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How to choose the right rolling papers for your skill level
Presented Byvapor.comPublished on March 10, 2020 · Last updated September 27, 2021

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Rolling a joint is a mandatory skill for any cannabis connoisseur but choosing the right papers can really help elevate your skill level from competency to mastery.

Selecting the papers that are the best for you is completely up to preference and style. Do you want your rolling papers to be easy-to-use or are you willing to fiddle a little extra for the right smoke? Do you prefer a straight joint or a cone?

Whether you’re a brand-new smoker or an expert joint roller looking to upgrade from the usual gas-station papers, this mini-guide featuring popular kinds of papers should get you well on your way.

They’re all available on so you can stay stocked up on a wide selection of joint papers, cones, and wraps for the perfect smoke every time.

Learning about different types of rolling papers


As you decide which papers you want to use, you’ll want to consider things like how nimble your fingers are, how big of a joint you’ll want to roll, and how much ash you want to deal with. While joints that ash a lot are fine outdoors, many people try to keep it to a minimum when they smoke inside.

If you like smoking with others, be patient and learn the technique behind rolling a j before you dive into thinner, fancier papers. While they may love to spark up with you, they might still flame your poor rolling skills if you volunteer as roll-master.

Natural hemp rolling papers

Skill level: easy

Hemp is an easy choice for rolling a joint—you’re essentially covering your cannabis in more cannabis, although it’s gone through a few extra steps. Since they’re sturdy and easy to roll, hemp is a great choice if you’re venturing away from wood-pulp papers for the first time. Hemp papers have a mild flavor that doesn’t get in the way of the taste of your herb. There’s also an added bonus that the nerds amongst us might enjoy.

Hemp crops are space-efficient, fast-growing, and good for soil conditions, so they can be a more sustainable choice than standard papers.

A few examples of natural hemp rolling papers that you might enjoy include:

Vibes hemp rolling papers (red)

Rap and cannabis legend Berner—who you might know as the entrepreneur behind the Cookies brand—designed his line of rolling papers for a consistent experience in a variety of sizes.

RAW organic hemp rolling papers

This stalwart brand of vegan, eco-friendly rolling papers is a classic for a reason. While sustainably-harvested hemp is a nice bonus, they make for a great smoke, too. The papers are designed with cross-weaving and stop lines for slow, even burn.

OCB hemp rolling papers

These GMO-free papers are designed for sturdy cones and environmental friendliness. OCB uses 100% natural Arabic gum to provide a dependable seal, and all of its papers are organic, vegetarian and placed in recycled cardboard packaging.

Rice rolling papers

Skill level: medium

(Courtesy of

Rice papers are like selecting professional-mode for rolling because they are more delicate and thin. But once you get the hang of them, get ready for tidy, smooth-smoking joints.

Many people choose rice papers because they don’t outpace the burn of the herb, and the clean taste makes your cannabis flavor profile really pop. If you’re looking for a longer, quality session with your friends, rice papers are a great choice.

If you’re interested in trying rice rolling papers, suggests:

Vibes rice rolling papers(blue)

Vibes’ rice rolling papers are around the same length and thickness as their hemp counterparts, but burn a little bit slower for longer sessions.

Ultra-thin rolling papers

Skill level: expert

(Courtesy of

Once you trust that you can manipulate thin papers, ultra-thins are your next challenge. Ultra-thin rolling papers can be made out of several materials, but the idea behind all of them is the same: minimize the amount of paper when you smoke.

Ultra-thins help limit combustion for cleaner hits, less coughing, and less ash. They can be a little harder to handle than papers with more density there’s slightly more risk for more tearing as you handle them, but with a little practice, you’ll be rolling joints that smoke like there’s no paper at all.

If you’re ready to take on your final form as a rolling champion, the following ultra-thin papers are a great start:

Vibes ultra-thin rolling papers (black)

These thin versions of the Vibes hemp papers are designed to pack in more herb and flavor.

Elements ultra-thin papers

Made from rice paper and designed for a smooth, ash-free burn, Elements Ultra-Thin Papers are practically invisible. Real rollers will appreciate the magnetic closure on the packaging, so you don’t lose a single one.

Now, you can keep calm and roll on, knowing exactly what to consider in order to choose the right rolling papers for you. Check out more smoking accessories at
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