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How a global journey inspired Endoca CBD’s founder to create change

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Presented ByEndoca January 17, 2020

This article is brought to you by Endoca, harnessing the power of nature in every drop of CBD.

The CBD market has exploded in recent years, but some producers are far from newcomers. Endoca has been breeding hemp for CBD for more than a decade with wellbeing—not profits—in mind.

Endoca is the culmination of years of research by Dr. Henry Vincenty, who started working with CBD while trying to find natural solutions that could help provide relief to customers without harmful side effects.

premium hemp-derived CBD oil, full spectrum cannabis oil

(Courtesy of Endoca)

“My goal was to help change the world’s perception of cannabis by making non-psychoactive cannabinoids available to the masses and, in turn, disrupting the stronghold of the pharmaceutical industry,” says Vincenty.

That mission led him not only to breed hemp, but advocate for broader research, use, and availability of cannabinoids. What started as a labor of love has grown into a business with more than 100 employees, 2,000 acres+ of hemp crops on organic land, and a pharmaceutical-grade factory.

Vincenty’s ethos is simple:

“If something can save a human life while causing no other harm, then it is our responsibility as scientists to give people the option. It is our moral obligation, with our knowledge of cannabis and CBD, to make cannabinoids available to everyone globally,” he continues. “One of our goals is to make CBD commonplace in the homes of people around the world by 2030, and we aim to make it a household staple just like salt and garlic.”

Drawing on medical practice to help more people

While mainstream medicine certainly includes life-saving technology, some pharmaceuticals on the other side of the spectrum come with devastating side effects. Vincenty has seen the damage firsthand—particularly while treating patients in South Africa as part of his biotechnology and genetics studies for the University of Copenhagen.

premium hemp-derived CBD oil, full spectrum cannabis oil

(Courtesy of Endoca)

“I saw how the drugs we were providing contributed to the worsening conditions of the patients,” recalls Vincenty. “Sometimes, the drugs we would prescribe for other health problems and illnesses appeared to give side effects that harmed more than they helped.”

Seeing a growing movement in the United States to legalize cannabis, he spoke to professors and neurologists about medicinal cannabis, but they didn’t know anything about the subject.

Vincenty tried to lend his expertise to cannabis research in Denmark, but after two years of navigating government bureaucracy, his research application to study hemp with THC was denied. So, he set his sights on hemp with CBD, but not THC, since it’s legal to cultivate in Denmark.

What came next was the fruit of all his hard labor.

The emergence of Endoca CBD

Vincenty’s experience forced him to question his path and ignited a spark that eventually led to cannabis entrepreneurship.

Once he had an in-depth knowledge of both traditional medicine and CBD’s power, he opened a clinic in Denmark to work with customers through both CBD education and lifestyle changes.

premium hemp-derived CBD oil, full spectrum cannabis oil

(Courtesy of Endoca)

At first, Vincenty provided his products and counsel for free, occasionally giving away seeds so customers could learn more about the plant on their own. Word of mouth led to exponential growth, and eventually, he started charging to fund additional research and equipment to make higher quality products.

His local production grew into a website and online shop and became the first company in the country to sell CBD online. He named it Endoca, named for the endocannabinoid system of the body.

“Even before 2010, no one wanted to invest in CBD, or anything related to cannabis,” says Vincenty. “There was a huge stigma related to the plant. Everything I made was built from scratch.”

Now a thriving business, Endoca doesn’t forget its roots: helping as many people as possible find relief. Just like in the early days of Vincenty’s Denmark clinic, Endoca makes sure CBD can reach people who couldn’t otherwise afford it through their nonprofit, called the Endoca Foundation.

“Regardless of economic status, we have always been dedicated to producing the highest quality CBD extracts accessible to anyone who needs them,” he says.

Encapsulating CBD science and goodwill

Having a scientist with years of CBD research at the helm means that Endoca CBD products are carefully crafted from seed to shelf. Rather than source their hemp from outside suppliers, the company harvests its own hemp using specially designed equipment before processing even begins.

premium hemp-derived CBD oil, full spectrum cannabis oil

(Courtesy of Endoca)

Endoca’s raw hemp CBD capsules are crafted carefully without the use of heat, which retains maximum goodness from the plant, including vital minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

“This capsule form is possibly the most convenient way to enjoy our raw hemp oil range, including the unique combination of over 400 plant molecules, but without the hempy flavor,” says Vincenty.

Endoca uses the same strict manufacturing processes to create its CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD pet products, and other creations. You can even double-check the quality with third-party lab reports tied to a batch number on the box. All of these intentional choices are in hopes that CBD becomes easier to understand and more accessible for all, including the communities that surround the land.

“As we grow, we are bringing local farmers on board, and we are providing them with the know-how and equipment to grow hemp for Endoca,” says Vincenty. “We will be transforming millions of acres of non-organic land into organic farmland. This means we will change common agricultural practices and give farmers the means and land to support them to make more ecological choices, and by doing so, making a huge positive impact on the global pollution problem, all with CBD.”

And it’s all because Vincenty decided to be the change he wanted to see.

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