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New Strains Alert: Rare Darkness, Tutankhamon, Quantum Kush, Gemstone, and Tutti Frutti

This week's new strains are in! Whether you're looking to hole up with an indica and watch some Sunday football or planning on a hike with your favorite sativa, we've got a few recommendations for you. Another round of thanks to all of you who nominated new strains this week, and if you don't see your suggestion here, don't forget to check all the newest varieties in the Leafly Explorer!

   1. Rare Darkness

Characteristics of Rare Darkness:

   2. Tutankhamon

Characteristics of Tutankhamon:

   3. Quantum Kush

Characteristics of Quantum Kush:

   4. Gemstone

Characteristics of Gemstone:

   5. Tutti Frutti

Characteristics of Tutti Frutti: