance in technology has allowed the Dash+ to heat up significantly faster than the original, an essential component when you’re, well, dashing.

Small enough to fit in a pocket of almost any size, the Dash+ is made to go where you go and hold up to your lifestyle without becoming overly complicated. The Dash+ is equipped with a filling chamber of significant size, more than big enough to hold bud for yourself and a couple of friends. When the session is over, the Dash+ is easily refillable thanks to the magnetic snap-in mouthpiece.

“The Dash+ is truly the perfect choice for those who don’t have time to wait. No need to slow down — the Dash+ is fast as you are.”

The Dash+ is the perfect size to live in a pocket or purse, and at its low price point, you won’t miss your rent payment if you wind up needing to replace it. Our writers found that it quickly filled the sort of niche often filled by a joint, a “let’s just step outside for a second” sort of product that can improve the vibes of any function, from a massive outdoor concert to a quiet dinner party.

Editor’s choice: PAX PLUS

Able to vape both ground flower and concentrates
Four different experience modes
Enduring battery life

The apex of what a PAX vaporizer can be, the PAX PLUS is the heftier, more powerful version of the same technology found in the MINI, with one huge difference. In addition to being one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market, every PAX PLUS comes equipped with an adapter that allows the consumer to vape concentrates as well. The PAX PLUS is one of the only dual-use vaporizers at this size, a true accomplishment by the engineering team at PAX.

best dry herb vaporizers


Recommended product

The PAX PLUS makes use of a single button press to choose between four “experience modes.” These different settings, Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost, run the gambit of desired effects from a vaporizer, from small clouds to maximum vapor production. No matter what the situation calls for, the PAX PLUS has an experience mode that is tailor-made to ensure that the vibes are just right.

“For those who love concentrates as much as flower, the PAX PLUS won’t skimp on either. Have your dab and vape it, too!”

The PAX PLUS has a surprisingly long battery life for its small size and bevy of customization options; a full charge will last the PLUS about two and a half hours, depending on the experience mode used. With the juice to hold up for a long night with a few friends, and enough possible variations to make the whole squad happy, it’s easy to see how the PAX PLUS earned a spot on this list.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Put simply, a dry herb vape is a device that uses an electric heating mechanism to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from ground flower, allowing the consumer to inhale the resulting vapor. This means that the consumer won’t be “smoking” the cannabis flower loaded into the vaporizer, because the cannabis won’t be combusted. After the session is finished, instead of ashes, consumers are left with what’s affectionately known as Already Vaped Bud (AVB). You can do all sorts of things with the tiny amounts of cannabinoids left on AVB, yet another plus of the dry herb vape lifestyle. 

The lack of combustion is a good thing, and the reason why dry herb vapes are the preferred less harmful alternative to smoking for those who still love the experience of cannabis flower. Dry herb vaporizers preserve the unique terpene profile that makes your favorite strain, well, your favorite strain, in a way that an edible simply cannot capture. Some of our writers even feel that, because of the lack of smoke obscuring the flavor, dry herb vapes are the preeminent choice for true cannasuers the world over.

What are cannabis vaporizers?

Flower vaporizers are electronic devices that vaporize dry bud for inhalation. Herb vaporizers are different than the more common vape pens, which vaporize oil in a cartridge. Herbal weed vaporizers allow you to vaporize and consume specific strains of weed.

How to vaporize flower

Every herb vaporizer works differently, but there are some common steps to vaporizing flower in all devices. (For specifics on your vaporizer, be sure to read the manual.)

  • Grind the flower
  • Pack flower into the vaporizer
  • Set the desired temperature
  • Vape away!

When the bowl is cashed, you can discard the weed or save it and reuse it.

How is vaping different from smoking?

Vaping heats cannabis without burning or combusting the flower, allowing you to consume without smoking.

Vaporization occurs at a lower temperature than combustion—such as inhaling smoke from a joint or bowl—and is considered to be easier on the lungs and a healthier alternative to smoking.

Vaping also smells less than smoking, making it more discreet.

What is the difference between convection and conduction?

Weed vaporizers can use conduction or convection heating—convection uses indirect heat (similar to a kitchen oven), while conduction uses direct heat (similar to a pan on a stovetop).

With convection heating, there is less risk of scorching bud because the heat source doesn’t touch the flower; charring can occur with conduction vaporizers because they come in contact with the flower.

How to choose the best vaporizer for flower

Finding the best vaporizer depends on a variety of factors, including portability, heating quality, battery life, and the amount of herb it can hold. If you’ll be on-the-go a lot with your vaporizer, you’ll want a portable one with a long battery life, and one that can hold enough weed for being out and about. If you want a higher heating quality and the ability to dial in temperatures, you may want to opt for a tabletop device, but you’ll have to use it at home.

What is a desktop weed vaporizer?

If you know your vape habits won’t be leaving the house with you, tabletop devices may be for you, and there are a range of price points and experiences that serve consumers of all types.

These larger desktop vaporizer machines have historically outperformed portable flower vaporizers in flavor, durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. Experiences ranging from social to solitary are made beginner-friendly, while connoisseur options open up new realms of flavor.

What is a cordless or portable flower vape?

Identifying an ideal portable flower vaporizer is tricky because as devices get smaller, compromises are made and flavor can be sacrificed.

Portable vaporizers that achieve good flavor and effects tend to be larger than something you’d want to carry in your pocket. I’ve started to refer to these devices as “cordless” rather than “portable” because I feel it’s a more accurate description for vapes that are battery-powered but not exactly pocket-sized.

Meanwhile, as vape cartridge technology challenges the utility of the once groundbreaking flower vaporizer, these devices must shrink to compete and innovate to achieve new performance benchmarks.

The happy news is that you don’t have to sacrifice portability for flavor, or the other way around, in today’s market. Along the road to these contemporary achievements are options to satisfy your personal priorities, whether they be price, size, build quality, performance, or flavor.

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Final thoughts

Those are our picks for the very best dry herb vaporizers to be found on the market. Any one of these vaporizers will serve you well and provide you with an alternative to smoking that still allows you to have the full flower experience. Make sure to check back in on this list regularly to check on any updates, but in the meantime, happy vaping!

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