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We tried THCV gummies with Rare Cannabinoid Company

Rare Cannabinoid Company
Presented ByRare Cannabinoid CompanyPublished on July 10, 2023 · Last updated February 27, 2024
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This article is sponsored by Rare Cannabinoid Company. Image courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

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If you look out for rare strains to try or follow trending cannabinoids, you may already be wise to THCV. This lesser-known cannabinoid is found naturally in hemp and cannabis plants—though in smaller quantities than its better-known siblings, THC and CBD—and has a reputation for appetite-suppressing and energy-boosting effects.

THCV’s unique, therapeutic effects have made certain high-THCV strains ones that consumers & patients alike especially seek out, like the African landrace strain, Durban Poison, or the rare Doug’s Varin strain, intentionally crafted to contain high amounts of THCV.

Conveniently for those interested in THCV, the days when you could only experience the benefits of this rare cannabinoid by searching for high-THCV strains are behind us. Brands like Rare Cannabinoid Company have started using high-touch extraction methods to offer THCV-infused edibles with much more significant quantities of THCV than was previously possible.

Everything you need to know about THCV with Rare Cannabinoid Company

Rare Cannabinoid Company sent Leafly a sample of their best-selling THCV gummies so that we could try this totally unique way to experience THCV firsthand and report back. Their THCV gummies are light-years away from would-be competitors in terms of cannabinoid content, with 12.5mg of pure THCV per gummy—whereas the nearest similar products typically contain 1-5mg of THCV or 10mg at the rare high end.

If you’d like to test out the quality and effectiveness of the brand’s products, they are giving away packets of THCV gummies as well as THC + CBC Mood Gummies, and CBN and CBG gummies with and without Delta-9 THC to anyone who takes their informative cannabinoid finder quiz. Take the 1-minute quiz here.

The effects and benefits of THCV

thcv gummies
Image courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

Leafly calls THCV a “rare therapeutic gem” for its unique array of effects and medical benefits. Though THCV shares a similar molecular structure to THC, it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects unless taken in much higher doses. And while THC is well known for stimulating feelings of hunger, THCV, by contrast, is an appetite suppressant.

Can THCV really curb the munchies?

It’s said to produce a clear-headed, stimulating effect, and research shows serious promise that THCV may help with diabetes and Alzheimer’s, reduce panic attacks, act as an anti-inflammatory, stimulate bone growth, and more. There are also indications that THCV can have a balancing effect on THC in ways similar to CBD, where THCV adjusts or dampens some of the typical effects of THC.

Because THCV is found only in trace amounts in most strains, until recently, your best bet to experience its effects came from seeking out high-THCV cannabis strains like Durban Poison. Even in those strains where THCV exists in higher concentrations, though, it’s still difficult to find THCV in significant enough quantities to achieve its desirable, dedicated effects. Rare Cannabinoid Company turns that reality on its head with their THC+THCV gummies.

Rare Cannabinoid Company THCV gummies

THCV gummies
Image courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

With 12.5mg of pure THCV in every piece, Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THCV gummies are one-of-a-kind. Their recently redesigned THCV gummy jars include 30 gummies, each with 12.5mg THCV and 10mg CBD to offer the entourage effect, a thoughtful convenience & effects upgrade from their previous 15-count jars with 25mg THCV per piece.

They also created new edibles that include 2.5mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC to each THCV gummy. The carefully chosen ratio of THC to THCV is designed to offer the euphoric feel of delta-9 THC without the associated increase in hunger or risk of feeling tired.

A family-owned outfit, Rare Cannabinoid Company grew from its sister-brand Hawaiian Choice CBD, providing premium CBD products made from Hawaiian-grown hemp since 2017. Their CBD expertise naturally transitioned to include rare cannabinoid extraction as CBC, CBG, and other notable minor cannabinoids started to gain attention in the hemp and cannabis space for their unique benefits.

Looking for THCV, CBN, CBG, or CBC? Rare Cannabinoid Company has you covered

Like CBD and THC, rare cannabinoids are natural plant compounds. However, they occur in such small amounts naturally that they couldn’t be extracted in large enough quantities to be commercially viable until very recently. Thankfully, advances in breeding and technology have made it possible to extract larger quantities of THCV and other rare cannabinoids.

Rare Cannabinoid Company still sources from premium Hawaiian hemp with an absolute dedication to trust and transparency in their production and lab-testing commitments as they’ve expanded their unique apothecary suite approach, creating products with CBN, delta-9 THC, CBC, terpenes, and more to offer consumers tailored effects.

“Being the first to create a product does not mean cutting corners or rushing things out. All of our products are made in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified facility and undergo multiple third-party lab tests with results posted online and via QR code on our packaging,”

Rare Cannabinoid Company Co-Founder, Jared Dalgamouni.

The brand’s top-selling THCV gummies are a shining example of why Rare Cannabinoid Company stands out from the crowd in the CBD and hemp space. Starting from the highest quality, Farm Bill-compliant hemp, they extract and infuse THCV and other rare cannabinoids at potency levels that you simply need to check the lab report to believe. That means that, rather than receiving a whole-hemp product that might contain small amounts of THCV, with RCC, you can expect a product with significant cannabinoid content and effects you can feel.

