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How Quick Fix synthetic urine keeps it real

Spectrum Labs
Presented BySpectrum LabsPublished on August 24, 2023 · Last updated March 25, 2024
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This article is sponsored by Spectrum Labs. Image courtesy of Spectrum Labs.

There’s no subbing America’s favorite urine substitute.

The name of the game is accuracy in the fake pee space, and nobody does it better than Quick Fix. Spectrum Labs, the makers of Quick Fix, have earnestly built their reputation as a reputable source in a field where cheap knock-offs run rampant. Quick Fix is known for providing clean, reliable synthetic urine that is virtually indistinguishable from your own. 

Spectrum Labs has also expanded their product offerings to include a whole lineup of detoxification products to make themselves the one-stop shop for everyone who needs, well, a Quick Fix. 

Let’s take a quick look into what sets Quick Fix synthetic urine apart from the rest of the pack (hint: it’s not asparagus) before we take a tour of the suite of products. Out of all the fake piss articles you come across in your lifetime, this is one you should definitely pay attention to!

The Quick Fix difference

spectrum labs
Courtesy of Spectrum Labs

Quick Fix synthetic urine is manufactured by Spectrum Labs, a leader in the detoxification industry since they emerged on the scene over thirty years ago. Their first product was the famous Urine Luck (pun intended), but they didn’t stop there. Presently, Spectrum Labs manufactures reliable synthetic urine, detox drinks, and more under the Quick Fix brand name. They are constantly innovating, testing, and perfecting their formulas to ensure optimal results and customer experience. Let’s just take a moment to be thankful the makers of Quick Fix never rested on their laurels and let this particular yellow mellow (that’s our only bad pee pun, we promise). 

Spectrum Labs are justifiably proud of their patented formula, and it’s easy to see why. When it comes to synthetic urine, the stakes are high with significant consequences if it turns out the product is subpar. 

A reliable brand means everything, especially when handling a sensitive and private product like this. To ensure that customers get the exact high-quality fake pee they paid for, Quick Fix sells their urine products with a unique batch number. They encourage customers to use the QR code located on the product’s packaging to verify their batch number’s authenticity with a simple online Batch Validator app. This validator service and customer support is not seen anywhere else in the industry. The prominence of every package’s QR code confirms the importance of reliability in each product. Spectrum Labs’ mission is that every customer can comfortably rely on Quick Fix synthetic urine 100% of the time, every time—without fail.

Developed by a team of biochemists working in a cutting-edge laboratory, Quick Fix synthetic urine is specifically formulated to perfectly resemble real human urine. In fact, they hold the two patents issued by the US government for synthetic urine.

If a product is expired or perhaps a batch is not showing up, Spectrum Labs recommends calling their customer service line to get a replacement. And guess what, a real person answers the phone!

Developed by a team of biochemists working in a cutting-edge laboratory, Quick Fix synthetic urine is specifically formulated to perfectly resemble real human urine. In fact, they hold the two patents issued by the US government for synthetic urine. The bells and whistles that give Quick Fix an edge over its competitors are all found at the microscopic level; pH balances, specific gravity levels, and more are all painstakingly equalized to give the illusion of real human urine. Spectrum Labs has spent decades perfecting the Quick Fix formula, and you can trust these experts to deliver a product that is completely indistinguishable from the real thing. All the consumer needs to do is follow the directions to get it up to body temperature. 

Quick Fix is completely shelf stable as well, thanks to a clever compound that Spectrum Labs has termed “biocide.” This combination of chemicals might sound like a paperback sci-fi novel, but biocide is the critical ingredient that keeps Quick Fix synthetic urine free of microbial growth of any kind when exposed to air. Because of this, Quick Fix urine is the only synthetic on the market that can be reheated thanks to this proprietary formula. That also means you can store Quick Fix anywhere that you might not control the temperature of, like a locker or the glove box of your car. Only Quick Fix synthetic urine is guaranteed not to degrade for two years. When you need synthetic urine randomly or on a whim, you can’t afford to take any chances.

Have it your way

Courtesy of Spectrum Labs

Something that Leafly and Quick Fix have in common is that we don’t like to judge people for why they use a product. We encourage everyone to experiment with the products we talk about in order to find what works best for their lives. Quick Fix is no different. While you may have had an idea in mind for a possible use for synthetic urine that perfectly resembles real pee, we’d like to inform you that fake pee can be used for a variety of reasons, and Quick Fix is the best choice for every single one of them. 

Prank your friends! Stress test a new toilet or diaper design! Acquire a source of urine for your scientific testing! Put on a production of the musical Urinetown at your local community theater with an incredibly impressive set design! The options are endless, and Quick Fix is your source for as much accurate human pee as you could ask for.

If your interest in synthetic urine belongs behind closed doors with an enthusiastic partner or partners, then you’ll be best served by choosing Quick Fix as well. Real human urine can contain all sorts of health risks, but Quick Fix retains all the sensory markers of real urine without any of those possible health concerns. It’s always best to play as safe as possible, and that means reducing risk by opting for Quick Fix. Just like real urine, it is not advised to leave Quick Fix on your skin, and do not ingest it! Stay safe and have fun out there. 

Have we got your attention yet? Then let’s take a look at some of the incredible products available from Spectrum Labs. 

Quick Fix 2 oz and Quick Fix Plus 

The most popular fake urine on the market and the product that started it all; Quick Fix synthetic urine is clean, reliable, and easy. You won’t have to put on your lab coat and attempt some amateur chemistry; Quick Fix is pre-mixed and ready to use. 

To ensure Quick Fix is the proper temperature for fresh urine, all you have to do is activate the included heat warmer about 30-45 minutes before you intend to use the product. Then, microwave the bottle for about ten seconds until the temperature strip displays a green dot, somewhere in the 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit range. Finally, rubber band the bottle to the hand warmer, and you’re all set to keep the liquid at body temperature for hours. Quick Fix is available in 2 or 3 oz bottles, and ships right to your door in discreet packaging.

Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

In situations where discretion or accuracy is important, there’s no better option than the Quick Fix Pro belt kit. If you need to transport urine covertly and in a way that appears accurate, then this belt that fits around most body sizes is the Quick Fix product for you. With four ounces of synthetic pee, hand warmers, and a clever release tube that’s easy to use, this kit is the ideal way to transport Quick Fix urine in a secure, safe way. To ensure they best serve the needs of their customers, Quick Fix is expanding their accessory offerings, and now offer a discreet ankle strap option as well. 

Quick Clear Detox

Courtesy of Spectrum Labs

In recent years, Spectrum Labs has gotten into specific detox products as well, taking their expertise to another level. The result is the Quick Clear 20-ounce detox drink, an incredible product for anyone who wants to detox quickly. If you want to detox as fast as possible, then these great-tasting drinks will do wonders.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions online about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to detoxification, so it’s best to rely on a trusted source like Spectrum Labs for such an important process. Quick Clear is available in two delicious flavors, blueberry acai and tropical fruit, so pick your favorite or grab one of each if you need to detox quickly.

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Spectrum Labs also offers a Quick Shot which is a concentrated 2-ounce solution made for people with more sensitive taste buds or who prefer to mostly use water to detox. 

And for those just needing a quick detox for their mouth, Spectrum Labs created Quick Rinse mouthwash! Providing multiple ways to successfully detox in a variety of formats to meet different consumer preferences is just another way Spectrum Labs stands out from the crowd.

Courtesy of Spectrum Labs

If you want to give yourself an at-home urinalysis, you absolutely can thanks to Quick Test Plus. It already comes with 3 ounces of control sampled urine so you can get the most accurate results. This test can help someone determine if they need to do any detoxing in the first place, as this test will give results on ten markers.

Spectrum Labs has made an effort to have great customer service and products that always perform. That’s why Spectrum Labs continues to expand their product line to align with their customers’ feedback. They also only associate with dependable partners like Kovert. Spectrum advises using Kovert’s 100% smell-proof stash bags to carry any private item you want to keep discreet. These bags showcase sleek designs and can even feature a built-in zipper lock to prevent unwanted hands from getting at your personal items. 

To learn more about what makes Quick Fix synthetic urine a leader in the field, you can visit their website. They have information about myths around synthetic urine, frequently asked questions, and even some uses for fake pee that you might not have considered. Take a tour of all their fantastic products, validate your batch, find their toll-free phone line, and more. Quick Fix is always keeping it golden (sorry, but we couldn’t resist.) 

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