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Edibles re-invented: Why nano gummies are the perfect pair to holiday traditions

Presented BySelectPublished on December 15, 2020 · Last updated July 17, 2022
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The holiday season is just around the corner. While a bottle of wine is the customary gift for someone hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or other festive gathering, there’s another thoughtful option: nano edibles.

Cannabis makes a great addition to your holiday traditions, with no need to worry about things getting a little too festive—or next-morning misery. Nano edibles are a discreet, gentle alternative perfect for a gentle buzz and lively conversation.

Here’s why nano edibles, like Select Nano Gummies, are the perfect addition to your holiday gatherings, whether they’re in-person or remote.

Quick onset edibles for party-friendly vibes

You may have nibbled on a brownie before a holiday dinner before, only to make a hasty exit when the edible hit a little late—and a little too hard. That’s because, with traditional edibles, the THC doesn’t hit your system until digestion, potentially delaying the effects for hours. Because of the way your body absorbs THC after digestion, the dramatic onset can feel like a sucker-punch.

Nano edibles work differently. Using nanoemulsiontechnology, Select infuses tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids into its gummies—unlike traditional edibles, which use fat-soluble cannabinoids. This means there’s no need to wait for digestion for things to “kick in,” so they typically take 15-20 minutes. The high itself is closer to smoking or vaping.

Nano-emulsion makes a party-friendly edible that’s easy to dose and maintain, for chill vibes and no sudden knockouts.

Family-gathering discretion

If you’re normally a smoker or a vaper, you know family gatherings aren’t always the best time to bust out a j or a pen, especially if not everyone in your life approves. Not everyone can be around smoke (including kiddos), and leftover smells on your clothes can betray you. Vapor also be conspicuous if you don’t pop outside first. No need to go for a walk with your stoner cousin—edibles are easy to use without any subterfuge.

Easy-to-share experiences, in-person or online

At this point, Zoom happy hours are a familiar experience—and don’t feel especially festive. When they’re over, you’re just alone and drunk.

Enter fast-acting nano edibles. Because you’re not waiting forever for their effects, they’re easy to use together on a call. Switching it up to nano edibles can allow you and your loved ones to share a new experience together, and they make for a really terrific and creative game night.

Bonus: Nobody gets sloppy on camera.

Endurance all season long

No matter how much you love your family, partner’s family, and chosen family, spending the holidays with all of them can be… a lot. Add in a hangover (or an embarrassing scene here and there) and things only get harder. But it still helps to have a little something to keep things interesting!

Nano-edibles are perfect: You can go easy on the eggnog and stay cheerful for every single gathering or Zoom call.

A better stocking stuffer

You know what goes great with socks (and pretty much everything)? Nano edibles. Surprise your of-age loved ones this year with a convenient bag of Select Nano Gummies—they’re easy to fit into pretty much any size of stocking, but offer an experience much bigger than the standard small-gift fare.

Holiday shoppers in Oregon, Florida, Arizona, and other states can find Select Nano Gummies at their nearest dispensary.

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