Testing out THCV gummies

Image courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

Before Rare Cannabinoid Company sent us their THCV gummies to test out, the only experience this writer had had with THCV was through smoking high-THCV cannabis strains. And while that experience had produced a familiar cannabis high with more clear-headed, sativa-like effects, I was excited to try out a dedicated THCV product with such significant quantities of the cannabinoid.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THCV gummies come in small jars with 30 lemon-flavored, 12.5mg THCV, 10mg CBD gummies. If a gummy doesn’t immediately appeal when you think you might want an energy-boosting, appetite-suppressing experience, RCC does offer two different THCV tinctures—a single extract 500mg THCV tincture and a 1:1 full-spectrum blend of 250mg THCV and 250mg CBD. However, I found the gummies had a fresh, bright citrus flavor with very little hemp taste, so that even first-thing in the morning, they were a welcome part of my routine, like taking a gummy multivitamin.

I found myself not only getting the extra boost I needed to power through the end of my work day but also feeling energized enough to go meet up with friends after I finished up.

That’s how I enjoyed my first taste of RCC’s THCV gummies, as part of my morning routine just after a good breakfast. After eating a meal, I wasn’t sure how quickly or how strongly I would feel effects, and I can say I was genuinely surprised when, within about 30-40 minutes, I felt a quite noticeable stimulant-like feeling, not dissimilar to the clear-headed energy buzz you might feel after a strong cup of coffee. The feeling helped get me out the door for a morning walk before work, where I noticed myself feeling creatively stimulated and focused on the day’s tasks ahead.

The cannabinoid’s reputation for appetite-suppressing effects bore out in my experience as well: Although I wasn’t completely disinterested in my regular breaks for healthy snacking that I pepper throughout my work-from-home weekdays, I did feel the need to remind myself to do so, because of the ease-of-focus I was feeling cruising through work tasks and a lack of more obvious stomach grumbling.

Want to exercise more, eat less, or quit smoking? THCV could kickstart your New Year’s resolutions

The next day, I decided to test the THCV gummies in the afternoon, to get a better gauge for if the stimulating, clear-headed buzz I felt the day before was actually due to my normal morning cup of coffee or start-the-day energy, or if the THCV itself was truly making a distinct impact. I’m decidedly a morning person and have always felt that writing especially gets exponentially more difficult for me after 12 p.m. hits. I was grateful to find that eating a THCV gummy around 3 p.m. that day gave the same, distinct feeling of focused stimulation, allowing for an unexpected second wind in my day, where the sharp-eyed boost had me feeling creatively motivated to not only get the necessary work done but to enjoy doing it.

Effects felt slightly stronger this go-around as I was further away from a full meal, and I found myself not only getting the extra boost I needed to power through the end of my work day but also feeling energized enough to go meet up with friends after I finished up. It’s typically difficult for me to win the energy to go socialize after long work days, but two hours after I had popped my THCV gummy, I was still feeling excited to go out and make the most of the day. For folks hoping to boost their activity level so that they can make it to the gym after work or just go enjoy time with loved ones while feeling fully present and not wiped out from the day, these gummies make for a powerful secret weapon.

Although RCC’s THCV gummies didn’t make me feel high, they sure made me feel affected, with noticeable, presently felt mind and body stimulation.

In thinking about my THCV experience, I realized that I had been expecting something closer to how I’ve reacted with stronger CBD products in the past—where due to the lack of obvious intoxication as with THC, I don’t necessarily feel anything all too strongly in the moment, but rather tend to observe more subtle, long-tail effects, like improved restfulness overtime or gentle body calmness. Although RCC’s THCV gummies didn’t make me feel high, they sure made me feel affected, with noticeable, presently felt mind and body stimulation. If you’re hoping to feel dedicated THCV effects, Rare Cannabinoid Company has crafted a product with the kind of real-quality, high-potency extract that can take you there.

A fun bonus if you are looking to enjoy a THC high: Rare Cannabinoid Company offers delta-9 THC mood gummies, enhanced with high levels of CBC and CBD. I was lucky to try a sample of these tasty sweet lime & mint gummies, as well, which creates an opportunity to combine the two products that you can replicate at home.

I found that the buzzy, uplifting high from the D-9 THC gummies combined with the clear-headed lift of the THCV gummies provided an experience that nicely mirrored the high-THCV, sativa-like effects I’ve gotten from strains like Durban Poison. If you want to get high and also feel the energy-boosting zip of THCV or help counter THC’s famous munchies, RCC’s full apothecary suite is here for you for that happy effects combining and more.

Since writing this review, Rare Cannabinoid Company started offering THC + THCV gummies that combine all the benefits of delta-9 THC with THCV and CBD.

You can try delta-9 THC Mood Gummies, THCV gummies, or other combinations of THC and rare cannabinoid gummies for yourself (up to $25 value) when you take RCC’s quiz.

thcv gummies
Image courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company.

Whether you’re after a mood-boosting buzz from THC & CBC, the restful effects of CBN, or if THCV’s unique effects as described here have hooked your interest, Rare Cannabinoid Company is a trusted partner to provide the kind of high-potency, real quality you want from your hemp products. Explore their full apothecary suite to find the effects and corresponding solutions that speak to you.

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