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Bottle Bongs, Resin Sauce, and Hi-Tech Topicals: Cannabis Product Picks for December 2017

December 20, 2017

With holiday gift shopping behind you (hopefully), it’s finally time to kick back, relax, and indulge in some well-deserved cannabis-induced bliss. This month, we’ve got a lineup of different buds, extracts, infusions, and smoking tools for your stoney pleasure. No matter your beat, check out these offerings and find out if they’re available near you!

There’s plenty more products and brands to explore, so dig into Leafly’s catalog to check out more innovation in the cannabis space.

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  • Spend the holiday season with these product picks for December 2017, which include high-tech topicals, bong attachments, flavorful live resins, and more.
  • 1/7
    Evolve NanoSerum
    Another offering from Colorado, the Evolve NanoSerum is a transdermal application that sends cannabinoids directly through the skin using a nanoparticle delivery system. This proprietary technology is meant to maximize bioavailability and potency by “nano-sizing” active ingredients for better cellular permeability, which also enables fast-acting effects and precise dosing.
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  • 2/7
    Bandit Oil Manufacturing Cartridges
    Prefer the taste of pure bud over modified, flavor-enhanced oil cartridges? Bandit Oil Manufacturing out of Oregon aims to do just that. Minimally processed to stay true to the quality starting material, BOM creates a strain-specific, full-spectrum CO2 product so you can enjoy your favorite varieties in a simple, portable form.
    Price varies by quantity/dispensary
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  • 3/7
    The Bottle Bong
    Most of us have been in a situation where we have everything we need to enjoy cannabis—except something to smoke from. The Bottle Bong is a nifty device that seeks to remedy that problem. This attachment adds a mouthpiece and glass stem to any bottle with a standard thread, allowing you to smoke in a pinch—simply screw it on, add the downstem, and enjoy.
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  • 4/7
    California Dreamin' Infused Sparkling Beverages
    Looking for a new cannabis-infused beverage to sip on over your holiday break? California Dreamin’ is a new infusion company out of California producing 10mg sparkling juices without the added sugar and artificial flavor. With an even-keel dose of 10mg THC per bottle, these fizzy refreshers come in the natural flavors of California’s local harvests: tangerine, grapefruit, pomegranate, and cranberry apple.
    $60 per 12-pack
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  • 5/7
    Nebula Gardens
    Nebula Gardens is a Washington state cultivator whose Alien Dawg was in the running for this season’s top THC-dominant strain in Washington. Equipped with timeless and strong genetics like White Fire OG, God’s Gift, and Sour Diesel, Nebula is quickly gaining a reputation for potency, purity, and consistency—all achieved without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
    Price varies by quantity/dispensary
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  • 6/7
    Concentrated Love Extracts
    Concentrated Love is a small-batch extract producer from Denver, Colorado. Offering a diversity of CBD and THC extracts, these products also come in a variety of textures, types, and consistencies based on your personal preference. Love the taste of live resin? Great, they have that. Prefer the durability of sugar wax? They make that, too.
    Price varies by quantity/dispensary
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  • 7/7
    Nectar THC Cartridges Strawberry Lemonade
    Close your eyes, inhale, and pretend it’s summer with this Strawberry Lemonade solventless vape cartridge (600mg) from Nectar THC Cartridges. Using organic terpenes and natural flavors, this CO2 is propylene glycol-free and is further refined to removed unwanted lipids and waxes.
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