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Get more out of every hit with a STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer

Presented BySTORZ & BICKELPublished on August 17, 2022 · Last updated September 1, 2022
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Dry herb vaporizers from STORZ & BICKEL help your flower go further.

Dry herb vaporizers have been a mainstay of the cannabis scene ever since STORZ & BICKEL released the first modern-day dry herb vape, the iconic VOLCANO, in 2000. These finely tuned machines provide precision controls, making them a favorite amongst cannasseurs looking to experience all the plant has to offer. STORZ & BICKEL haven’t stopped innovating since their initial eruption either; they now offer a line of cutting-edge dry herb vaporizers that fill every niche and need

From the uber-portable CRAFTY+ and MIGHTY+ to the venerable VOLCANO, the master engineers at STORZ & BICKEL continue to produce impeccably designed and constructed devices. The dry herb vaporizers from these German artisans not only provide increased temperature control and health benefits when compared to smoking, but they’re also much more efficient than any joint or bong. Simply put, your weed goes further in a STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer than just about anywhere else.

STORZ & BICKEL are raising the bar again with MIGHTY+

Let’s dig into some of the key technology driving the legendary reputation of STORZ & BICKEL dry herb vaporizers.

Don’t let your weed go up in smoke

dry herb vaporizers
Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

STORZ & BICKEL vaporizers use a patented heating technology that puts them on the bleeding edge of innovation. The secret in a majority of their products is a mix of conduction and convection heating. This method of cannabinoid extraction heats the air around the weed as well as the flower itself, producing big, flavorful clouds. This method is also more efficient than simple combustion, which does not heat the herb evenly no matter if you’re smoking from a joint, bong, or pipe. The MIGHTY+, CRAFTY+,  and VOLCANO HYBRID all make use of this intricately engineered process that produces vapor even at the first draw. 

Have you ever smoked a bowl so good you wish you could smoke it again?

Have you ever smoked a bowl so good you wish you could smoke it again? STORZ & BICKEL offers what your old bong can’t; a heating method that can reuse ground herb for multiple sessions. By slowly increasing the temperature at which the herb is heated, different cannabinoids can be extracted over time. This means that your flower will endure across multiple sessions, and you’ll experience everything the plant has to offer.

How cannabis vaporizers are continuing to evolve

Dry herb vaporizers from STORZ & BICKEL won’t just save you money by their increased efficiency, they’ll help you experiment with different temperatures to experience the cannabis more fully. The efficiency of their patented heating method produces full, flavorful clouds of vapor that represent the strain more completely than combustion. STORZ & BICKEL provide a more complete cannabis experience than can be found by combusting your weed, and it’ll save you some money through increased efficiency as well. What’s not to love?

A healthier high

dry herb vaporizers
Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

While the negative health effects of smoking cannabis have been massively exaggerated for a number of years, the unfortunate truth is that inhaling smoke of any kind isn’t, and will never be, good for your lungs. When you light up your flower, you’re inhaling toxic byproducts produced by the burning weed and the fuel from the lighter. These can be harsh on the lungs and throat and can have some nasty effects over a long period of time. This isn’t scaremongering talk out of Reefer Madness; there are some real risks involved in smoking. Thankfully, however, STORZ & BICKEL has got your back. 

Is smoking cannabis bad for you?

A study performed on the VOLCANO CLASSIC has found that the heating technology employed by STORZ & BICKEL’s flagship product has marked health benefits as compared to smoking. This study, performed at Leiden University, studied the number of harmful compounds inhaled when consuming cannabis. The test subjects consumed a greatly reduced noxious intake when using the dry herb vaporizer as opposed to combusting the flower. Not only that, but the VOLCANO also greatly decreased the amount of carbon monoxide the test subjects inhaled. And don’t worry about not getting as strong a hit; the same study shows that the dry herb vaporizer can extract up to 54% of THC from ground flower, a percentage that handily competes with the amount gained from combustion. 

The test subjects consumed a greatly reduced noxious intake when using the dry herb vaporizer as opposed to combusting the flower.

The secret to the success of the STORZ & BICKEL line of products lies in the engineering at work. The electronic controls of the dry herb vaporizers keep the extraction temperature below combustion heat, meaning that the original structure of the plant material remains intact, and out of your body. In addition to saving you money by using much less weed, this is the trick that ensures that vaporization is better for you than smoking. STORZ & BICKEL’s ingenious design keeps your lungs and accounts balance hale and hearty by ensuring your weed doesn’t end up as ashes.

Artful design, precision engineering

The rigorous quality control of STORZ & BICKEL’s production line is legendary in the cannabis industry. The artisan craft on display in each and every dry herb vaporizer offered by these German engineers demonstrates their signature commitment to quality. All the vaporizers available for purchase are Medically Certified, produced by STORZ & BICKEL’s factory in Tuttlingen, Germany, and subjected to a battery of tests that ensure that their vaporizers meet their exacting standards. 

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

You can feel the hands of a master designer in every contour of a STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer, which are designed to be durable, reliable, and beautiful. From the handheld CRAFTY+, the portable-powerhouse MIGHTY+, or the venerable VOLCANO, all STORZ & BICKEL products offer increased efficiency, scientifically proven health benefits, and quality engineering. All that in a gorgeous, conversation-sparking package that helps you get the most from your flower. STORZ & BICKEL are here to help you take your weed further. 

Ready to experience what a STORZ & BICKEL dry herb vape can mean for your next session? Head to their website to find the ideal device for your lifestyle and to learn more details about their products & design process.

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dry herb vaporizers
Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

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