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These solventless CBN capsules put THC in the back seat

Presented ByTrulievePublished on September 27, 2021 · Last updated July 14, 2022
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Trulieve and Blue River are bringing a better CBN capsule to Florida dispensaries.

CBN has a growing reputation as an all-natural method for winding down at the end of the day—but it doesn’t work that way all on its own. In a cannabis plant, CBN is just one of many plant compounds that work together to create a variety of effects. It’s this collaboration between cannabinoids, also called the entourage effect, that coaxes out CBN’s relaxing properties.

Renowned cannabis producers Trulieve and Blue River have teamed up to crack the CBN code in a convenient capsule. Trulieve CBN Capsules are designed with medical patients in mind, especially those sensitive to THC. The pair used solventless CBN technology to create the purest possible product, while their experts in medical cannabis carefully formulated it for the most comfortable and effective experience. The finished product is already on the shelf at Trulieve’s Florida dispensaries.

Curious about CBN? Talk to your doctor about adding it to your routine—and read on to learn more.

What is CBN?

If you’ve ever smoked cannabis that’s been sitting out for awhile, chances are you’ve already had a good amount of CBN. THC, the cannabinoid best-known for producing the euphoric high often associated with cannabis, gradually turns into CBN if it’s exposed to light or air. CBN is less psychoactive, making it a popular choice among those who are sensitive to THC, although high amounts of THC can help CBN produce more of a “high.” Since it works with different receptors in the brain than THC or CBD, it has the potential to have therapeutic effects on those with higher tolerances.

CBN capsules
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Anecdotally, some cannabis consumers claimed older herb that had spent time aging was making them sleepy, so its effects have been studied since back in the 1970s. One smaller study by iconic cannabis scientist Dr. Ethan Russo found that CBN made participants no sleepier than a placebo. However, participants did feel drowsier from the combination of CBN and THC than from the CBN alone.

CBN is not as well-studied as CBD or THC, especially on human subjects. But it shows a lot of promise for possible antibiotic, neuroprotective, pain-relieving, appetite-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fun fact about CBN: It was the first cannabinoid fully isolated by European researchers way back in the 1890s, possibly because they were dealing with old material or because they were treating it harshly during extraction. It just didn’t gather the same momentum as THC or CBD for a long time.

Relief with less funny business

CBN needs THC to enhance its effects, but finding the right formula is a challenge if you’re not looking for euphoria, especially since CBN and THC can coax a more potent high out of each other. Trulieve Capsules have just enough THC to activate CBN—each capsule has 5 milligrams of CBN and less than one milligram of THC—reducing the likelihood of getting a little too stoned. Medical cannabis users shouldn’t have to navigate a high (at least, one they don’t want) in order to access powerful relief from cannabis. Like with all cannabis-based relief options, effects can vary from patient to patient, so talk to your doctor and start slow.

CBN capsules
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Sometimes the solvents used to isolate cannabinoids for products like pills, tinctures, oils, and extracts can leave trace chemicals behind. Blue River avoids them all together with a patent-pending process developed by founder Tony Verzura. Its custom system speeds up the natural aging process, so THCa travels from THC to CBN much more quickly.

Find Trulieve in Florida

Each capsule contains pure extract in coconut oil, with no chemical additives.

Ready to try CBN?

Talk to your doctor to see if CBN is right for you. Then head to a Trulieve dispensary for a variety of CBN products. The Trulieve CBN Capsules come in childproof bottles of 30 pills—or, for CBN with a kick, try Trulieve TruGels, a vegan gummy in flavors like Sour Cherry and Pomegranate.

CBN capsules
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