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Time to vote: Leafly Readers’ Choice Awards

Published on November 20, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Welcome to the first edition of Leafly Canada’s Readers’ Choice Awards, a celebration of Canada’s favourite cannabis people, products, and places.

We literally couldn’t run these awards without enthusiastic cannabis consumers like you, so thanks in advance for taking the time to share your favourites in Canadian cannabis.

What are the Readers’ Choice Awards?

Leafly Canada’s Readers’ Choice Awards are the only completely reader-polled, entirely democratic prizes for cannabis in Canada.

No mysterious judging committees, no pay-to-play nominations, no secrets: just the best people, products, and places on the legal Canadian market, as chosen by YOU.

Polls will close at 11:59 p.m. on December 6, 2019. Winners will be announced in the new year.


Do I have to vote in every category?

Vote for products, places, and retailers that you’ve had experience with. For example, if you didn’t dabble in oils, skip the whole category, or if you prefer to roll your own, don’t bother voting on prerolls.

How do you define CBD-dominant strains, balanced strains and THC-dominant strains?

We defined CBD and THC-dominant strains by cannabinoid content: if a product listed CBD or THC as its dominant cannabinoid, then we categorized it accordingly. Balanced products were defined as having a 1:1 ratio—or close to it—of CBD to THC, with less than five percentage points’ variance. For instance, a strain with a 12% CBD to 10% THC ratio would be defined as balanced, but a strain with 5% CBD and 15% THC would be defined as THC-dominant

Why aren’t you celebrating medical cannabis?

We respect and value the contributions of our Canadian medical cannabis providers, but ultimately we think the best person to recommend medical products is your doctor. We’re pretty sure Health Canada agrees with us.

Your awards seem pretty consumer-focused. How come?

The Canadian cannabis industry is great at celebrating itself—and rightfully so. But Leafly’s mission is clear: to help people discover, find, and buy cannabis. Highlighting the products, people, and places that cater directly to Canadian cannabis consumers keeps us true to our mission.

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I can’t see my favourite cannabis person/product/place. What gives?

The Canadian cannabis market is constantly evolving. We filled out as many categories as we could, and created write-in fields so no person, place, or product gets left out!

One more thing: to be included in our long list, products and brands must be in good standing with regulators at the time of publication.

I have an idea for an award. Can I send it to you?

You sure can! Send your ideas, questions, and comments to support@leafly.com.

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Leafly Canada Staff
Leafly Canada Staff
Leafly Canada is based in Toronto, with correspondents and contributors stretching from Newfoundland to BC. To reach our editorial staff please contact us at info@leafly.com.
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