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The best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on cannabis accessories in 2019

Published on November 27, 2019 · Last updated November 17, 2020

The holiday season is upon us and there is no better way to bring in the festivities than with a Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping spree! Shops all over the internet are bringing out their big deals this season with massive discounts and promotions. Check out some of our featured deals and promotions below to get a sneak peek at what is being offered this season.

Hop on these deals quick before the crowd gobbles them up next week!

Terp Blaster dab rig ($168)

(Courtesy of Badass Glass)

Behold, the Terp Blaster dab rig from Diamond Glass! This behemoth of a concentrate delivery system may be one of the more unique percolators on the market. describes this creation as something reminiscent of an underwater mine, blasting bubbles in every direction throughout the chamber and up through the built-in splash protector.

The Terp Blaster rig comes complete with a 14mm male quartz banger to fit the inline 14mm female nail insert. With a sturdy base and an 8” height, this pipe makes the perfect tabletop driver for any dab station. has 20% off products sitewide with code: BLACKFRIDAY.

12” bong, barrel to triple matrix tree perc ($70)

(Courtesy of 420 Science)

For flower lovers looking to score a sweet new water pipe for the holiday season, look no further than this 12” triple matrix percolated piece from 420 Science. With a slick scientific glass aesthetic, this straight 3mm thick borosilicate tube will generate enough percolation to filter any size toke for a smooth, clean pull every time.

This multi-chambered system delivers both a circ percolation as well as triple matrix percolation through the elbowed inline downstem. Included with this piece is a 14mm male bowl to fit the 14mm female insert.

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11”x7” Gelato rolling tray ($10)

(Courtesy of Kush Cargo)

The kind folks over at are securing the hookup this Black Friday-Cyber Monday with a sweet 15% discount on all rolling trays. Check out this 11”x 7” Gelato graphic tray, just one among a plethora of awesome designs available with the discount code TRAY15 at checkout. These metal trays are perfect for rolling and can be used as an all around utility catch for anything smoking related.

Get 15% off all rolling trays with code TRAY15 at

Classic Volcano vaporizer ($479)

(Courtesy of DankGeek)

The classic Volcano from Storz & Bickle has become a household name as far as the vaporizer market is concerned. This massively popular desktop system has remained the best-selling product of its kind for the last 10 years, and for good reason.

The quality of the Volcano is hands down superior to other vaporizers in its class. So when offers a Black Friday promotion for 20% off anything in the store, take full advantage! With a 3-year warranty, this buy is a no-brainer for any dedicated vape enthusiast looking for the absolute best. has a sitewide promotion of 20% off with code BLACK.

Pulsar 90° quartz banger ($16)

(Courtesy of Aqualab Technologies)

Stock up on some quartz bangers this Black Friday with 21% off from the Aqualab Technologies team. Already at an affordable price, these 90° female bangers from Pulsar are a steal.

Featuring a flat-top bucket and groundless joint, you will have no problem retaining heat for long-lasting, flavorful dabs every time. You also have the option to choose from a 14mm or 18mm joint size. Although at this price, you should probably grab both!

21% off sitewide with code RIPS at

Grow Light Kit, 600W, for HPS and MH ($159)

(Courtesy of Grow Ace)

Are you a grower? If so, you absolutely need to go shop over at this Black Friday. The sheer magnitude of deals they have running for grow equipment over the next week is staggering. Check out this 600W HPS/MH grow light fixture from Yield Lab to get an idea of the kinds of discounts offered.

Typically, lights like this start at over $200, but the Growace team wants you to take this entire kit home for less than $160. Not only do you get the hood, but also the HPS (high-pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) bulbs. Also included is the ballast, a pair of adjustable hooks, a timer, and a grow guide. This is a perfect light at an affordable price for a starter grow room.

Outfit your entire grow with deals at

OTTO grinder & cone filler ($150)

(Courtesy of Toker Supply)

It’s almost 2020 and if your herb grinder doesn’t also fill your joints, then you need an upgrade. The OTTO grinder and cone filler from Banana Bros does just that.

Just load the cone filler with your favorite prerolled cone, drop some herb in the grinding chamber, and let this unit do the rest of the work for you. With the OTTO, say goodbye to loosely filled cones and long waits, and say hello to superior convenience. is offering a sitewide 20% off discount this Black Friday (excluding vaporizers & bundles) with code: BLACK.

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