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Toker Tools and Solar-Powered Vaporizers: Cannabis Product Picks for July 2016

Published on July 29, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Welcome to Leafly’s cannabis products roundup for the month of July, where we take a look at a few of the many different products that are making a splash in the industry. Summer is in full swing, so while you’re soaking up the sun while simultaneously trying to beat the heat, check out this month’s cannabis products that caught our eye. From a tried-and-true strain to solar-powered vaporizers, here are some cool products that caught our eye this month. You can find these products through our own Products section for further information.

1. Jack Herer Cannabis

Jack Herer cannabis

Since we’ve halfway through summer, why not pick up a few nugs of the legendary Jack Herer for all of your outdoor fun? Known for its pleasant, energizing, and clear-headed high, this famous sativa is perfect for any outdoor (or indoor) summer activity, whether it’s a hike through the woods or a peaceful picnic. Use our strain finder to find this lovely strain near you!

2. Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Vapium Summit portable vaporizer

Designed with the great outdoors and portability in mind, the good people at Vapium came up with the Summit portable herb vaporizer. The high-quality construction of the Summit ensures an easy and great hit while standing up under whatever conditions you find yourself in. Technophiles will love how the Summit is capable of pairing with your phone to help keep an easier track of your temperature settings and vape session time. This is a great option for those of you who lead a more adventurous lifestyle during these sunny summer days!

3. Vapium Spring Solar Charger

Vapium spring solar charger

Vapium also created an ingenious companion charger piece for the Summit vaporizer to help keep a charge when you’re out in the wilderness (or anywhere else, for that matter) away from outlets. The Spring Solar charger is powered by the sun and would make for a great addition to the Summit. Just eight hours of direct sunlight will have your Summit fully charged and ready to go, but you can also use the micro USB port for a faster charge if you’re short on time. No matter which method you choose, the Spring Solar charge is a clever way to stay powered up without keeping you tethered inside to the wall!

4. Toker Tool

Toker Tool

Also known as the Ganjah Ninjah, the Toker Tool from Roll-Uh-Bowl is the Swiss Army knife for cannabis consumers so they’re always prepared when it’s time for a sesh. Coming in at about the same size as a credit card, the Toker Tool is designed to be carried everywhere and is equipped with a ton of features such as a poking tool/bowl cleaner, joint holder, blunt splicer, nug chopper, and more! This is a tool you definitely wouldn’t want to leave home without.

5. Colorful Bud Can Koozie

Colorful bud can koozie

As this is the season for cookouts and outdoor get-togethers, why not show your love for beautiful nugs by picking up this colorful Bud Can Koozie from Rasta Empire! Now you can keep your beverage cool in the heat while keeping your stoner style in check. This is sure to be a fun summer item that will turn heads, so don’t miss out on your chance to pick one up!

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