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The 2014 Washington Cannabis Cup Winners

Published on September 9, 2014 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Over the weekend, High Times awarded another round of trophies to growers and extract artists showing their best of the best. This year's Cup took place in Everett, Washington, a small city nestled in Washington's panorama of snowcapped mountains. Even the sun, typically shy to Washington state, came out of hiding to see another round of champions bloom before us. Check out which strains took home the bronze, silver, and gold this year! Did any of your favorites make the cut?

Best U.S. Sativa Cannabis Strains

1st Place:Super Silver Haze from Life is Good Healing
2nd Place:Hawaiian Dutch from Zen Living Cooperative & Just Ice Wax Co-Lab
3rd Place:Durban Poison from TJ’S Organic Gardens

Best U.S. Indica Cannabis Strains

1st Place:Cookie Monster from The Source Genetics
2nd Place: Grandma’s Batch from Heirloom Genetics
3rd Place: Kaya’s Koffee from PacificNwRoots

Best U.S. Hybrid Cannabis Strains

1st Place: Rare Dankness Seeds’ Veganic Starkiller OG from William Braveheart Green for Vegamatrix
2nd Place: Lemon Tree from Creek Side
3rd Place:Thin Mint Cookies from Gold Coast Collection

Best U.S. Cannabis Concentrates

1st Place:Lemon Fire Nug Run from Mr. B Extracts
2nd Place:Master Yoda Batter from Brutal Bee with KC Extracts
3rd Place:OG Ghost Train Haze #1 Sugar Wax from A Greener Today

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Best Medical Sativa Cannabis Strains

1st Place:Super Lemon Haze from Olympia Mike
2nd Place: Blue Dream from TJ’S Organic Gardens
3rd Place:Sour Pebbles from Firebros

Best Medical Indica Cannabis Strains

1st Place:Kosher Kush from Phenotype Farmers
2nd Place:Rainbow Kush from A Green Cure

Best Medical Hybrid Cannabis Strains

1st Place:Zeus OG from A Greener Today
2nd Place:Super Lemon Haze from A Green Cure
3rd Place: GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) from Fweedom Collective with Aurum Farms

Best Medical Cannabis Concentrates

1st Place: Blue Dream x Tangie from Vader Extracts & Grateful Meds
2nd Place: Dutch Treat Shatter from Rainier Alternative
3rd Place: Lemon Oranges from River City Holistics Health with Gold Coast Extracts

Best High CBD Cannabis Products

Flower: Sour Tsunami #3 from Solstice
Concentrate: CBD Simple from Cannavest
Edible: Lunch Box from Florida Buds and Arborside Compassion

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